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  1. I wrote a bit about my ongoing real-world experiences wearing this blend in another post thread: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=10130&p=384912
  2. Maililyahn's comment sparked this thought: I've noticed many social benefits from what I initially thought of as a purely sexual phero blend. I've been dabbing just a bit of DOM (Dirty Old Man) unscented phero blend (contains copulins) on my chest every day lately (and covering it with Excalibur); because I've noticed a strong correlation between my wearing it and people (men and women) being more open, friendly, and willing to connect with me. Not to belabor the anecdote, but in the short month or so since I've been wearing DOM, five people have gone out of their way to ask me my name and learn more about me. None of the scenarios were sexual, and all five of these people have seen me around at least on a weekly basis for over a year (so we've had plenty of opportunity in the past to make connections, but didn't for whatever reason). My point being: It's fun to experiment. And don't rely on the marketing copy written for each Love Potion blend as a predictor for your real-world experience. Not that it's misleading; it's just that the real world presents way more scenarios than can ever be captured in the written description of a single product page.
  3. Androstenol - thank you for sharing that! I literally take notes from your experiences with the scents I own. Literally! (In Evernote) :-)
  4. Noticed there isn't anything here for it yet, but it deserves praise and recommendation. DOM (Dirty Old Man) is one of my favorite pheros to put on before I go out for the evening. Generally speaking, I've noticed I have very smooth interactions with men, and that women are especially attentive when I wear it. Here's an example of an evening out with DOM. Met a friend out at a sports bar to watch the college football national championship game. Had about six inches of DOM on covered with a healthy dose of Excalibur. We were seated at a small, two-person bar table. The table was tall enough that we could alternate standing and sitting. It was on the corner of a high-traffic area. The bar itself was totally packed and at full capacity. Across the aisle a group of football players from a local college were saving seats. They were all big guys, and no one argued with them when they said the seats were saved, but it was entertaining to watch them interact with constant stream of people who needed seats. All the servers were slammed, including ours. On her first visit to our table I noticed our server switch instantly from harried to to totally attentive, quick to laugh, and generous with her time; like she was enjoying hanging out with us. I actually became a little concerned that she was going to fall behind from talking to us. When she brought our drinks, I noticed the extremely short pour the bar had given her for my drink and teased her about it (a nice bourbon). We had built a friendly enough rapport during her first visit that I felt she'd be comfortable with it, and she was. I didn't push it beyond mentioning, and she left to tend to other tables. Soon she returned with a quadruple-sized pour of the drink I ordered and said it was to make up for the short pour I got the first time. I was surprised and appreciated it. That giant bucket-o-bourbon lasted me until halftime. I just kept adding ice and sipping it. By halftime I was done drinking bourbon; ready for water the rest of the evening. But she noticed my drink was gone and appeared with *another* gigantic pour; and told me it was on the house. :-) Other little things: * Because of where we were seated, every woman in the bar had to walk past us on her way to the restroom. My friend, who was seated across from me, pointed out (with great surprise and enthusiasm; almost disbelief) two different full-on stare hits from women as they walked past me. I noticed them, too, but my back was to them so didn't ever catch the full effect. * He also commented that a lot of women were "checking me out". Again, with much enthusiasm and respect for whatever game I had going on. * Members of the football team bumped into me, and were very polite and deferential when they did. This contrasted starkly with the Alpha vibe their group was giving off the entire night. Of course this is all anecdotal; but it's my opinion that these interactions with people were at least in part influenced by the pheros contained in Dirty Old Man. In the event that it gives context to the story: I'm white, mid-40s. 6' 170#.
  5. Spent the weekend out of town with a busy social agenda, including a fun annual party hosted at a friend's house attended by about 30 people. Wore Excalibur (oil roll-on), a couple shots of Wanted Man to my torso and chest, and one shot of Topper in my hair. And I'm laughing at myself for having just publicly admitting that. I got two direct compliments about how good I smelled from women. With the exception of the direct compliments about my scent, it's hard to tell what to attribute the other hits to (pheromones, scent, or both). So I'll just list some of the things I noticed. Received lots of giant, bright smiles throughout the evening. Three different times when I was talking to someone one-on-one; when I thought the conversation should be over; the person I was talking to (female) just kept standing there, facing me, paying attention to me. I love female attention, but even I became uncomfortable at one point when I was standing in a small conversational circle with three women looking at me with huge smiles on their faces. The topic of conversation kept getting steered towards me (and not by me); my workout regime, dating (and sexual) history, etc. Several women posed for photos with me that night, which rarely happens. And at the end of the night, several goodbye hugs clung a beat or two longer once I let go... In hindsight, I know I'd rather have a more balanced set of experiences with the people I talk to. But that evening demonstrated to me the impressive power of social engineering via scent. I've decided that I'm going to stick with Excalibur pretty much exclusively; at least for the cold months. I've found my ideal fragrance. I'll just continue to experiment with what pheros to wear with it for different scenarios.
