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  1. Thank you all so much for all the feedback! I'm going to add Lumina & Open Windows to my next order to try... I think that's all I can afford for now, lol! I know I'll need to do a lot of experimentation to find out which pheromones will work best in certain situations :-) I have one last question: Are the unscented pheromone blends available in sample vials during any other months? It looks like I just missed the opportunity to get samples of pheros... I think I read it was in November?
  2. Hello everybody! I received my first order from Love Potions last week and, I must say, I am very impressed so far! Impressed with the community & how involved Mara is with the community, and impressed with the customer service. I was not expecting to receive samples of perfume blends along with the pheromone blends that I had ordered, so that was a very nice bonus I initially came here for the pheromone blends. I'm pretty shy, introverted & have some self-esteem issues. I was hoping that the pheromones would help me feel more confident in myself and help me initiate conversations with others. The first two blends I ordered was La Femme Mystere with copulins added and Sexpionage. I ordered Sexpionage because I was interested to see how it would affect my boyfriend. I will post what I've experienced so far in their respective threads within the next few days. Even though I'm still a beginner, I've experienced some pretty good hits so far. So, consider me sold! Out of the sampler perfume blends I received, I loved Nectar De L'Amour & Vampire Bait the most and will probably end up getting full bottles of those. I also received Kitten Heels, Raccoon Totem, Caressful Breeze & Feed the Flowers. For my next order, which I foresee happening very soon, I'm thinking about getting the pheromone blend, Gotcha, as well as the above perfume blends. I have a couple of questions for you lovely people if you don't mind: 1. Are there any other pheromone blends you would suggest for someone who is shy & introverted? Which one would be good for helping me feel more confident during a job interview? 2. Are there any perfume blends you all would recommend that kind of have a sweet & woody scent to them? I've previously been a fan of oriental vanilla scents, but judging from how much I loved Nectar De L'Amour & Vampire Bait, I am very willing to experiment with other scents. 3. Have any of you lovely ladies ever bought any pheromone and/or scent blends for your signicant others? I was considering getting him a pheromone blend eventually, maybe something to make him feel confident in himself and sexy... he's much older than me and he always makes comments about how old he's getting and how much he doesn't like it. I would also like to get him a manly scent that smells good to both him and me. 4. If I purchase one of the sampler kits, do the samplers contain just as much as the freebies, or are the vials filled to the top? Thank you, I'm so excited to be here! I can see this very easily growing into an obsession, lol! I'm notorious for lurking rather than posting, so forgive me if I do not post a whole lot. I will definitely review any pheromone blends I receive. I'm already hooked!
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