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  1. Treasured Hearts would be my first choice before Open Windows. It sounds like it will instill a "nesting" vibe so maybe his daughter will see you as trustworthy and respect you for that.
  2. my first thought was Treasured Hearts. If we're only using your above options, maybe Open Windows + Leather?
  3. Hey Lochkopp Welcome! I feel like the times I reach for pheros in my life can be very telling, too lol Looking forward to your reviews!
  4. I ALWAYS wear a cover scent over pheromones, or copulins/aja. Honey by itelf can smell smutty on me, too. I try to keep honey light or pair it with another perfume note when I'm social. By myself I love smutty honey, but people are used to commercial fragrances, not oils... so I conform '-_-
  5. This phero boosted my mood on an otherwise unhappy evening I rarely wear Cougar and I wish I knew what was responsible for the lift, but I'll take it! I layered this scent over PG-17 because it's springtime and I wanted a floral, lighter version of Oud. It was a strange combo fresh, but I was right to trust my intuition; within minutes it turned perrrffect.
  6. Welcome to the forum, Sophie 🙋‍♀️ I came here for the pheros, fell in love with the scents! Looking forward to your reviews. Smart move going for Sheer Essence for your first order 😉
  7. My first scent purchase at LPMP was Sensual Harmony, non-foody vanilla. It never smelled powdery to me back then and my nose was new to artisanal scents so I steered clear of all the powdery.
  8. Ivysaur

    Myrrh Merlot

    I love the texture of myrrh merlot. grapes are fresh and smoooth like newly opened juice! but it's not tart or bright/sharp interesting how musk + myrrh together can be unisex ETA I like middle-wear best, when grape shares the stage with the other two notes. upon application, grape is definitely fresh lol
  9. Ivysaur

    Hiya everyone!

    Hey Hedgehog. Welcome! We discovered LPMP under the same circumstances! Nice to meet you. Personally, I use G2 (girl/girl pheromone blend) for my anxiety in social places and one-on-ones. Sensual Harmony was my first scent purchase as well You have awesome taste! I've always believed in applying fragrance on clean skin as existing sweat seems to take away an application's freshness.
  10. I'm definitely nicer during that time lol I've always thought that was why.
  11. just ran out of my itty this is a fragrance I'd be jealous of on someone else perfectly warm, honey-ed, comforting and familiar, yet exotic Honey doesn't take over center stage, impressive. Normally I amp smutty honey (to my own nose anyway, and I love), but this is a preferable alternative to the office. Saffron makes anything regal 👑
  12. Ivysaur

    Hey y’all!

    Welcome! We look forward to reading your thoughts on your new purchase! and welcome any questions
  13. This reaction for me has usually been scent related. On the topic of dosage, Phero OD usually presents itself too late and I have to ride the rollercoaster of not feeling well until I've slept and eaten. I've figured out my sweet spot with sprays and oils by now, thank heavens. I'm not sure about pheromone molecules, however. I've worn B2 only a couple times and look forward to trying more.
  14. Hi Nable I also took in interest in LPMP when I was 22. I felt like La Femme Mystere helped to level the playing field every now and then. Blantant Invitation was also sometimes my way to insert dominating androstenone without rubbing too much the wrong way since it has alpha-androstenol first lol It does have copulins and can make me chatty with a-nol though lol I haven't had the chance to try B2 or Teddy in a work setting with guys yet, but that might help with your inclusion?
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