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  1. SirenSong


    That is so cool! Music makes the world go round! I’m wearing this right now. It has such a soothing Autumnal essence. I think the coffee gives it extra oomph. Will be getting a bottle for the husband and I to share.
  2. SirenSong

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Gorgeous as usual! Weenies are my favorites because I love this time of year so much! Are any unisex or male scents? My husband and son are interested in LPs now. I actually call my son Baby Boo sometimes (he's 16). His nickname came from Boo-Boo (Yogi Bear) and was shortened to Boo a long time ago, and because he's my baby it sometimes pops out as "Baby Boo". When I showed him the label, he asked "Is that for guys?"
  3. SirenSong

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Can I reserve an Eve's Choco Cherry Occo w/ EoW Copulins?
  4. SirenSong

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    Me! Hoping something might be magically posted before the dates Mara said. Or the sale list will be posted in read-only!!
  5. SirenSong


    Shoot. I was hoping for a little more marshmallow sweetness. I smell the marshmallow, but the magnolia makes it a bit too floral for me. It does dry down to a musky sweetness, but I'd like some more marshmallow. Of course, if magnolia is your thing, you do want this.
  6. SirenSong

    Amethyst Haze

    I like this one ... but every so often I get a quality that smells like pheromone (of which there is none), so I wonder if it's the cat pee version of wisteria. I have Sugared Wisteria which when I reviewed described it as a dusky purple scent. I am enchanted by the mysterious quality provided by the oud. However, my husband says it smells like perfume. This is used to describe Mara's concoctions which he doesn't prefer as much as others. So, I totally get the drydown descriptions of powder/soap. However, I am really liking it, so it will go on my list. I can always use a "purple scent" that does not contain lavender!
  7. SirenSong

    Petite Baie

    I was intrigued about the strawberry/cucumber combination. I missed out on Sugared Strawberry, so I was hoping for a strong strawberry scent. This is a nice springy strawberry. Not sure if I smell the cucumber, but it must add to the fresh green quality. I do get patchouli which I don't mind a bit. I like this one.
  8. SirenSong


    Yes! It's happening with me, but neither me nor my husband are minding it. I'm getting a strong reminder of Universal Antidote with this one. It also reminds me of my Orchid Fairy Cake. This is going on the list.
  9. SirenSong

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Ahhh! Excitement!! Can't wait for notes! Constantly being amazed by Mara, company, and special guests for every new set that comes outs.
  10. SirenSong

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Just read over the notes! Bravo!!!! There is no end to Mara's imagination. Nothing was as expected. So excited to try these new releases!
  11. SirenSong

    Time Travel: 1942

    I like this. Starts out as roses and leather. Dries down into a lovely, feminine scent and not as old fashioned as you might think. One of those that smells like a classy perfume without the commercial harshness. The bonus is that it has Mara's undertones that you are not going to get anywhere else. It's floral, but not overtly so. I think that undertone I'm getting is labdanum. I also love how it was created for an actress to evoke the character she plays!
  12. SirenSong

    New Member: Karma

    Welcome to LP and welcome to the forum!
  13. Nailed it! Oops. This didn't really "throw" on me. I certainly put enough on. And I don't think it smells sweet at all. It is masculine smelling. My husband's not much for the honey scents. I don't even own Phero Girl. I'll give it another chance just because cops make me feel complete and invincible.
  14. SirenSong

    White Velvet Pumpkin

    Opens up as a dreamy, creamy, slightly spicy pumpkin, but not overtly autumnal. Dries down to an oakmoss musk, but keeps the pumpkin. Dries down with that signature LP sugar note! I love how the pumpkin stays around. I love the milk/butter/cream note, but the cocoa butter gives it extra oomph at the beginning. What a sweet, delicate, classic LP scent! But, everyone knew this would be good, right?
  15. SirenSong

    Still Life

    I got an immediate apple rose at the beginning. Then another note popped out that I couldn't place -- raspberry. This note at first seemed to take the scent in an odd turn, but I now realize it added the depth. Perhaps my chemistry does not work with raspberry. This rose scent smells a little old fashioned, a little powdery, a little floral, a little fruity. Once the raspberry settled down, it buffed out into a nice rose sandalwood with a wisp of fruit running through it. The frankincense added to the smoothness. This was not a long lasting scent on me. It lasted for about 6 hours. It's pretty. Great story, Luna!