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  1. I was like — Really???? I’m not getting all of the titles then and was thinking that I need to start researching this all on the internet! 😄 The labels are gorgeous and I love the diversity! Did Mara say who did the artwork? Was it Mara?
  2. I’ve had this bottle for awhile. My husband and I are fans of the phero and I buy everything with Swimming With Sharks, but just got around to wearing it for real today. It fits the bill today — light, summery. This is strongly musk on me, the good kind. The sweet, light, basic musk I remember from my childhood (70’s). I thought this one would be on the masculine side, but I like the sweet musk. I don’t usually like the scents with Hedione as they are too aquatic or too floral and usually too pointy giving me a headache. I think this one will work out for me. I don’t know what musk she used in this one, but it is neither too masculine, nor to feminine. It’s just right! I thought this one would be his and Oleander The Great would be my girly, fruity SWS, but think again! This is a masterpiece in my nose! Is it insulting to say it smells “commercial”? 😄 It reminds me of some perfume I wore in the 80’s.... I think this on is gone, no wonder, and so few reviews....and I’m so awful at describing scents. I can’t even smell the phero!
  3. Wow! This one grabs my attention! Just trying this one out today. Probably have to pick this one up. It’s fruity, but the honey is coming through. I am getting spicy ginger honey with a fruity undertone. It literally smells “warm”. Hard to describe the honey, it’s not dirty. It totally smells like edible honey — right out of the bear. 🧸 The honey keeps it from smelling too juvenile fruity. I have scents with honey and ginger, but love the addition of the fruits. Great combo!
  4. Order in already! I went to the website to see prices and it said SOLD OUT. And I thought “Already? How is that possible???? I refreshed and there were prices. I must have been there the same time she made them available. 😆 I just placed my order about half an hour ago.
  5. 25 ????? Facebook Live ?????? Mara...
  6. So excited! Savage Beast—curious about the “lightly scented” notes on this one! Although I am resistant to change and cherish all LPs so much in their original form, I really like the name change for Popularity Potion. Charisma just seems to express that intent much better including Marilyn on the label. Now to see the actual NR scents! Can’t wait!
  7. Wow! You nailed me. Exactly! Fire hands!! 🔥 Thank you! Much love 💕 😘
  8. Hi, Mara! I’ve never had this done. My dominant hand is my right, the one without the ring.
  9. YES! I missed out on getting a bottle of that one. It had Sexology in it, right?
  10. somechick, it sounds like you need some Velvet Kisses if you don’t already have that one. 😊
  11. Hi, Mara! I’m probably in the minority here, but ideas I keep circling back to. I love Sugared Limes. Could you do something like that or later for summer? It’s no longer available and I have the tiny bottle. I love the scent squeezing a lime leaves on your fingers. I would prefer a scent that was definitely female and not unisex for lime. I love the Cocoa Butter Honey Skyclad Buttersilk scent. I’d wear that as a perfume if I had it. That’s a hint. 😊 I’d also love a cops-only Rocket Fuel. An un-SS4W version. Something marshmallowy that is strong, something similar to Egg which wears light on me. You could do a marshmallow lime. 😊 But make it sexy! 😁 Surely you could make a scent to help with migraines. I absolutely love your Sugared and a Fairy Cake florals, but sometimes they give me a headache because they are “real” I suppose. I have allergies and I’m prone to migraines. I’d really like a Spider Silk that is tempered to not give me a headache. Too bad there is not a headache preventative phero! I’d buy so much of that! Looking forward to whatever you make this time. Bravo, Bad Boy!
  12. My husband and I wore this for Valentine’s Day. As soon as I got it and smelled it i thought “ This smells like Valentine’s Day.” Sweet; chocolatey... On my skin, it smelled like the bottle and on my husband, the same. We usually morph scents in different ways. Of course it had just come in the mail, so maybe it needed to settle into its own. Finally figured out it reminds me of Dominance scented which I always thought was a perfect Valentine’s Day scent , phero aside. Maybe Bad Boy without leather. It has all the correct elements for a perfect scent in my book, but it also has Perfect Match which made for a happy day. Pheromones amplify scents for me. I did not get “soap” from this one. Just sweet and chocolatey. 😉
  13. Glad I checked in tonight! Ordered! Thanks for making this one special release.
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