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  1. I got a sniffee of this and loved it as well! It has great staying power and is absolutely not too sheer to wear on its own. Not too sweet, either (another sugared scent actually gave me a monster migraine). Just sweet and youthful enough to be fantastic.
  2. belle-ville

    Sea Lily

    This scent is devastatingly beautiful. Fruity, floral, beautifully well blended and with amazing staying power. It also lasts for a full 12 hour shift on me. I can't say I smell the saltiness, but luckily the pineapple is not too sharp or bitter on me. So pretty! ordering a FB for sure.
  3. Enjooooy!! I first found it when I had no idea that the nosleep articles were "possibly" fiction and I was super engrossed and paranoid until I figured it out. It was sooooo good!!
  4. Loooove creepypasta stuff! My favorite is a /r/nosleep post I read about a year ago... https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/26rhij/i_came_home_today_and_someone_else_has_been_in_my/ Loving the descriptions of the NRs as well!
  5. OHHH I actually didn't know this! I thought it was just trial sizes of the UN pheros! Thanks!!
  6. You mentioned that you want him to be into pleasing you... You might try some of the bonding pheros like perfect match? That one gets me feeling sexy but also affectionate. And it's a unisex phero blend!! I LOVE when the bf wears it. You will have no trouble finding a scent you like, though!! I am still fairly new and get the best results when I use the phero'd scents. Mara blends them expertly and I usually manage to use the right amount. You may also like garland w/lace v5. That's a flirty feminine phero blend (might help boost your confidence?) with a great creamy fall spice scent, since you like gourmand and spicy and he loves cinnamon. Also I'm highly anticipating November when you can buy trials of unscented pheros!! You just have to try and see what blends you like best. For me it's PM and lumina. Best of luck and Im sure you'll have fun figuring out what you like best!! Welcome!!
  7. Welcome!! Get ready to get addicted!! Haha
  8. That bubble bath is so cute!! I might have to look into the dimensions of the bottle to see if it will fit into my guest bathroom vanity. I can't wait to read the notes
  9. belle-ville


    Hi and welcome!! I Think the best way to start is through fragrances!! The perfume/phero combinations are a little easier to use because you just use as much as you want to smell good!! The fragrances can help you get in that mindset and the pheros just work right into that mindset. Plus all of the scents are so gorgeous! You'll have it figured out in NO TIME! And you'll be smelling delish! Which is not to say that I've got it all figured out, but it IS to say that I smell delish all the time!! haha Welcome again!
  10. Aww I'm sorry! LP white is soo beautiful as well!! And ceremony is still available
  11. Today I wore this for the second time and while there's a little fruitiness wet, once it's dry, all I get is this cloying coconut. I've never been a huge coconut fan so I'm having a hard time really getting into this. It doesn't smell bad, just not my thing. I'll finish up my trial vial and keep my eye out for other LFM/LFN scents.
  12. This scent (v5) is DELICIOUS. It is christmas spice in a glass of creamy, warm, steamed milk for me! This is fairly reminiscent of AHE w/Lumina, of which I purchased 2 bottles because I love it so much. The lumina makes me very happy and floaty, and I'm wondering what Lace would do for me. ETA: Well, after about an hour, the gingerbread man has come out to play! Still smelling strong.
  13. Scent-wise, this is VERY soapy for me. In the vial it smells like a hospital hand soap (but in it's defense, we have fairly nice soap at my hospital! Hahah!). It's very strong and has good throw. It also lasts a long time. It smells very clean and fresh. The BF actually chose this for me to wear to bed, so I can't speak to the phero aspect. When I woke up it still smelled powdery and clean. I like it much better after drydown because initially it is VERY intense for me.
  14. You just reminded me of the strawberry shortcake doll I had in the 80s that blew strawberry-scented kisses when you squeezed her!! I was thinking the same thing. Its a SHAME that I sent my trial vial of LP white to my mom today, as I could have done a better comparison. Ugh!! From what I remember, the ceremony version starts of a HAIR brighter and sits just a little more earthy after drydown. They are very similar, but LP white is sweeter and a tad less complex to me. I am IN LOVE with this! Thank you Katz for sending me a sniffee as this was on my to-sniff list!! It IS wearing off fairly quickly BUT it is SO amazing. I will see if I can stretch that sample to a whole application tomorrow. I am getting that forward apricot scent wet, and it is drying down to an amazing vanilla sandalwood but with a hint of complexity from the teas. BEAUTIFUL.
  15. Where can I find this? Please don't tell me it's gone... I need this. I NEED IT D':
  16. Can I be a backup for starry night if there ends up being an extra bottle?!
  17. Yeah I was reading your review on pirouette. It really is amazing how delicious, complex and personal these scents are! It was all coconut goodness for me, scent wise. I was just so grumpy but it might have been situational and nothing to do with lfm. I'll have another go after the cycle is done. Right now it's balm bomb, balm bomb, balm bomb all day errday! Loool
  18. Is it possible that this could make me more irritable? I wore pirouette w/lfm last night and Tuesday night and was totally fighting utter grumpiness. I'm on my cycle though. Or maybe I didn't use enough?
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