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  1. Ah...so glad I logged in! Thank you, dear Potion Master!!!
  2. Yes, it's that time of the year. We are already starting to get dried out in my house!!! We've had some unnaturally cold weather for this time of the year. I've started "buttering" again. I hope PotionMaster spends some time crafting new moisturizing options. 🤗
  3. OCCO Weenie Pump! That's a good title for the pumpkin OCCO! At first I saw Honeyed Pumpkin and I was like, no "pumpkin OCCO"! And you made a pear one??? Bless you! And Blud for everyone again!!! Mara, your labels are just creepy enough. Toys In The Attic, Midnight Rider! Love those titles. Of course, I'm thinking of the songs. Can't wait to sample. But I am supposed to exercise control. I was switching out fall scents for summer ones the other night. The sheer number of black lids staring up at me once alphabetized in my scent drawer under one of three wooden racks I have is showing both my husband and I that I clearly have a problem now after five years. But this is my favorite time of the year and the collection I get most excited about!!
  4. Yes! Either that or "Just Pump It". That reminds me of the Chris Rock SNL rap parody for the Nikey Turkey. Make your "turkey" big enough for your whole family. It just sounds sexual. You can Google it. Circa 1990 when Nike had those shoes with pump button on them. Anyways, that skit is kind of a joke around our house.
  5. Yes! That would be a welcome rebrew. I wasn’t around for that one.
  6. Mara, can we have pumpkin chocolate foody blend in the Weenies collection this year please? 😋 Would that even be good? 🤔 Just something I have a craving for today.
  7. I personally think it was cool to see just which creations were Mara’s favorites, the ones she liked so much that she actually stashed extras away—lots of honey! Thanks for letting us own part of your personal stash! It was fun and I like knowing the money is going for those in need! Such a generous spirit you are! See how happy your scents make everybody?
  8. Agent XXX $30 Double 0 $15 Scotchies $20 Flambe $15
  9. YES! YES! YES! Every.Single.One. OCCOs are my favorite! Thank you so much!!! I love Resinate (including the clever name), we have the body butter, so incensey. Raspberry and orange ones??? Also I love how you built in the “herbal” offering with sage. And I’m an almond fan. Genius!
  10. So, Mara, you’re making three coffee OCCOs? A special trio of coffee OCCOs? 😄 😁 OCCOs— The creamier, the better! 😋
  11. Success!!! Was able to place an order using PayPal ... and remembered my login!!
  12. Okay, my son just explained it to me. I'm not into the superhero stuff. He got your humor right away. 😸 Now back to ordering....
  13. Oh, no! I was waiting for August! Well, that idea went to .... Sorry, not cleaning out my cache now! Got too many things on my wishlist. Thanks for your generosity, Mara. Happy to test out making an order.
  14. Anyone having problems with the Wishlist staying there? Saved a bunch on my Wishlist in Firefox. Logged into the site and account on my phone (which is Safari) and it wasn't there. Just logged into Chrome and my account and it wasn't there. Logged back into Firefox which took me straight back to my account without me logging in and it was there, but perhaps it was cached. Also, Moonage Daydream w/Balm Bomb -- the description is all about Perfect Match. 😉
  15. Oops! I found Papal Purple w/Heart & Soul listed under Open Windows in the pheromone section. Also, Potion Bastet under Open Windows but it's in the Aja section. Does it have Open Windows in it, too?
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