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  1. Are there any sample sets left? I had an emergency trip and missed placing my order
  2. Hi there! I too found these addictive lovelies-scentses and folkses-through Etsy lol Like you I lurked and now I am working my way through samples
  3. WHITE: Oh jeez, oob it smells just like a heavy homemade marshmallow to me. On the skin it becomes a deep vanilla candle that I normally detest, yet smells so good and whiffy that I want to gnaw my arm off. I applied sparingly, and the UPS guy asked what I was baking as he kept giving me the pervy eye traipse up and down my carcass when I answered the door. PINK: Just like Pink Sugar's stalker sister. I vill be back...
  4. Thanks so much for everyone's advice and suggestions! I have passed everything along to him, with hopes he will listen.
  5. He works long hours, manual labor. She works part time installing operating systems-usually sitting down. Both of their kids have left the nest. My personal opinion (after listening to him for several years) is that she is sexual to a point. It was her idea that he get the shots-she herself administers them to him-but when it actually comes down to the act she seems disinterested. Almost a "let's get it over with" demeanor-even when she instigates, which isn't that often. He doesn't have an alpha male gene in his body, so he just goes along to get along.
  6. lol I was literally imagining getting numerous stink eyes!
  7. You folks are giving me some great info! In his words, "By Gawd, I want her to get rapey with me like she used to!" lol Would any of these have the same affect for him that cops have for us ladies? Please forgive if some of my questions seem idiotic, but I am still learning...
  8. First, I will give his issues: He is 40 years old, and has been married to a woman I literally detest. But, he loves her for some odd reason and I respect that. The problems are that he has low testosterone and diabetes. He gets shots for the testosterone issue. This makes him incredibly randy, but the wife rarely "puts out". When she does, it's very curt and almost business like. And she seldom initiates. Frankly, I think life's road bumps and the amount of time they have been together has stalled her out. Now for my question: What blend/item would be the best bet to help with this? Maybe to help her get more interested sexually and boost his confidence?
  9. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome! I look forward to getting to know everyone!
  10. I just posted one, but I'm not sure if I placed it in the correct area lol I forgot to mention the very few "mainstream" scents I like in answering your request for the eclectic scent preferences...so here goes: Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids & Rose Jam L'Occitane Honey Mark Jacobs Honey Thierry Mugler Alien (have to be in the mood for it) Also, I make the fuels for my effusion lamps. In my purchases I came across a fragrance oil called Velvet Cassia from Rustic Escentuals that I am insane about, and use it to make after shower body oil that is divine!
  11. For the life of me, I couldn't find another thread to place this review. If I have placed it in the wrong area, please forgive? My first samples arrived yesterday and oob they all smelled wearable if not yummy. I decided to try out Phero Girl on the sly, because I wanted a true reaction from the manmeat. Honestly, I cannot get into too much detail on that because the only word that came out of his mouth that is quasi repeatable is "rapey". He is normally rather tame when it comes to dirty talk...so the things that spewed out of his mouth as he followed me through the house were a ummmm sudden change of pace after 10 years lol I will return as I try each and report my findings.
  12. I keep finding myself staring at that panda, and like you I will most likely change it lol I never got to go to any of the will-calls *le sigh*, but I made a habit of ordering their gc imps often. I ran into several I just couldn't stand oob or on my skin, but many I enjoyed. Fae has become my "signature" scent. I also enjoyed Swank, Eat Me, Bordello, Hellcat, Snake Oil, and the original Sugar Skull. Those are all gc scents and range from foodie to resinous or sweetly fresh. I fell in absolute love with some le's but always become sad when I can't get them anymore. Sometimes I find them on eBay, but paying some of the prices asked is utterly ridiculous to me.
  13. I was a BPALaholic for years, but had to seriously cut back when I noticed that the prices kept going up on limited editions-that you couldn't order samples of lol I have a somewhat eclectic "taste" in scents, but I always have their Fae handy. I will go check out the Sugared Bamboo, thanks! P.s. Huge Marley and Eric Northman fan
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