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  1. Hey @Cycle Kitten, I was wondering if people were doing that. Thanks for sharing that you wear it solo sometimes !
  2. B 2.2 is one of the androstadienone phero mixes that I never really "got", along with Balm Bomb and Teddy. Others were making multiple posts about how it helped them with their anxiety, whereas I was getting anxiety relief with Dominance. I get we all have different body chemistries, are different ages, but I did feel like I was missing out on something. And this mix opened my eyes ! Mara made this one to be especially soothing for our pandemic stress, and it's working for me. Hallelujah ! I put the small wand from the sample vial along my jaw line for maximum effect. I feel surrounded by a slightly green mist of healing herbs. Still not getting a 'calm male presence' sort of vibe, but I feel safe. And that's a lot for a woman close to menopause with accompanying anxiety. If the effects continue, this will have to be a FB for me.
  3. You know that feeling when you find a full bottle you didn't remember getting ? Ohhhboy well my FB is two years old now, I found it behind my perfume organizer (ok truth time - ONE of my perfume organizers). I'm getting soooo much chocolate from this. I smelled to me so much like Occo Choco that I had to compare the ongredients. I suppose the scent intention of Aja is similar to copulins. I may just go crazy later and combine the two. Hubby doesn't like chocolate perfumes but I adore them so that's just fine I'm not getting much coconut or ylang ylang but the bottle was never opened. A truly sinful, delectable indulgence. Purr-worthy.
  4. Wet in the bottle, this smells like pink champagne to me, including that sort of 'sparkling' sensation against the nose. On dry-down, I get spa-like marshmellow-y goodness, reminds me of some of the Easter offerings from LPMP. Over the years I've tried and retried Audacious, I get no selfies and suspect the blend is similar to my own phero signature. If you're nervous about trying a female phero blend for the first time, you can't go wrong with this one !
  5. Maybe the blackberry will push it into sexy territory ? In that case, I will combine with unscented Lumina or even one of the mild sexual blends. Cause we have a honeysuckle bush AND blackberries in our yard and I KNOW hubby goes all weak-kneed at their scents. Fair is fair
  6. I just placed an Etsy order so I know I got all my faves before the new offerings arrive. Nothing worse than having something nagging in the back of your mind that you meant to get...but now it's maybe gone.... Tortuga with TC was in there, Autumn with Heart Throb, Rainforest Musk ( not with SWS cause that was gone, silly me) , Subir with OW, unscented TC, unscented OW cause I'm really starting to value them for their effects. Ok LPMP, I'm ready ! Bring it !
  7. I'm finally getting around to sorting my male scent samples for the last 1.5 years. Shame on me ! This is my husband in a bottle. Seeeeriously sexy to me. He loves ferns so much that we have multiple varieties growing around our home. He looks for new ones every opportunity he can get. Plus he's an oak/wood sort of dude. And if you had to press him for just one more ingredient that he knew he liked, he would say sage or amber. I opened this, squee'd, applied to myself, immediately felt close to him. And has luck would have it, he walked by, applied it, said it smelled "spicy' and is now taking it for a spin at the grocery store. Oh what fun ! To me the dominant note is amber which is great with me because I adore that it arouses me. I don't know where he gets spicy, but it may be in the same direction that @luna65 was referring to when she said smoky. It reminds me of two of last year's Yankee Candle releases, namely the Oak and Lavender, or the Oak and Amber Incense. This strikes me as mildly masculine with unisex leaning, certainly something I will be wearing when I'm lonely for him.
  8. I rarely go back to a review to add something; I don't want to seem like I'm belaboring a point or just trying to get my post count up. But something very unique is happening that I wanted to journal. I've been tantric for years, music affects me energetically, people affect me, nature, it goes on and on. But I rarely have an LPMP have a very obvious energetic/ chakra/ meridian effect on me. After an hour of wearing this, my THYMUS gland (not thyroid) is pouring out energy like a baby chakra coming alive. My hubby verified this, he can see it. It feels lovely to gently tap the area between my ribs and up by my collar bone. Small blockages are being released. I simply cannot tell how much of this is the OW, although I'm no stranger to OW and have not had this effect before. So either it's the scent ingredients, or the synergistic interplay of the two that Mara is so well loved for ! If this seriously does something for the thymus gland, then I would see it benefiting people with immune and auto-immune issues. Will keep you updated if I get this sensation again another time, and would love to hear others' input.
  9. @Eggers Bravo ! I knew that needed a long reply and I just didn't have the oomph last night to do her query justice. You slayed it.
