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  1. On first whiff I immediately associated this with the unisexy office-friendly scents often used in SWS releases. Even though there is no linen scent in it, my brain smells fresh crisp linen worn by a sexy guy. Think it's the MVP pheros that signal the sexy to me, as much as the bay rum. It says to me: "sure, right now I'm at the office, but if you take me home, I'll show you a different side of me!" I love LPMP tea scents; actually this line was the first to introduce me to the idea of a tea scent. It reminds me a bit of Love Potion: Tea Ceremony with a masculine sexy spin. I can see that others might associate this more towards an aqua / outdoor / sailboat setting but to me it's more close and intimate, as though my nose were already up against his short collar. An intimate sort of experience, which is a bit disorienting and magical straight out of a bottle ! Want this on my hubby ~~
  2. I wished that someone more poetic had written the first review of this ! But I was pretty gobsmacked when my oldest son ( 20 years old and no stranger to Mom's obsession) opened up the packaging that the NR Trial Vials for Men came in and went through them all in quick succession. While he thought Adam's Nectar was "ok", this is the one he gave several re-sniffs to and bothered to slather some onto his wrist. It reminded me of that old Life Cereal commercial moment with "Hey Mikey ! He likes it !" I then mention that Mara rebrewed Raspberry Chiffon, which maybe 4 years ago he stole my FB of. Boy, how they grow....he didn't want to even sniff it again. But this....he likes it ! He's an introvert so I can't report on any more specifics ❤️ For me this is a total home run. I think this is smooth enough to be towards unisex that I can wear it maybe for meditation or when I feel alone. I adore EVERY SINGLE ingredient in this. It's as though Mara had a sit-down me and made this personally for me. Yes, it's that congruent with things I love in a man scent. Sexy, meditative, approachable, a bit sweet, a bit musky. SEXY. Also hits those parts of my brain that brings associations with camping, with sacred rituals and times spent by a fire in meditation. There is something in here that I need. Full bottle. If you're a guy reading this, wondering if women will like it.....yes !!!
  3. As I linked to this thread today, I thought it would be nice to leave a review. This to me smells like a more socially acceptable version of an aroused woman. Not so much a SLF scent as just the woman. Cops and Aja ?!? Are you kidding me ? It turns me on as much as Compromising Positions, but without the more adventurous androstenone. I apply it low on my body, including behind the knees, inside of the ankles, not in my cleavage, and I'm ready to go. Pretty sure I don't need to be more specific than that. Wonderful for a night on the couch watching TV, my feet in his lap, which eventually leads to much more. I think this is a sleeper HIT !
  4. Miss seeing your posts ! 

  5. Thank you again @hedgehog, you also wrote about it along with several forum members on the unscented LFM thread. I recall scrolling through it but dismissing it as I was getting good results with other phero blends and was at different point in my life. But I think I'm going to give LFM another test run. It might just be the next piece of my LPMP journey.
  6. I miss you, hope you are doing well. 

  7. Mine arrived just before Mother's Day, so I let it sit for a day and then it was Happy Mother's Day to meeeeeee ! Opened the Male NR first and making myself wait to open the ones for women until last !
  8. Hello Bruja, I'm glad you reached out. I just reached out as well and it feels so fantastic when other people around the globe care enough to answer. I'm a depression & anxiety suffer as well, since the birth of my children. Every 6 months I do a major anti-candida program (against yeast growing in the body) because I tend to soothe my symptoms with sugar and carbs which just spirals things down more. And then the yeast overgrows in my body and adds to my depression and anxiety. May not work for you, but reduces my symptoms by about half for a few months. On a pheromomone level, I use Mega Matt when I first get up (or if it's really bad, apply still in bed and hit the snooze button). By afternoon/evening, I reach for anything with androstadienone , so Balm Bomb, Teddy Potion BB, Phero 2.2 seem to reduce anxiety to help with sleep. Mother's Little Helper, Perfect Match, The Love God make me feel loved and cared about, less lonely, and help me reduce anxiety through that route, as though someone has my back and it's not all on me. Maybe that helps a little ? You are not alone.
