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    Hello :)

    Thank you for all warm welcome and birthday blessing! I have just placed order last night. Can't wait to receive them! And yes, my list is growing longer and longer and longer!
  2. yuyanyan

    Hello :)

    Thank you everyone!!! Nice to see you all!!! Ummm seems like scented BANG! is a better choice for a beginner like me... I also want to try BAM Spicy Brown Sugar and Sneaky Clean! I feel like I will love their scents.
  3. yuyanyan

    Hello :)

    Hi everybody! I am a newbie to phero world and looking forward phero can give a little help in my situation... I have been a CD-ROM (read-only lol) here since last week and found here is AMAZING!!! Also today is my birthday and I want to do something special so I think saying hello to everyone here might be a good idea! I am thinking to order UN Gotcha!, UN/scented BANG!, OCCO Red and Pirouette w/ LFM (might order trial size first if available). I want to try more blends but due to my limited budget... Just a little stupid question here: Can I LP's UN phero with other commercial perfume? I know I might want to use phero in UN form but I am quite worried about its stinky smell... I will definitely try LP perfume later!
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