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  1. Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Ooooh, I like Heavenly Lei more than I was expecting.
  2. They are here! OMG, I can't even handle my excitement right now! I have to get dressed and go across the street to get them. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Threebies listed on Etsy

    EGG!!! OMG! I never got to try EGG!!!!!!!!
  4. Threebies listed on Etsy

    Oh my goodness. Paging @Eastwood22!!!
  5. Yep, it's kind of strange. Of course it goes the wrong way at first (to LA). Then it seems like once it gets to Canada it has to be processed like 500 times through a billion different facilities before it actually gets to me. And then last time they claimed it had the wrong address. It did not have the wrong address. Canada Post is just...not the most efficient, let's say. We have free healthcare though! (Sometimes I have to remind myself why I like living here).
  6. Mine has cleared Customs and is in Canada SOMEWHERE. Maybe I will get it tomorrow! *crosses fingers*
  7. Oh, yeah, I remember looking at that one! Were we discussing robes on another thread somewhere? None of those would fit me (I'm plus-sized) but I did find this one: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00CH5TQM4/?coliid=I3BRFFQ7SMU936&colid=13MJOQEFP2K5C&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1&psc=1 The price is insane, though (but that's Canada for you). But everyone says it runs really big so it might be good for my ego, lol--I could maybe order a size smaller than I normally would. I put it on my wishlist so maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas. Currently I have an okay-ish robe from Torrid. It's shorter than I would like, though, and it's gray and I don't really like that. The ones I linked have so many colour options! How would I ever choose? lol
  8. Girl Nip is a scent, but Girl/Girl is an unscented pheromone. Here is Girl/Girl (no trial vials, only FBs): https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/255318023/pherotine-girl-girl-for-women-pheromone The Pherotine Girl Nip has Perfect Match as its pheromone.
  9. @Kayla All of them! Oooh, no, I haven't tried that. That's a good idea!
  10. Chakra Oils: Root

    I wore this to bed the other night because I thought it smelled comforting. And then looked up the notes in the morning. And discovered that it has patchouli! I thought I hated patchouli...what is this sorcery!? I really like this! For me it makes me feel like I should be spending long days in a magical bookstore, getting my tea leaves read and learning about magical things...I have no idea why or where that came from.
  11. Well...probably, at some point, but this is kind of more fun...and I get to smell pretty as a bonus!
  12. I want a terry one in my size that's longer than to my knees. you would be AMAZED how difficult that is to find!
  13. I WANT a robe that absorbs water. But...I am not as thin as I'd like to be, and that's putting it mildly. Seriously robes are almost impossible to find in my size.
  14. I relate to this so hard! LOL! I, too, have been known to jump out of a still-running shower to answer the doorbell in case it's the mail person. I have also answered the door in only a towel (I have the worst luck finding a decent robe). Nothing gets between me and my mail packages! lol