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    Spending every dime I can spare on LPMP perfumes!
  1. johnsonlisa90012

    Stalk Talk!

    I’m waiting patiently for a PE that I had recreated. So excited!
  2. johnsonlisa90012

    Jenna's Domina Venus

    I always bring Howl these days to try to fall asleep faster. The time zone changes are killing me flying from West Coast to East Coast every week. I also brought a bit of Witty Kitty’s Snuggle as well as a L’Occitane scent that I picked up somewhere. Alas, I am terrified what I would do with a Dom friendly scent in NYC. I absolutely love this scent. It’s so sexy with the amber musk combo.
  3. johnsonlisa90012

    Jenna's Domina Venus

    Stacy, you and I always love the same thing. This is a really powerful scent. I agree—I am so surprised there isn’t honey. This is a “pair this with Dom, wear silk everything, paint my face like Garbo, and roll into a comfy corner table at the plaza before taking a traveler home to my room” kind of scent. Wish I had brought it with me as I’m a block away from the Plaza now.
  4. johnsonlisa90012

    OK, so what are we all ordering/considering?

    Waiting patiently for PEs for May to be announced or sent. . .I got one this time!
  5. johnsonlisa90012

    Flying Potion 2014

    Did you try it? I might have more creamy ylang left : )
  6. johnsonlisa90012

    Jenna's Domina Venus

    This is swoon worthy if you love ambers. There is something almost floral or sweet at the front end which quickly goes into the familiar amber vanilla combo I love. I tore into this as soon as the mailman dropped it off so I probably have some bottle shock. I don’t think my FB will last a month, I love this so.
  7. johnsonlisa90012

    Stephanie's Heavenly Bodies

    This is sooo close to LP Black on me. Almost identical. I amp the patch so it is very heavy and resinous on me vs. vanilla and honey. I have a few bottles of the Dom laced LP Black variant and this is a dead ringer (without ringing my bell). Oops. That was dirty.
  8. johnsonlisa90012

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Please add me to Bee Happy
  9. johnsonlisa90012

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Yep and a Heavenly Bodies. I’m a sucker for chai spice.
  10. johnsonlisa90012

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    I would like a Dominus please. Please release my bee because I can’t do both : (
  11. johnsonlisa90012

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Thanks everyone for the congrats! I will get more excited...just was not quite ready for that type of adulting yet ; )
  12. johnsonlisa90012

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    I’m still reserving the Bee one without even knowing the notes. Because it has to be a honey, right?
  13. johnsonlisa90012

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    So I just found out last week I’m going to be a grandma. Despite being 50, my first response was “I’m not old enough to be a grandma” which was not an ideal response and it upset my son. That night, I got a fortune cookie and inside it said “Children’s laughter is wonderful to hear and you’ll have much in your life in the near future.” And now this. Crazy. I’ve haven’t even held a baby for a long, long time. But these are going to help me go baby nuts so I have the appropriate responses moving forward. My favorite baby is the Soleil d’Or for some reason (although the puppy is dearest to my heart). I also refused to be called Grandma. I’m going with Glam-ma. Mara, better plan on me getting the entire set FB!
  14. johnsonlisa90012

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    I need them all. All of them.
  15. johnsonlisa90012

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    I need the bee one NOW!