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  1. Thanks Stacy. Will try that
  2. I am on the fence about this. I absolutely love this dried down after a few hours. I mean, top 5 love. And the grapefruit blast at the top and start is great, refreshing, sharp and quickly blends. So scent wise, incredible. My big problem with this and with many scents lately is zero throw after 15 minutes. I can still smell my lotion an hour after I apply in a bit of a waft but this, you have to get right up to my application points after about 30 minutes. I can smell up to about 4 inches up from application points. Not much difference in the spray I made although I do have more coverage. It’s not because it is an indie perfume. I do fine with the other indie perfumes. I think I need a stronger concentration.; Any ideas, folks?
  3. I didn’t wait for this to rest, so I am hoping this changes. Soap. I only am getting almond soap—no glorious ylang or orange or tangerine or honey. I think I am going to shake this well and give it a few days. Don’t freak at the first notes—its a blast of almond. But it is drying down to soap at the moment.
  4. So this is the one I thought I would go nuts over. I’m am an amber ho all the way. Yet, this is way more incense smelling than a buttery amber. I like the fig as it adds the sweetness needed and the cassis just peeks out. It’s coming off as a fall scent so I am going to put it away and hope the incense backs down on me. I loved the amber in Ann’s black amber, so I am not sure why this is so masculine and resiny on me.
  5. I wasn’t supposed to love this. I didn’t do well with Seaside Sizzle and the one prior that had tuberose and cocoa butter. Both smelled like toasted cocoa butter on me (the other one had a hot guy on the label). Either way, the coconut (smells like coconut water to me) and the cactus are GAME CHANGERS. I can’t wait to order another backup bottle. This is like a tame floral soap with green and coconut and boom..there is my favorite cocoa butter.
  6. My question is....I get we all love the smell because we all love Mara’s creations. But do attractive men you are scoping think this is a sexy smell? I just can’t associate a coffee smell with a sexy smell, so I am waffling on this. Thoughts please!
  7. So true. Had a major leakage of PCMP and lost most of a bottle in my purse!
  8. Got my invoice in for sampler and a couple of bottles. I guess I am not yet in the fall spirit yet. I also still have my White Velvet Pumpkin ready to go from last year!
  9. Eastwood, you can do early reviews!!! The only problem is you may want to buy everything in the store. I’ve been there (and made a special trip to fly from LA simply to see the store during the first month of being unemployed last year) and the final cost of that trip. .well, I’m not proud of my lack of control : )
  10. On me, Cops don’t do much of anything in terms of reactions from others largely because I’m post-menopausal. So it probably just balances the scale—I like to think it makes me “feel” younger to others. I get my biggest hit from Scented Cougar. The only other one that is absolutely consistent for me is Dom Noire. Dominance alone—not so much. What Mara does so brilliantly is combine the scent with the pheromone to give you a synergistic reactions. The scent nudges the phero along, as it seems. The phero is like a film noir but the scent gives it color and personality which I need to be able to “lean in” to the whole experience. Make sure you try the phero’d scents in addition to unscented pheros for your “testing.”
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