  10. androstenol


    @kittylittle I remember that tipsy feeling ! That's how come I picked this nick...the two types of androstenols hit me pretty hard ! Almost orgasmic that first time. It's not as intense now but still very magickal. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to exploring with you !
  11. Another under-reviewed winner ! I agree with @luna65 about this being work-appropriate. It strikes me as the kind of scent that normally goes with SWS and I had to jump on here to verify that it's actually OW. I put it on half an hour ago, had hubby sniff me ( he was hoping for a sensual blend) and he goes: "It's soapy" which is about as much compliment as I'm going to get out of him unless the blend has cops, hehe. On application, I smelled spa-like qualities, but now that it's dried down, it's just a very subtle quiet brook-in-the-woods scent to me. I only extends about 4 inches from me scent -wise, but the pheros are working their magic anyway...hubby has turned on the radio and is bopping around the kitchen and making plans for the day. It's uplifting. Would suggest this to anyone who is an androstenol responder like me, and who wants to uplift themselves and those around them without being too obvious about it. I can see this also working in a healthcare setting where slight scent is allowed.
  12. I'm surprised by how few reviews this has received. I have tried about 10 years worth of SWS blends. This is the most comforting one to me, almost going into Balm Bomb territory. I can see myself using this when I'm about to need to kick ass at work but it has me very stressed out. The hedione is the only overt floral note here, and keeps it firmly seated in the unisex position. Hedione just expresses 'bright and happy and everything is ok' to me, while the water accords keep the energy flowing and the woods ground it. The musk is VERY mild and adds only a minor animalic note. So it feels like I'm getting at least 5 elements out of this , all very business-appropriate yet positive. I am applying it lightly so as not to overpower my surroundings scent-wise....just along my jaw for maximum selfies. It's a welcome departure from the linen-type SWS blends. Suggest you try it !
  13. Sadly this is a no for me. The previous version was a good fit for me (and if you remember, was a stashed bottle of my teenage son's and I asked for a rebrew for him). This is just too cute and bright for me, feels appropriate for 10 - 12 year old me but not mature me. Something is just off. I will let the sample bottle mature and revisit this in a few months. Sometimes with age, the concoction just gets more magickal !
  14. This reminds me of a slightly male version of Sneaky Clean. It has that same sort of "clean soapy fresh linen" vibe but with more a 'GOOD MORNING !" oomph to it. To me it smells like either a man or a business woman just had their first cup of coffee, slipped into their white shirt, picked up the newspaper and is getting ready for the first meeting of the day. It's very low key and I don't feel like I have to be super conservative with the application for fear of it being detected as perfume. I agree with @luna65 that is is a bit of a chameleon. I'm getting mostly linen and coffee from this one, very little tobacco. I"m having a hard time detecting the lavendar or bamboo as seperate notes; for me they jsut provide a comforting and attractive background vibe. Full bottle territory, people !
  15. How about this with the new Savage Beast Phero mix ?
  16. For @Beccah This is from https://www.metafilter.com/161325/Ive-got-yer-credentials-right-here "Thatched Cottage" reminded me of a 19th century ballad sheet in the Bodleian Library's collection. It was called The Cottage, and here's something I wrote about it a while back: The Cottage is narrated by a young woman, who begins like this: “Come all you rakish bachelors and listen to my tale / I have a cottage neat and snug I'm putting up for sale / It's in a pleasant valley with a rising hill above / And a crystal stream of water is running through a grove”. The chorus runs: “Then occupy my cottage, it is in good repair / It has a pleasant entrance and will suit you to a hair.” She then gives a verse each to all the gentlemen who've visited her cottage, detailing their occasional difficulty in finding the entrance, their sometimes clumsy antics while inside and the fact that few proved able to remain as long as she'd hoped. Her favourite visitor seems to be the brave young soldier: “He marched in like a hero, the door was opened wide / His pouch and ammunition and balls he left outside”. Undaunted by her sometimes unsatisfactory experience, she closes the song with another invitation: “So all young men and bachelors, come hasten be in time / Come and view my cottage, you'll find it snug and prime / The roof is well thatched over, the entrance neat and plain / And all who ever entered there have wished to go again.”
  17. Thank you for making a dark LEATHER creation without actually adding the leather note. I have a strong childhood association in a bad direction with that note. It always takes me back to how nauseous I used to get in hot cars with leather seats. So that causes me to be always very cautious when I first sniff a new Leather creation. This to me has all the super sexy, slightly dangerous connotations that a woman wearing this phero should have....without triggering me at all. Hubby says: "Oh wow, that is sexy" and can pick out the oud note - which is quite remarkable for him. To me it's all orchid and honey surrounded by a cloud of dark musk. Not sensing any amber except perhaps to pull the ingredients together. This is drop-dead sexy to me. Again, thank you !
