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  1. Hello everyone, I am a newbie here. I spent almost a week on this forum (and found lost of great tips and useful information) before I started to use the pheros (I started 3 days ago . So far no hits. I know that everybody has different sweet spot, but I would appreciate your opinion and advice. I used BI unscented in oil - 1 stroke from my collarbone to the navel and one dab on each wrist. Then I covered with LP original. Do you think this is too little? Should I use more? Also, do you think it is better to use more strokes on the torso versus one stroke on the torso and other strokes on neck, wrists, etc..? I have also Sexpionage (no hits either so far). Do you think the dosage for these two pheros is similar or very different? (like I would need to use more BI but only little of Sexpionage to find the sweet spot or it would be the same?). thanks a lot
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