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  1. I personally think it was cool to see just which creations were Mara’s favorites, the ones she liked so much that she actually stashed extras away—lots of honey! Thanks for letting us own part of your personal stash! It was fun and I like knowing the money is going for those in need! Such a generous spirit you are! See how happy your scents make everybody?
  2. Agent XXX $30 Double 0 $15 Scotchies $20 Flambe $15
  3. I was also going off the higher price, I am also confused. The drop down on the temp site has the lower cost. I'll just invoice and let you do the math. SORRY ABOUT THAT! YES, I WILL LET THE INVOICE PROGRAM DO THE MATH. Please reserve the following: 2B 1 FB Carolyn's Nile Spice 2B 1 FB Lina's Mama Lion 2B 1 FB Shivonne's Mama Bear 2B 1 FB Petit 4.2
  4. Mara, just saw on the other thread because I was wondering why people were reserving the new OCCOs....I plan on getting a full bottle set of OCCOs. Requesting an invoice later today.
  5. * * 1 large - Fairy Cake: Daffodil * * 2 small Fairy Cake: Figgy * * 1 large Fairy Cake: Magnolia * * 2 small Fairy Cake: Orchid * * 1 large Fairy Cake: Orange * 1 small Fairy Cake: Water Lily * 1 small Fairy Cake: Pineapple
  6. 1 FB Gravenstein 1 FB River and Rain
  7. Can I have the full bottle of Island Rain?
  8. Please reserve the following: 1 FB Amethyst Haze 1 FB Delectable 1 FB Petite Baie 1 FB Ivory Cats Veridian Muse You picked 3 of my faves!
  9. Mara, this is great for people who live clear across the country from your magickal store! My imagination is running wild! But are you sure? What if I give you four things ... will you be willing to whip a original “PE” mystery box for me that way? 😄
  10. YES! YES! YES! Every.Single.One. OCCOs are my favorite! Thank you so much!!! I love Resinate (including the clever name), we have the body butter, so incensey. Raspberry and orange ones??? Also I love how you built in the “herbal” offering with sage. And I’m an almond fan. Genius!
  11. So, Mara, you’re making three coffee OCCOs? A special trio of coffee OCCOs? 😄 😁 OCCOs— The creamier, the better! 😋
  12. Success!!! Was able to place an order using PayPal ... and remembered my login!!
  13. Okay, my son just explained it to me. I'm not into the superhero stuff. He got your humor right away. 😸 Now back to ordering....
  14. Oh, no! I was waiting for August! Well, that idea went to .... Sorry, not cleaning out my cache now! Got too many things on my wishlist. Thanks for your generosity, Mara. Happy to test out making an order.
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