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  1. This is extremely helpful, thank you. I just dug out a sample of Edmund. It is somewhat sweet on my skin, but not overwhelmingly so. Still, it's far too clean for my tastes. I enjoy an outdoors type of clean as opposed to a clean laundry type scent (Green Irish Tweed typifies what I'm referring to here). The scent may not be my style, but it's a sensible choice for use with a work blend. LP #9 gave me a terrible headache - I had to scrub it off within a few minutes. Synthetic musks in more than minute amounts don't bode well with me. I tested Voracious today as well. Of all the scents I've tried, including a few notoriously offputting scents, Voracious has been the first scrubber (LP #9 being the second). Given how well-received this scent has been, I'm certain my skin simply doesn't play well with it. For nearly an hour, all I could smell was sickly sweet grape cough syrup mixed with cinnamon, a combination that conflicted to an extreme. I hate to leave negative feedback, but I have to be perfectly honest. None of these scents lived up to my expectations with the exception of Voracious, which I enjoyed immensely, and LP: Black, which is too feminine for me (being designed for women), but I'm sure it would work exceptionally well on the right woman. I'll keep all that you've mentioned in mind for furure sampling.
  2. I found Merlin's Blend, Leopold and Excalibur far too sweet still. I'll have to try Edmund soon, as I do have a sample sitting around here somewhere. I'll be sure to look into the rest and add a few samples to my next order. Although I haven't had much luck with the scents so far, Love Potion's pheromone blends are excellent.
  3. I see - thanks for clearing that up. I got the impression a similar base was being used in most or all LP scents, but I assume that post was referring to the LP variations only. I do notice a general trend of sweetness running through all of these scents. This borders on cloying on my skin and makes most of the scents difficult to enjoy. The ambers may be different, but they're all too sweet for me, unfortunately. I imagine there's a good dose of synthetic vanilla in there (I'm not familiar enough with aromachemicals to say what it might be) that's ultimately putting me off. Is there anything you'd suggest with no more than a touch of sweetness? Though nothing has hit the spot for me so far (with the exception of Pashazade), I'm still wanting to sample a few more scents. With the number of scents LPMP has released at this point, it would surprise me if at least a few of these don't suit my tastes.
  4. My only problem with the LPMP scents I've tried is the excessive sweetness on my skin where I don't feel it's called for. The scents themselves feel as though they're constantly in conflict, never settling into a complete, harmonious image. This sounds even more like something I'd enjoy. As much as I have a hard time with synthetic oud, I'm willing to give this a shot.
  5. I don't much care for this one. It starts off as a candied amber, a bit too powdery. The excessive sweetness tones down after a couple hours, at which point I do enjoy the scent. It's just not particularly unique or interesting to me. The standard LPMP base is already wearing on me. It did work brilliantly in Pashazade, not as much in LP: Homme, and even less here. I detect no maple and tobacco, unfortunately. There's something about SS4M, though...I need to explore this mix more. As for LPMP's scents, I'm quite picky about which scents I love. Pashazade is the only one I'll give a definite thumbs up to so far. Great scent!
  6. The cinnamon, cloves and ginger really come out on my skin withthe amber wrapping everything up nicely. This scent is absolutely a love, although it seems far more suitable for the fall and winter. I'll keep it in mind to purchase a full bottle around then.
  7. I decided to sample this one first. It definitely has this bitter green thing going on, but the sweetness prevents this from being a 'love.' I enjoy it, but the sweetness seems to conflict with, rather than balance out that bitter edge. Without the sweetness, I think I'd like it much more. We'll see if it evolves into something closer to what I'm looking for in the following hours.
  8. Animals really seem to like Epiandrosterone, DHEA(S), Alpha/Beta Androstenol, Estratetraenol, small amounts of Androsterone, and large amounts of Androstanone in my experience. Some can be averse to Androstenone, others respond about the same as usual.
  9. I noticed more positive responses from animals myself, come to think of it. It feels so natural I hadn't considered it before now.
  10. This mix has been on my radar for a long, long time. I ordered it in a 60/40 roll-on early this morning. This should be a lot of fun to test out, both as part of my work mix and on its own.
  11. Once a mones addict, always a mones addict... I just pulled the trigger on full bottles of Aja, Essence Oil and Super Sexy For Men on top of the Men's Fragrance Sampler. I have high hopes for these ones. ?
  12. Oh, it most certainly is! I've had the chance to combine copulins with Aja on a few occasions. I've experienced no negative reactions and no conflict in the scents themselves (both layered and applied at separate app points). Although at least one of the posters in this thread had a negative reaction to this combination, I wouldn't write it off just yet. As always, YMMV.
  13. This looks incredibly good just based on the note breakdown. I only hope that oud note is better than what Montale has to offer. I haven't found a synthetic example of oud I've enjoyed yet, so it's a bit of a shot in the dark here.
