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  1. Ivysaur

    effects before and after birth control?

    Hi Keznaa 🙋‍♀️ My cycle went away entirely the first few months after Mirena, then came back much lighter than before =D [after my reiki practitioner released congestion which she sensed was my cycle - story for another time lol] I still ovulate, so I personally use as normal. If you're not feeling in the mood as often, I think it's worth trying more to notice a difference. Cops can smell different during the cycle so sometimes I use that as indicator for how far I should take it. Actually, Honey as a perfume note works best for me when indicating skin chemistry. Sometimes it smells powdery on me, so I don't apply cops for a while. Other times it smells rich and sticky, after which I'll slather cops the next day because I know I can
  2. Ivysaur

    New Girl to the community

    👋 😃 Welcome! I look forward to reading your experiences
  3. I just randomly wondered what would happen if SWS was layered with cops LOL Does anyone know? *cringe!*
  4. Ivysaur


    I think I went scent blind to Magnolia from the faerie cupcakes ? I was so obsessed lol It's more subtle than Marshmallow for me, but still pretty and fresh! ?
  5. Ivysaur

    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    Hey Vicki ?? =D Welcome! This was the place I started, and a lot of us will stay here for pheromones. You just can't beat the reliability and knowledge for what you're getting. When I started researching pheromones, other products would be all shady. Also, I've met/went on dates with guys who use other companies' products (even during our date), and they don't even know how it works, so a lot of times their efforts backfire! I've been able to pick out who's using heavy a-nol vs b-nol vs e-none blendson me due to my personal experience with LP LOL Here at LP, you'll usually be informed. They're so much fun for personal reasons, too! Just last night, I spritzed some mones for a mood pick-me-up and Topper never fails! I look forward to reading your experiences ?
  6. I might be healthy enough to start donning pheromones again!

    Oh my gosh the wait has been loooong (7 months!) :bugs_015: and some of my scents are blended with pheros, so I'm soo excited to be putting vampire bunny sometime soon

  7. Ivysaur


    I'm not a huge fan of lavender and definitely not milk/butter/cream + amber, but this meld is really soft, so the whole fragrance just clouds me with comfort. It's good for a home-spa mood to drain the day's negativity.
  8. my fave! Put teakwood in anything and I'll probably have a love affair. I wanted fruity and bright today as I thought I could handle being extroverted. Paradisi sounded green, but Teakwood grounds this a whole lot - and I need a lot of grounding, so thank god This comes across to me as close to the waters as a small boat tied down to the beach shore not full on salt-in-mouth lost-at-sea I braced myself for ⛵ Sun tanning is as far as we're going today, folks
  9. Petals of Silk is a more feminine version of Vardo to me. Love it! They share Sage and Blackberry, must be why. I am loving this! And what do you know - an hour in, I'm online shopping for loungewear ... I must be wishing to feel even more fabulous and comfortable! Truly the work of LFM
  10. Ivysaur

    Petite Baie

    This is a journey within one inhalation! At first, I was mystified. "Ooh, this smells exotic.. which is not the tincture of Summer I want this year.." And then after, "Omg! So Sweet but fresh!" Petite Baie somehow avoids being *too* fresh So perfect - I'm going to make summer meomries with this scent. It's not green, either. I'm not into green scents right now; that's a phase on its own. I don't think one can go wrong with Petite Baie
  11. I've found that one thing which makes me look totally crazy.. My roommate says she watched me from across the room put Zakura on, take a big whiff, then sigh and totally relax like a junkie. Now she's afraid to get hooked on LPMP This is my first day back from a 3-month pheromone break, and I definitely feel the jitteriness! It was teetering on a caffeine fix, but I was still in control, so all good I felt pretty professional in Zakura. Sweet - strictly from the floral Cherry Blossom - but queen~like from Myrrh. I love any floral or feminine blend I can wear Cedar in, too! It's such a masculine note that when added subtly, it gets that protective vibe out there like a Mama bear behind her cub. I feel strong and powerful without being overt. Sweetgrass turns out to be a fantastic add to Cherry Blossoms, providing green backdrop to soft and beautiful, pink flowers.
  12. Unintentionally - Day 1 of pheromone use again after 3-4 months of probation by health! :D Let's see how it goes

    Zakura + Perfect Match

  13. I've been in the mood for some orange scents.. I wonder why that is

    I never like orange scents

  14. does anyone check out http://scentury.com? perfume stories!

  15. Ivysaur

    Hi, everyone!

    Welcome SugarKitten Cute username! Are you experienced with oil perfumes or artisan, or mostly commercial? We look forward to reading your reviews.