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  1. phergineer

    Love Potion: Exotica w/Gotcha!

    @Potion Master thank you! I am actually going to try to make it to the store this Saturday. I didn't realize how close it is to Portland!(traveling there often)
  2. phergineer

    Love Potion: Exotica w/Gotcha!

    @PotionMaster: are any of the Halloween 2018 new releases reminiscent of Exotica?
  3. phergineer

    Dukhan-Summer 2018

    Luna recommended this as a scent reminiscent of LP: Exotica. I will get a sample, but wanted to ask other forums how they think the two compare. Thanks!
  4. phergineer

    Love Potion: Exotica w/Gotcha!

    Is there another scent reminiscent of this? One that is currently available for purchase. I have a quarter of a sample left and just realized I'm in love with it... Maybe it's the aging of the scent maturing of my nose that caused the shift. So sad it's no longer available ?
  5. phergineer

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    Great to hear about the party! Will PM+WM blend be available in trial/dropper bottle form this month? Thank you!
  6. This one reminds me of sweet rice milk with lemon zest. My mom used to make it when I was a child. I love it!!! Also, the honey is a clean, sweet honey on my skin. Great scent, I think I like it better than Caressfull Breeze!
  7. Outside of OCCO Ambrosia 2014, it's been difficult for me to find a cops scent that does not smell smutty to my nose... until this one!!!! I love it, and so does my SO. The honey is sweet, but not dirty or powdery like other honey scents. I was also afraid the milk note will go wonky on my skin, but no! It's definitely full bottle worthy.
  8. Are there any other scents similar to this one(preferably virgin)? I'm running low already.
  9. phergineer

    Private Editions for SEPTEMBER 2016

    I can't picture how Masked Woman would all blend together. Any hints? Is it more of a white potion? Thank you!
  10. phergineer

    New Releases for SEPTEMBER 2016!

    Looking forward to the notes!
  11. Wow, I can't believe this is sold out!!! I love it and was hoping for a virgin version.
  12. phergineer

    Swimming with Sharks

    It definitely helps me focus. I prefer this over any other blend for getting things done at the office.
  13. I've never tried Cougar with Lace, although I do love Lace + topper as well. It gives me a more girly, feminine, fun vibe. There is still glamour and VIP feel there, but in the case of Cougar + Topper I wear bodycon dresses, while in the case of Lace + Topper I wear Stepford wives style dresses (dictated by the selfies)
  14. The scent is surprisingly clean for LFN. I wore it out to a customer/work dinner where I wanted to feel sexy but classy. I must say it made me feel a bit odd, maybe I OD-ed. I felt confident, but like there was a wall around me.
  15. I ended up wearing this to a work dinner, with Topper. Wow. I felt so glamorous and VIP. And the men were all over me. Talking to me, giving me long looks. I even got messages afterwards about the impact I made on them. And no, not sexual messages, but more along the lines of "you are awesome" or "you looked stunning". This may be one of my new favorites for going out. It definitely makes me feel great about myself, but also more open, which is important for introverted me