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  1. Very interesting comment, luna, I did not know that about you. Your comment made me have a search for the spiritual meaning of the Compass Star ! My favorite label is the Tangy Ylang, it also has a nifty background and I like the sepia and the movement of the angles and curves. Scent-wise I'm thinking I'm all over White Licorice. Anise brings me to my knees !!!
  2. Thirty ?? I just can't get past ......thirty !!! We have 3 people in our household wearing LPMP....oyyyyyyyyy
  3. Hey Nutrix, long time no see ! I hate to say it, but even I am checking here daily now. And holding all my precious bottles even more dear.
  4. androstenol

    Moondust Cocoa

    Yes, that is absolutely possible ! Also the change in your own body temperature may affect the way the scent wears, and your ability to smell may get affected by the chlorine. I hope you find this all as fascinating as I do !
  5. I obviously need to be going to the forums. This is super exciting ! Well done there, Mark !
  6. Happy New Year to my old and new forum member friends. It's already a few days now past Solistice and I'm feeling the new positive energy pouring in. Hug also to the Potion Master and the many store elves ! 😺
  7. Looks lovely ! I particularly like the fonts and color scheme. Classic yet creative, good energy. Well done !
  8. I want these just for the label...and the Aja....and the .....I want them ALL, all the pretties !!!!
  9. The labels are big, colorful with nice large print that makes it easy to read even for us visually challenged folks. So thank you for that ! I've recently had to sit with my magnifying glass to sort through my samples but I know that won't be necessary with these beauties ! Another big thank you for bringing back the Buttercream Peach which I asked for and for contacting me about this. It was one of the first scents I ever truly fell in love with way back when. Your customer service and deep caring leave me very humble. Also another shout out for Mark's Girl Nip which has led hubby and I to many good cuddle sessions
  10. Hurray on the rebrew !!! If you are looking for a heavy hitter ( to be used in a safe environment ), you totally should try this. If you've been sticking to the pretty florals, the yummy honeys, the mouth-watering foodies and need a nudge into bad girl territory, consider yourself nudged !
  11. Would love a rebrew. I'm no stranger to Sexpionage but this scent combo seemed to make it more effective than Compromising Positions for me ! Sometimes you gotta nudge me into those darker scents and OH BOY am I ever impressed. Crazy hits at over 10 feet away from me (oil-based FB) and selfies that last 3 days after one application. This should be impossible !
  12. Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving ! Looking back, I've posted quite a lot on this thread, which is quite a feat because I rarely post. I am STILL loving this creation. I've had Mara make me another batch with Supernatural and Dominance and then added the epi later per her instructions. I'm still getting that same magickal uplifting yet grounding quality with this blend. I'd say the Dominance activates my root chakra and the epi my heart, and the Supernatural particularly with the Aja activates my third eye and crown. Since Mara first introduced us to Aja, I've been playing with it on my own. But I suspect I'm just too heavy-handed with it. Like so many of us keep saying: "it's wonderfully balanced". Yes, I do believe in magick !!
  13. Lumina is what landed me a competitive job during the interview process. I use it to 'stand out from the crowd' in a non-threatening way. Just seems to make people like me.
  14. I get fruit salad heavy on the banana and berries (note it doesn't contain banana, so my mind is filling that scent in). I can wear this to work (supervisor in health care) and not have it identified as a 'perfume' necessarily. The OW was a godsend for a problematic situation I had with 2 clients that had been brewing for over a year where communication on their side was absent about extremely important issues affecting their care. After 10 minutes in this cloud recently, the needed communication flowed. I am so grateful that this was in spray form and that it had the positive effect for us. I sometimes forget that others benefit from my choices, as I was wearing it for myself that day just to uplift me but the effect was drastic and obvious on my 2 clients. Thank you LMPM team !
  15. Divine, delectable, delicious. So uplifting coming out of the winter doldrums. I need this, as much for the scent ingredients as the copulins that always give me a lift. Another huge winner for me ! I got this in oil form from the store as I don't currently use the other forms. To me it smells like sex in the summer. Not very descriptive, but there you have it
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