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  1. I love this so much it hurts. I'm inexperienced with LP, but I've always been a perfume fanatic. I would have never chosen this for myself, as the edible aromas are not for me! However, it doesn't smell very food-y at all! It is definitely sweet and has a classic feminine smell. Very light and pretty!
  2. I got this as a sample and ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would! For me, I mostly smell a tart fruitiness. I can't smell much of the hay or coffee on my skin. Overall, this perfume smells extremely fresh and well... Juicy!
  3. One of my first perfumes from LP. I completely loved everything from my order (even my freebies1!) but this was my favorite! I ordered the trial size in August and just used up my last few drops. It has quite a thick, incense-y aroma and lasts all day on my skin. I fear this blend may have made me a LP addict. My birthday is in about 2 weeks and I plan on ordering myself a full size bottle. I just get too many dang compliments when I'm wearing it, how am I supposed to go without?
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