  9. @hedgehog thank you soooooooooooo much for taking the time to answer ! You confirmed some of my own thoughts and just today as I was reorganizing my stash to allow for the new releases, It occurred to me that I haven't worn LFM and wasn't sure when it would be helpful. It does make me feel grounded. Your insight that the OW and TH and Lumina etc will work just fine no matter who is in the workplace was great. I like how you delineated being confident with superiors and having the option to be more bossy if needed with underlings, that also makes sense and something I've known intuitively but not sure I could have written out quite so simply. Just a seriously helpful response. I'm so lucky to be part of this forum. 🌻
  10. Hello everyone, After many years on the forum, I do believe I am posting my first question ! Background: I'm in middle management in healthcare. After many years, I have landed a new job and will finally be in an office environment that is NOT ALL women ! My phero stash has been leaning heavily towards things like SWS and TH, sometimes Dominance, to deal with the various issues of gossip, tears, cattiness that have come up. I have literally no experience with Teddy BB or BB 2.2. I have not met my coworkers yet but was told I would be working with a team that is 2 males in the same position as me and then the lead is male as well. Obviously I have some anxiety starting new, I'm also curious as to what it will be like to work with men. I know, it's silly for an experienced woman like me, but healthcare seems to be overrun with women. Honestly I am excited about the change. So my question: is : would Teddy BB be a good first phero to try to calm me and help with bonding with these guys ? I see it often described as the one that helps with getting men to treat you like 'one of the guys" but I can't seem locate the threads about that. Also would Teddy BB be a safer bet than 2.2 in the workplace ? Again, I have not met the men but I'm going to assume they are just average guys who want to get the work done and go home. Thanks so much in advance !
  11. Just an update for @hedgehog, I did get the job ! Orientation will be via Zoom again, and I can indulge in more scented LPMP during this time. How lucky am I ! Think I will be using unscented Lumina on my first day actually around my new coworkers, rather than using SWS. Just to help me feel relaxed and good about myself. Always time for SWS later if needed.
  12. This is a fantastic thread to showcase the creative process from inspiration to public release. Here we are now in May 2020 and we are all getting to benefit. And at the time the inspiration first took hold, we did not have a pandemic and could not have foreseen that many of us would be locked up with our pets, or with each other. Mara can be heard talking more about this on the LPMP Facebook entry for "Ryan's Ramblings" related to the New Releases. I will be following the "Savage Beast" release and experiences by the LPMP community with much excitement !!
  13. As Mara knows, there have been months when I haven't felt drawn to the new releases, but this month is quite different for me. I can really feel the intent of this entire collection, of the calming, grounding, feel-good vibes and these are things I am in need of inviting into my life. Also really appreciate the outdoor scents. I'm just in a head space where I am very much in congruence with this collection. So um yeah, 26 trial vials, and unscented SWS for work and Compromising Positions w/ Sexpionage for "not work". Truly a bargain, with the free shipping, thank you LPMP team !
  14. Much has happened in the world since the last post. I'm once again job hunting and due to social distancing, having to do interviews via Zoom. I thought back on the last time I had a job interview, which was 5 years ago, and for that in-person interview I wore Lumina. The interview went really well, partly because of the selfies greenappletart noted above: the confidence, feeling good about myself. I was being hired for a team job and tomorrow will be very much the same sort of interview. Feeling blessed that I still have access to my Lumina and can still get the selfies from my side of the screen. I haven't felt much like socializing and don't particularly like looking at myself on a camera, but during the trial run today I found I was smiling at myself and looking forward to the interview. It's silly that I only wear this phero to interviews !! I do love SWS but it makes me less outgoing and much more "let's get this job done" focused. For an interview where the company is trying to figure out whether I would be a good fit for their team, I think the Lumina is just perfection. They get to see the real me and we can both decide whether I'm a good fit. Again, thank you Mara and the LPMP team for making this possible.
  15. I'm soooo curious about the Love Potion #9 variant, Savage Beast, and the scented SWS. Also getting low on unscented SWS. I may get all the trial sets and then top off with an unscented SWS. This is tough because I'm so used to just walking into the store, but I can adapt ! I do have 3 men at my house who will take the men's trials off my hands if I don't want them...and yesssss, I am one of many of you who also loves to use the Men's offerings !
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