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    Hi just wanted to say thanks for the amazing service you all have give! Place an order in last week and when I got home from work there was a parcel waiting for me. 8 days from order to delivery to the UK thats amazing So thanks again.
  2. rob leeds

    Hello all!

    Thanks for that :-)
  3. rob leeds

    Hello all!

    That's good to know just waiting for it all to arrive.... I have no patience though and can't wait!!
  4. rob leeds

    Hello all!

    Indeed it is a lovely day maybe summer has arrived.... :-)
  5. rob leeds

    Hello all!

    Yes I am from Leeds in for once sunny UK.lol
  6. rob leeds

    Hello all!

  7. rob leeds

    Hello all!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome !!
  8. rob leeds

    Hello all!

    Hello all I have been lurking around for quite awhile and at long last placed my first order, as its my birthday soon I decided to treat myself! I have placed the following order: Mark's Girl Nip 2014 w/ Perfect Match, Blue for Men w/ Super Sexy 4 Men, Dark Desires w/ Heart Throb, Dirty OId Man-Phero Enhanced Best Selling Men's Collection, So cant wait for this all to arrive! ,if anybody has any pointers of the best way to use these please give me a shout!