  14. Keep in mind that I'm a man, but I never get the vinegar associations. Lucky nose + body chemistry, I guess. The scent never turns on me. I get an animalic honey with a touch of sweetness and maybe a *slight* vinegar undertone. This vinegar side never becomes so prominent as to reduce my enjoyment of the scent. If anything, it goes a long way in rounding things out. The scent is mostly linear on me, and although I don't get many pheromone-like reactions on its own, it seems to enhance whatever I'm using it with.
  15. I thought this was the case, as none of the major suppliers seem to put this one to use. There are absolutes and essential oils for both green tea and black tea that I've seen, though they aren't all that common. Black tea does particularly well in smoky leather, tobacco, or incense scents, being more closely related to those in scent than what you normally might associate as black tea. Though if a tea-like flower is what's intended, Osmanthus is always an excellent choice.
  16. This is a quality I've noticed with many flowers - neroli, orange blossom, blue lotus, etc. Is there anything else you've noticed? Describing scent can be difficult, but I hope to coax a little more out of you. ? I'll have to look for an EO or absolute of this sometime. It sounds like sometging worth experimenting with a bit.
  17. This sounds nice. I love a good green scent. ? Camellia blossom I'm not familiar with. To those who have used it, how would you describe the smell?
  18. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be sure to look into these. Sadly, I can't wear Androstadienone in any amount no matter how well it's buffered. That A1 depression kills me! :/ UN For Men is one I might have overlooked otherwise, and I'll have to see if I can find Dark Desires off someone. I can pick out Aja in a fragrance, less so in smaller amounts. Combining it with Lys Mediterranee yesterday, the two could hardly have blended better. Had I not known what Aja smelt like beforehand, I might have thought this was just part of the fragrance. It surprised me how well it combined with such a light scent. I'd thought it would dominate the florals, but instead it took a backseat to the rest of the scent. So it's more versatile still than I gave it credit for. ?✌
  19. I think of it as a work-safe cops alternative. I really feel I could pull this off anywhere. It doesn't get sweeter on my skin, but smooths out a bit compared to the beginning. It's right around my preferred limit for sweetness. I tend to prefer dry, green, harsh scents over anything. And just as you say that, I can smell it coming out nicely over 24 hours after the last application. It outlasts attars on my skin, which absolutely perplexes me! This does what I value animalics for and offers some of the benefits of ISO E Super (diffusion enhancement, namely). I still haven't tested any of the male LPMP offerings. Vintage Bandit EdT is tempting me too much at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get to it soon. Anything you might recommend? Vetiver, tobacco, oakmoss, galbanum, sandalwood, and almost any take on a leather accord are a few of my favorite scents. Animalics too, of course - the dirtier, the better! I don't want this thread to veer too off-topic, so... Have you noticed the transformative effects of layering Aja, NuTrix? The scent seems to add a whole new dimension to fragrances, similar to the "3D" effect of ambergris. I'm going to get tons of use out of this one, and not for the pheromonal qualities alone.
  20. Aja seems to be even more versatile than cops for me. It doesn't get so sexual I can't wear it to work, but it seems to be easy to take things in that direction. It doesn't encourage strange reactions and it seems to combine well with anything. I haven't found something yet it doesn't work with. LAL's Nude Alpha Gel is at the top of my list, but full bottles of SS4M and Aja come right after that. This is some great stuff - I only wish I knew what it was. Edit: Aja's diffusion enhancement is terrifyingly powerful! Covered with Impi Red (which usually only projects 5-6 feet), I'm getting 20-30 feet diffusion in open spaces. I'm seeing a lot more on what it's adding to my work mix. Subtle, sensual stares from customers walking past. Everything I do becomes the greatest thing in the world. People feel privileged to get service from me, my bosses ask permission to get me to do my job, etc. I need to get a full bottle of this stuff!
  21. It's exactly,the same effect you see with ambergris, beeswax or other animal scents. I noticed a subtle transformative effect layering it with clary sage. There's that little extra "something" beyond the scent itself. It might not even smell that different on the surface, but it's worlds apart. Testing Aja with my new work mix today. It seems to extend the range of Impi Red Dot and increase the longevity a bit too. Both of these things I've noticed from natural pheromonal scents, especially the animalics.
  22. My sample vial of Aja just arrived today. The scent is interesting - I definitely get that dirty, floral honey scent. Nothing too offputting, but I think it would do better layered with another scent. Clary sage EO seemed to work fine. No definite self-effects yet. Maybe a subtle sense of alerrtness? My hope is that Aja can achieve the social proof of copulins without any sense of jealousy or suspicion. If it can achieve this, it may do fantastically in some of the blends I'm developing. I suspect it wouldn't be problematic at all used in a substantial animalic base.
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