  18. Two sort of off-the-wall reactions for me: 1) It made my recent intimate time VERY tantric. There was a mention of this under the True Confessions thread. Instead of resulting in a lot of verbal disclosure, this resulted in very slow, very connected, energetic body orgasms for both parties. Having this happen is not entirely unusual for me, as I have been tantric for many years, but it facilitated the process a LOT. 2) long lasting and comforting - I kept noticing it on my wrist after 12 hours, much like I would normally do Aja. And by then it had a bit of cakey smell to it, which was comforting and pleasant. I had to go back to my tester bottle to assure myself it had morphed that much. The scent helped me come down from the intense experiences as described above. I need this in my life !
  19. androstenol

    Goldie Fingers

    Hubby's bottle is now 7 years old, and holy smokes this has aged well. A tiny whiff from simply unscrewing the bottle is very arousing to me. Getting a dab on my fingertips without even rolling the bottle ....omg. Love anything coconut. This reminds me of a very syrupy version of the peach BAM. I'm smelling dirty honey in it which is not officially an ingredient. This has seriously become a sex bomb. Would love a rebrew !!!!
  20. I would love to know if people are still using the Aja straight or combining it with their favorite scents ? As opposed to just wearing in one of the many yummy blends we have access to. I keep forgetting about my bottle. I chose "Supernatural" this morning and of course 14 hours later it's still going strong. I used to combine with others but just seem to have gotten out of the habit.
  21. On first whiff I immediately associated this with the unisexy office-friendly scents often used in SWS releases. Even though there is no linen scent in it, my brain smells fresh crisp linen worn by a sexy guy. Think it's the MVP pheros that signal the sexy to me, as much as the bay rum. It says to me: "sure, right now I'm at the office, but if you take me home, I'll show you a different side of me!" I love LPMP tea scents; actually this line was the first to introduce me to the idea of a tea scent. It reminds me a bit of Love Potion: Tea Ceremony with a masculine sexy spin. I can see that others might associate this more towards an aqua / outdoor / sailboat setting but to me it's more close and intimate, as though my nose were already up against his short collar. An intimate sort of experience, which is a bit disorienting and magical straight out of a bottle ! Want this on my hubby ~~
  22. I wished that someone more poetic had written the first review of this ! But I was pretty gobsmacked when my oldest son ( 20 years old and no stranger to Mom's obsession) opened up the packaging that the NR Trial Vials for Men came in and went through them all in quick succession. While he thought Adam's Nectar was "ok", this is the one he gave several re-sniffs to and bothered to slather some onto his wrist. It reminded me of that old Life Cereal commercial moment with "Hey Mikey ! He likes it !" I then mention that Mara rebrewed Raspberry Chiffon, which maybe 4 years ago he stole my FB of. Boy, how they grow....he didn't want to even sniff it again. But this....he likes it ! He's an introvert so I can't report on any more specifics ❤️ For me this is a total home run. I think this is smooth enough to be towards unisex that I can wear it maybe for meditation or when I feel alone. I adore EVERY SINGLE ingredient in this. It's as though Mara had a sit-down me and made this personally for me. Yes, it's that congruent with things I love in a man scent. Sexy, meditative, approachable, a bit sweet, a bit musky. SEXY. Also hits those parts of my brain that brings associations with camping, with sacred rituals and times spent by a fire in meditation. There is something in here that I need. Full bottle. If you're a guy reading this, wondering if women will like it.....yes !!!
  23. As I linked to this thread today, I thought it would be nice to leave a review. This to me smells like a more socially acceptable version of an aroused woman. Not so much a SLF scent as just the woman. Cops and Aja ?!? Are you kidding me ? It turns me on as much as Compromising Positions, but without the more adventurous androstenone. I apply it low on my body, including behind the knees, inside of the ankles, not in my cleavage, and I'm ready to go. Pretty sure I don't need to be more specific than that. Wonderful for a night on the couch watching TV, my feet in his lap, which eventually leads to much more. I think this is a sleeper HIT !
  24. Miss seeing your posts ! 

  25. Thank you again @hedgehog, you also wrote about it along with several forum members on the unscented LFM thread. I recall scrolling through it but dismissing it as I was getting good results with other phero blends and was at different point in my life. But I think I'm going to give LFM another test run. It might just be the next piece of my LPMP journey.
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