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  1. hinzmanal

    Love Potion: Exotica w/Gotcha!

    This is now one of my favorites. I have found I need to put it on about an hour before I reach my destination. Mellows out just right and still lasts the night.
  2. hinzmanal

    Love Potion: PINK

    yes, love it layered with Cougar.
  3. hinzmanal


    Tried this for the first time last night. Really good response. Lots of kissy face straight from the get go and a sudden announcement that maybe we need to just head straight to the bedroom within half an hour. After we had really good attentive conversation with lots of eye contact and continued touching. I love this one! Thanks!
  4. hinzmanal

    unscented Sexology

    Well, I used this for the first time on Tuesday night with a friend that is very able so to say. The usual wanting it was there for both of us, but when it came time to move past the foreplay and get down to business he was unable to rise to the occasion" so to speak. This is the first time this has happened in the year we have been seeing each other. I know he has some "stuff" going on that could have contributed but this was my first time experience with this one. I am going to give this another try again in a few weeks to see what happens.
  5. hinzmanal

    Like A Magnet--WOW

    LAM pink,with LP Pink. I love it!
  6. Got my package today. So excited to get started.
  7. Tracking says this is coming today! I am so excited to get it and try. Thanks for all the helpful reviews.
  8. hinzmanal


    Hi Dolly, i love reading your reviews always so helpful. I do have a questions when you say EoW straight up and covered I am not sure what you mean by covered. Thanks so much.
  9. hinzmanal

    Like A Magnet--WOW

    This is a real winner for me. I now have 2 "go to's" This and Gotcha. I layered the LAM with Love Potion Pink, and I really like it!
  10. hinzmanal


    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Very helpful. Taking Gotcha out for another spin tonight.
  11. Ordered a sample size. Another I can't wait to get here and try it out.
  12. hinzmanal

    Love Potion: Exotica w/Gotcha!

    Can't wait to get this and try it.
  13. hinzmanal


    So I tried this out with the hopes of convincing my man to apply for a new job. His is very spotty as of late. I like the effects. While he did not agree yet he was finally willing to discuss it. That is a win in my opinion. I am using again tonight and Sunday and hope we can continue the convo (with a little help from TMI). Will report back with any results. I am hopeful as he usually does not want to discuss it at all.
  14. hinzmanal

    Phero Girl

    Had it on for a couple of hours and still smelling great. I like it on my skin better. I only use a very small amount in my cleavage and that seems to be enough for me.
  15. hinzmanal


    Thanks so much for the help. Still experimenting and having fun doing it! I think I really need to take timing and how tired he actually is into the outcome results.