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  1. Just to be clear.. When does the auction ends? At midnight on the night from Friday to Saturday or on the night from Saturday to Sunday? Thanks!
  2. Blanche


    I really love this scent. At first I wasn't sure but it is growing on me. Great for fall and winter. It is similar to LP Pink, but better because it it not that sweet plus I love the smokey note.
  3. I love this. I hoped it would be similar to Summershine w/Topper and to my nose it is. I need to use it sparingly because if I overdo it I might get a headache, but it has a nice lasting effect so no need to reapply. Very happy with this one !
  4. Eastwood, do you put it right over it (ie. mix those 2 together) or just next to it?
  5. So how does it work? Should we reserve these here on Monday? Will it count towards the sale? Since the sale begins on Tuesday? I am a little confused here
  6. Yes, I would like to know at least when the SALE begins..I will be on holidays.. And also with the time difference..I need to make it work ? when will we know the details?
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