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    Naughty on the Nile

    I was very pleased to get a bottle of this on the artfire site. I get good reactions to it, especially from men. Smells just like candy cigarettes and nag champa incense. Reminds me of those motels and convenience stores that are run by a family from India, where the women are dressed in beautiful traditional saris, and the men are dark and mysterious but friendly enough to talk about moving from India to the US. Wearing this makes me want to lay around the motel pool all day, eat chicken Korma and naan with a bottle of Mexican coke for dinner, and smoke a little cigar or a djarum afterwards.
  2. I really love ambuscade. It is such a soft, clean lavender musk. My man travels a lot for work so I often wear male pheromones to bed and this is one of my favorites. I pair it with lavender or vanilla soap and occasionally pickarts lavender musk or body shop patchouli. It is very calming and peaceful.
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