  6. I was really excited to see another fragrance boosted with the much celebrated SS4M (Super Sexy for Men). Short version: My wife liked it, but I amped the powder to the point that it tickled my scent sensors. I'm going to put it away and try it again during warm weather.
  7. Update: My wife loooooves Excalibur. I've been wearing it from my sample vial this week. I think it's a great winter scent and I'm enjoying the, what to me is, strong masculine projection. Every day I wear it I get close-in neck contact from my wife because she loves it so much. Yesterday she took a fist-full of my shirt, pulled close, huffed my neck and gave me kisses. Then asked me to please put *more* on. I said, "Now? Or are you asking me to just wear more in general?" She said, "Now; please put more on right now." So an all-around endorsement of this scent from my household. I'm ordering a full bottle of this ASAP.
  8. Got a sample of this with some of the other new scents. My wife & I were doing smell tests this morning of each sample, sniffing fresh ground coffee in between to clear our pallets. One of us didn't put the lid back on Kingmaker very tightly and it all spilled out. So I used the puddle to for a one-time slathering. Really like it! It's a nice, classic, well-balanced, scent. I mean this in a good way, but this next statement will reveal my total lack of scent experience: It smells like a high-end 'mainstream' men's cologne. ::shrug:: That's the best I have for now. I'm down for a full bottle of this.
  9. Great suggestion - thanks, Snoopyace! Always appreciate cross-relational suggestions.
  10. Today is, among many other things, Excalibur test day! Wife's feedback Soon after application, before proper dry-down, she thought it smelled like fresh-cut celery. "Not in a bad way", she said. An hour later I did a drive-by smell request and she pulled me close, closed her eyes, smelled my neck and said, "Mmm. Now kiss me." So it's a keeper. My feedback On me, it's pretty green. Picking up some solid fresh-cut pine. I'm still learning my tastes, but I think this may be registering close to my maximum allowable green.
  11. Got it. Thanks for the advice, Mara. I'm still in novice mode; want to apply to the most exterior body parts, then proceed to wave or waft them at everyone around me. Smell meeee (Exaggerating. But only slightly.)
  12. Wore Pashazade to an outdoor Halloween party last week. Dressed as Evel Knievel (which may or may not be pertinent...). My wife was out of town, but it's a big annual event with lots of good friends in attendance so I went alone and had a blast. At one point in the evening, I complimented a lady I didn't know on her awesome woodland nymph costume. She thanked me and said my costume looked smooth and silky; and she bet they'd feel nice as PJs in bed. She was there with her husband and two kids, and we live in different towns, so I felt safe with any flirting she may or may not have been throwing my way. She also told me up front that she had met my wife before, and that she thought she was really cool. Given all of the above, she continued to subtly reel in the distance between us while continuing to smile, face me directly, and maintain eye contact. She was really attractive and a great conversationalist, so I was quite frankly basking in the glow of her attention. Her husband called over to her from his conversation circle that it was time to leave. Just a 'let's round up the kids' kind of heads-up. She said OK, but kept talking. He ended up calling over to her three times before she apologized to me for having to leave and said goodbye. So maybe it was my Evel Knievel costume, or my charming personality, but my un-scientific opinion is that it was the Pashazade. Full bottle ordered this morning. Not because of the story I just told you; but because I love to smell like...whatever is in there. EDIT for addition of this question: I read that it's advised to avoid applying pheromones containing copulins to the chest, neck and face areas due to the fact that some people could interpret the wearer as being unclean. Does the same advice apply for fragranced pheros that contain copulins? EG: Pashazade contains Heart Throb, which contains copulins.
  13. Put a good 8 inches on this morning after my workout shower. 2" Each wrist and 2" each side of my neck. Covered with a small titch of Burberry London (very strong brew). My wife had been baking and making candy with our son all morning; they were having a blast. As she was cleaning up the kitchen, she said to me, jokingly, "Aren't I that most awesome Mom today?" I agreed that she was indeed. *Then* she said, "Maybe you and I can get together this afternoon and I can be the most awesome wife." This is why I come here.
  14. Put a couple stripes of Teddy BB oil on my neck yesterday evening before cooking dinner; just to see how it smelled and test out self-effects. Was just my 7yo son and I at home; didn't go out or anything. Main point of this post: My son was *super* affectionate and conversational after I applied the Teddy BB. He voluntarily hugged me and told me he loved me many times between dinner and bed time. He was hanging on my legs while I cooked, and more-than-average snuggly during story time. So that was nice.
  15. Just did the math; I'm averaging one shipping notice every three days for the past two weeks. Edit: A compulsive habit I'll be changing to conserve the resources of Love Potion shipping operations. I've been an Amazon Prime customer for too long...
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