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    New Girl to the community

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    Hello Lovers of LPMP

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    Hello. New to pheros and need advice.

  4. I could not find a thread for the Happy Hobbit Mud Scrub anywhere. If one exists, this one can be deleted. I just wanted to review this because I love it! I purchased the Happy Hobbit Mud Scrub recently. I have heard about how good it is but I was a little nervous about trying it on my face because I have sensitive skin. First of all, this mud scrub smells like mud and earth in the very best way possible! It is such a comforting smell to me. The scrub part in it is so soft and gentle on my face. I don't have a list of all the ingredients but I do remember reading that it might be best for combination or oily skin only. My skin is combination but leans towards dry and senstive. I do only use it about once or twice a week but it is not drying on my skin in any possible way. It makes it feel really good and polished. LOL. That sounds funny but that is how it feels. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
  5. tink333

    Love Potion: Herbal B&B

    I love this soap. It lathers up really well but the best part about it is the scent. It is a super herbally (yep, made up that word) and truly refreshing. I love this type of scent for a soap to clear the mind and cleanse the soul (and skin and deodorize etc...). I have this sort of obsession with soaps and currently have about 6-10 different soaps in rotation in my shower. This is now one of my "main" soaps and is always within arms reach for me.
  6. tink333

    Myrrh Merlot B&B

    OMG I purchased the Whipped Cream Soap in Myrrh Merlot and it is SO FANTASTIC! I love it so much! It is so soft and luxurious. You really only need to use a tiny amount of it and it lathers up so well in a loofah. It leaves a hint of the scent on my skin and I can still wear any type of perfume afterwards if I want to. It is great for my sensitive and dry skin too. I want to try all of them now.
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    AJ from Canada

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    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

  9. It feels like it's been forever since I received my very favorite shipping notice in the world! I got my shipping notice yesterday and I cannot contain my excitement! It will be Christmas in August for me when I get my package.
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    Hello from sunny France!

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    Tink's Vulture & the Egg

    YAY! I am glad you both really like it! I use this mostly for clearing and cleansing, especially on days like today, a full moon. After wearing this all day, I will be better prepared for later when I complete whatever type of full moon ritual I end up completing. It is great to wear at night, after a long day of low vibes because it cleanses while you sleep. I use it prior to some meditations and activations I do as well, especially if I know they are going to be pretty intense and I am trying to clear away things. I cannot even express how much I love this one.
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    Pure Sugar

    It's also pretty fantastic on it's own, especially when it's super hot and humid.
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    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    YES!!! Definitely need the sampler of these! These all sound amazing!
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    Annual Sale is Coming Soon!

    Can't wait!!!
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