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  1. tink333

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    These all sound pretty amazing but I need a FB of Dukhan unsniffed. No doubt in my mind. I knew when I looked up the meaning of the name that I needed it but then I read the ingredients. It sounds amazing! And the labels are so beautiful!!!
  2. tink333

    Newbie & Questions about Where to Put Pheromones

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. tink333

    Hiya from Tx.

  4. tink333

    Hi from melisse in california!

  5. tink333

    Jennifer's Opal

    I find it so strange that I never reviewed this before. I have had Opal for quite a few years now. When I first got this I loved it but I think the grasses or maybe the linen or probably a combination of both stabbed my third eye A LOT. I held onto it though and let it age. It's a beautiful day today and I decided to give this one a try again. OMG! IT'S GORGEOUS! It has aged SO EXTREMELY WELL! It is no longer stabbing my third eye AT ALL. I cannot stop huffing my wrists. I couldn't remember the ingredients exactly but I knew there were grasses in it. I kept getting this subtle creaminess or softness that I couldn't quite place and my mind kept thinking vanilla marshmallow even though I knew it wasn't marshmallow. I think it's the combo or ylang ylang and smoke that reminds me slightly of toasted marshmallows maybe? This is definitely moving to the front of my perfumes for this year. It is so beautiful. It has a very powerful feel to it as well but in a very soft and subtle way. I keep getting images of sheets that are drying on a clothes line that are blowing in the wind, with a fire nearby. I wish I could explain more of this powerful feeling I am getting but I cannot quite put my finger on it. Hopefully, I can figure it out more as I continue to wear this.
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    Hi, everyone!

  7. tink333

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    I'm excited to see the notes to all of these, but especially the PE Pigeon Potion. What could that possibly be?!
  8. tink333

    Sugared Cherries

    Darker chocolates (or any chocolates) with cherries seems like it might turn too sexy for a girl. That is how my mind interprets every chocolate and cherry combo. I bet it would be good with Atomic Mandarin but I am not 100% sure with that one either. I know this isn't a choice but I bet this would be a great young kid scent mixed with Sugared Lemons.
  9. tink333

    Chakra: Throat

    I will admit that this scent made me nervous. I couldn't wrap my mind around a perfume with eucalyptus in it. When smelling this in the vial, the eucalyptus is strong, so I shied away from this. I have worked with eucalyptus a lot while doing floral arrangements so I'm pretty sure that is playing into my fear of being overpowered by it's scent. I like it but it can be overwhelming. Anyway, to my actual review. I had an interview today and I almost put on Chakra Third Eye but I saw Throat sitting there and really calling to me. I opened it, got the huge eucalyptus scent but just went with it anyway. This is nothing like it is in the vial. Nothing! It calmed down into my skin almost immediately. It's so fresh and so light. I get the eucalyptus but the chamomile really comes through to temper down that medicinal part of the eucalyptus. And Luna, YES to everything you said about how you felt with this. I almost immediately felt more aligned. I feel I'm more in my truth and more confident in my voice. God damn it why didn't I try this one earlier?! I swear I should really know better by now. FYI my interview went extremely well. It was with a recruiter and she's sending my information onto the hiring manager. It was a very relaxing and calm interview and I was able to answer everything clearly and with confidence. If I get the second interview with the hiring manager, I'm wearing this!
  10. tink333

    Chakra Oils: Root

    I am surprised I never reviewed this when I first got it because I really liked it then. I wish I would have so I could read exactly what I thought about it at that time. I think this one has aged really well as well because OMG THIS IS AMAZING! I cannot stop sniffing my wrists. It's very sensual and has this depth to it that is difficult for me to describe, probably because it seems so complex for how simple it seems like it should be. This is a smooth patchouli that isn't pointy in the least bit. Some patch I cannot wear and some I can. This is one I would wear every single day. When I first put it on this morning I didn't know what the ingredients were (because I had forgotten) and I briefly thought the ginger was cinnamon, though I figured out quickly it was not. I couldn't identify it as ginger though until I read the ingredients. It lends this spicy note but blends in really nicely with the patch and vanilla. It's such a beautiful scent!!!
  11. tink333

    Chakra Oils: Solar Plexus

    I am revisiting this as far as a review because it seems to be getting better with age. It seems like it's even more full bodied than it was before. It lasts quite a long time on me today as well. To me, I get the yellow sense of solar plexus immediately but as it dries down, it becomes all grapefruit on me with the vanilla as the base but it's the grapefruit that is the star. I love this! I feel like I have a beautiful deep golden light shining from my solar plexus.
  12. tink333

    Chakra Oils: Third Eye

    I've been super obsessed with lavender lately and this has been my go to lavender perfume. It's so much more than that though. I love these Chakra potions. I love the simplicity in the amount of ingredients in them. DO NOT let the simplicity fool you though. These are powerful chakra potions. They are so specific to each chakra and it's amazing how each of them work in relation to each chakra. I love the lavender in this one with the sage. It dries down to this dried grass and lavender scent on me as well. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. I have this scent locket type thing but it is a bracelet. I bought it awhile back but had never actually used it before. I have been wearing it the last couple of days with a drop of this in it and it has such a focused calming affect on me. LV, Luna, and Halo all gave reviews that perfectly describe this and it holds up in 2018. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.
  13. Mega Watt is definitely my go-to for focus and clearing out brain fog. Leather has a similar affect for me but it can make me really bitchy so I don't use it very often.
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    Hello There!

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    Ooo! I am a Tricksy Hobbit!