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  1. Yeah, I think so. There's something in this that has a "smoothing over" effect. It may be the androstanone? since the description states, "tempered to try to reduce feelings of jealousy that can arise when someone else is in the spotlight." It still definitely puts this beaming light on me, or makes me feel comfortable putting myself out there in social situations, but there's really not a 'Queen B' feeling for me in this. It's not egotistical in any way. If I'm being baited by meanies, I'm really not interested in engaging them. There are plenty of nicer interactions I am in the mood for while wearing this.
  2. I could credit my day to better mental health or just that I've built a positive life surrounding me, got good stuff going no matter what other negativity. But I don't want to miss crediting miss Popularity Potion in Laloo just in case she had something to do with my temperance of a high intensity bicker today, to which I did not bite back. Of course, that's all high school stuff - or should be - but sometimes it's hard. There's feelings, you know? In any case, I really didn't take anything personally and moved on to what I'm over the moon about: that I'm feeling clear, positive, centered and purposeful right now in my work and personal growth. There's nothing to report, which is absolute magick in this case. If this stuff can erase drama like peace to end all wars, I'm grateful. I'm not going to remember anything. like, "She said who? ... That never happened."
  3. Snow Leopard has been my go-to leather/androstenone scent. It's that feeling of a Rolls Royce (not that I've been in one lol), or luxe softness with a little whiplash at the end for Ice-queen effect. I've linked a trade thread you can get it from: here or here. I also love Seelie and have described it sort of as Ice Queenie.. another trade thread for it: here.
  4. oooph. the purposes of these potions look certain for sure! just at eye-glance there are a few I have dire needs for in my life.. I forgot that virility was very much a show-off 🤭 roosters are an apt fit! I'm so curious what it'll smell like Imma need dagger because there are a lot of jerks to cut. and 2020 is the year I'm seriously shedding skins and transforming. I foresee a lot of Snake wears. I wonder if I'll finally break out my SWS and pair it with the above.
  5. I had this for two years and did not try it out of the vial, for two reasons: I went through a phero-free 2018 as soon as New Year hit, for health reasons. I also went scent blind to marshmallow and ylang ylang from practically snortnig Sensual Harmony and somehow Fairy Cake Magnolia (doesn't have marshmallow, but maybe I feel similar about the two foodie notes). Cinnamon wasn't a note I was dying to try, because it's been done in commercial fragrance and I was in a hurry to meet new mysterious, exotic notes available at LPMP. But let's just say I have a feeling this is going to be my go-to this winter.. I have been missing out! and I'm so happy I saved this (I never throw out scents untried anyway). Warm and homey but light and non-cloying, feels social like the phero blend! I'm so ready to get in on this classic.
  6. I want to make sculpture perfume bottles. for mainly oil

    artistic oil vials

  7. omg lovely. the beautiful labels really pop!
  8. I used to favor autumn scents year round. Now at the end of summer I've decided it's too hot and I need a variety of summer scents. But then it got super cold today and I'm about to head further north, so idk what I'll feel like ordering 😵
  9. Treasured Hearts would be my first choice before Open Windows. It sounds like it will instill a "nesting" vibe so maybe his daughter will see you as trustworthy and respect you for that.
  10. my first thought was Treasured Hearts. If we're only using your above options, maybe Open Windows + Leather?
  11. Hey Lochkopp Welcome! I feel like the times I reach for pheros in my life can be very telling, too lol Looking forward to your reviews!
  12. I ALWAYS wear a cover scent over pheromones, or copulins/aja. Honey by itelf can smell smutty on me, too. I try to keep honey light or pair it with another perfume note when I'm social. By myself I love smutty honey, but people are used to commercial fragrances, not oils... so I conform '-_-
  13. This phero boosted my mood on an otherwise unhappy evening I rarely wear Cougar and I wish I knew what was responsible for the lift, but I'll take it! I layered this scent over PG-17 because it's springtime and I wanted a floral, lighter version of Oud. It was a strange combo fresh, but I was right to trust my intuition; within minutes it turned perrrffect.
  14. Welcome to the forum, Sophie 🙋‍♀️ I came here for the pheros, fell in love with the scents! Looking forward to your reviews. Smart move going for Sheer Essence for your first order 😉
  15. My first scent purchase at LPMP was Sensual Harmony, non-foody vanilla. It never smelled powdery to me back then and my nose was new to artisanal scents so I steered clear of all the powdery.
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