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  1. This reminds me of a scent that I used to wear called Medieval Forest. I got it at the Renn Faire and loved it. One day I was wearing it and a co-worker came by to talk to me. She forgot what she was going to say and instead asked "Where is the hot guy?" I asked her what she was talking about. She said "The hot guy that smells so good". She then went around the store looking for the guy wearing cologne. Eventually she came back to me and said "It's you!" This is definitely the scent of a hot guy!
  2. I smelled all the trial vials with my sister today and this was one of the surprise favorites. After reading memorare's review I changed my mind on which scent I would try tonight. So far I think I love this one.
  3. I love that you made a perfume out of the line from "Once Upon a Time"! LOL, now I will think of Cruella every time I wear it.
  4. I tried this again the other day and now that I can smell things again it is a much different experience. It is much more complex than I had smelled before. I get mostly honey and woods but there is more all mixed in together. I like the smell of it close to the body the best. It seems to have more honey and warmth to it where it was worn on cleavage and elbows creases. The wrists and hands smelled more of woods, like it lost the warmth the further away it was from my core. I got compliments on it and it is definitely a scent with good silage.
  5. I feel really bad for the guy...but it sounds like he will get lots of loving now.
  6. Luna,your story was excellent! Thank you for giving me something entertaining to read while trying to ignore coworkers in the break room.
  7. May I have a bottle of Bella Donna? Posting here before work but I will check Etsy if they get posted there.
  8. Maililyahn


    Hi! What LP's are your favorite so far?
  9. And a branch on the East coast. ...but we would have to clone Mara and Le Wizard or it wouldn't be the same.
  10. So far it is reminding me of Hiker's Morning Woods while wet. Of course I am probably missing a lot of nuance thanks to the whole pollen investing my sinuses problem that I have been having. I can really only smell the wood and that's it...which suggests to me that my nose is currently broken. Eta: That should be infesting not investing...yeah, swipe.
  11. Congratulations on your bloomin into a lovely flower! Just in time for Spring.
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