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    I've been keeping a log, but I am going to have to monitor it based more closely on my cycle. Today I have on MRF, which normally makes me happy, but today I am crying...of course, it is also Valentine's Day and I am feeling sorry for myself...lol. But that being said, I am about a week out from starting, too. Ug. SO MANY NOTES!! Someone should design a phero calendar app that tells which ones we can wear at which times based on our input...that way we can just pull up a calendar and see which is a good phero for the day!!


    ETA: Actually, just checked the calendar and may start by the end of the week. Ug. So maybe PMS is getting me today, too! :(

    Have you considered putting the notes in a period tracker app?


    ETA: This got me thinking about seriously systematically trying all my pheros. Its hard for me to tell what effects my pheros are having on the BF because things are slowly evolving between us.


    Does anyone have a good plan to recommend for trying out pheros one by one like this? Otherwise I'm thinking about maybe just enjoying the ride and trying back later one when we're more... established? Routine?

  2. This one reminded me of leilani! Which is one of my absolute favorites. This one is just a little more lush! I see that there is no coconut in this, which is crazy! My mind must just associate coconut so strongly with the tropical vibe that it is filling that scent in! I also didn't get the cool feeling... but I didn't take it on a full ride yet either. I think I will get a second trial vial of this one just in case it sells out and I fall utterly in love.

  3. I am LOVING this wet! Soft, fruity, musky, and I got a lot of sweet pea at first. yummy.

    This is a definite full bottle. I never want to smell like anything else again (that's a lie, I'm a scent whore, just don't tell snugalicious). Its SO beautiful. Again, soft, fruity, and sweet pea. But warning to some--it is SUPER sweet. Which I love... but not everyone does. So more for me!

  4. I'll try again in a few days :) Thanks luna!

    So this is my third time trying it. The first time I washed it off. The second time, I put a sugared on it. This time, I've waited out the initial drydown and it is turning to sweet, sweet honeyed floral on me. Hallelujah! I could already tell that letting it rest was a good thing because I barely got that celery smell when I first put it on. It's becoming quiiiite nice ^-^

  5. Got my bottle today and tried it ASAP. (Actually USPS hasn't updated the tracking and I didn't put anything in hoping it was in the mailbox... And it was!!)


    At first the ylang is really strong but within like 5 minutes it has softened and blended perfectly!! It's now just a floral note. There's definitely some soft coconut in there. I'm liking it so far :)

  6. Beautiful and mysterious.

    This is actually the one that is reminiscent of ....and I feel fine on me. I definitely need to take it on a full slather to make sure it doesn't go too masculine but right now it isn't at all. At first I had a flashback of Sephora so it must remind me of a commercial scent there. A very high end commercial scent to be sure.

    Although at first I thought this one would have gone well with LFN the more it melds with my skin the more fuzzy smelling and comforting it is which is how I think a PM scent should be. Good job on this one!

    Me too! I have smelled something very similar to this at some point before! It is definitely high-end women perfume on me. Not sure how it would smell on a man. I like it! The orchid is really floating on top for me, keeping it feminine and less-dark. I'll have to try this one again, alone.

  7. This is very pinky fruity, without being too sweet! And the mahogany is quite prominent. I am getting very little spice yet, and no overt cumin (which is a good thing!)--maybe where I put it on isn't heating up enough. Very pretty! I think I will use up my sample, but some of the other releases are so freaking amazing IDK if I can buy a whole bottle! And I love me some flutterby w/H&S so I have a great, all purpose H&S scent. This is so nice though!!

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