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  1. Just to be clear.. When does the auction ends? At midnight on the night from Friday to Saturday or on the night from Saturday to Sunday? Thanks!
  2. Please reserve OCCO Sandalwood, Sage and Myrrh
  3. Oh, okay, I understand Anyway, regarding the webpage I checked also on the PC, and Pink musk- Vanilla bean and Vetiver -Ylang don't have the dropdown menus at all. I enclose the screenshot if it helps. The first two alphabetical categories work. I don't intend to buy any sugareds other than those listed here in the SALE, but I figured I will let you know about this web malfunction. I tried it in Chrome and Opera with the same result.
  4. Mara, please cancel my reservation of Sugared Canteloupe. Please reserve Sugared Berries and Sugared Red Currant. Both small bottles. If I don't see some sugareds in the sale list or on the new webpage (however most of the dropdown menus for the alphabetical lists of sugareds don't work, at least on my phone), does it mean they are sold out? I was particularly wondering about Copal resin. Thank you! @Blanche IF THEY ARE NOT SHOWING, IT MEANS THEY ARE SOLD OUT, AND I THINK COPAL IS LONG GONE. BUT WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY NOT WORKING? THEY SHOW UP DIFFERENTLY ON A PHONE, LIKE A LITTLE SPINNER ON THE BOTTOM, BUT THEY DON'T WORK AT ALL FOR YOU?
  5. Mara, did you see my email from Friday? I was asking more about TIME TRAVEL: 2264 - Distant Planets. Anyway, to be on the safe side, please reserve 1x FB of TIME TRAVEL: 2264 - Distant Planets, thanks !
  6. I would like to reserve also 1x bottle of 2B: (Vampiric) Infusion
  7. small bottles of sugareds: * * * 3x Cactus Fruit << I love this one. You might like this one too: TIME TRAVEL: 2264 - Distant Planets * 1x Cantaloupe * 1x Cedar
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