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  1. Rose, your comments are always so... complete! And thoughtful and sensitive. Life goals. Haha! Too bad I'm too brash for it. I third the therapy comment. Screw the stigmas! It helps and even if he is not suicidal, it sounds like he might benefit from therapy, or maybe couples therapy or something would help. Shit, I want to go to therapy too! Haha!
  2. I am a little obsessed with this. The scent is delicious cinnamon apple spice, with creaminess when its dry. The BF said I smelled like an old lady but I don't care! The lumina made me float through the day in a happy ditzy way. Within 5 minutes of application and innocently asking the BF "how do you like the smell of this perfume?" he started exclaiming "you are SO beautiful, you really are just SO BEAUTIFUL." No, seriously! Hahaha! Other than that I was too dazed to notice how others were responding. Also, it did make my neck a little red the first time I applied it. I got the roller ball. I just decided not to put it there anymore. Everywhere else, including collarbone and cleavage was fine, and I do have really sensitive skin.
  3. I'm not too sure about whether it would effect any sexual spark, but balm bomb is so deliciously calming and comforting. I'm also not sure if its a unisex blend but its supposed to affect others. I also love heart & soul, which makes my BF very cuddly and makes me lovey-dovey... but I'm not sure it's enough to make him forget about his troubles. Maybe some of the more senior members would be better suited to help, I'm still very very much of a noob myself. Also, its interesting, it seems like everyone reacts differently to the pheros, both the person wearing and the person being exposed to it. For example, I've been wearing lumina for the past two days and I've been super floaty/absent-minded but in a very pleasant way. Kinda like pepe le peu when he followed the scent of the female skunk. Haha! Also evidently the special in november is trials of unscented pheros. I'm looking forward to it as a chance to try lots of pheros without committing to full bottles. Anyways, what I'm saying is... TL;DR: sorry I'm not much help, surely the more senior members would be able to help better, but also remember that everyone reacts a little differently to pheros Welcome and good luck! P.S. I think you and your husband's mutual understanding and ability to maintain the three-way relationship is very impressive.
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    Totem : Horse

    After reading the reviews here, I decided to put a bit of this on to see if it would get past the rotten fruit smell that hit me straight out of the sample. Sure enough, within a minute or two, it was all walnuts, oatmeal and cream. It actually smells just like a protein bar I've had a few times (can't put my finger on which one it is). Definitely not me, but now I know that I shouldn't judge a scent based on what I get when I open the top. When I'm not smelling it close up, (6 or so inches away), I get a light touch of sweet strawberry. I like that part!!
  5. Veronica, I applied liberally... probably a one inch strip to each wrist, the side of each neck and cleavage. The scent is so delicious and soft that I was generous What is YMMV?
  6. Cheesy, you are going to love this scent!! Its SOOOO good. Idk much about the protection potions but it is delicious!
  7. This scent is also absolutely my favorite and beloved scent. It is the most "me" I have discovered yet. I am almost on my second bottle. It lasts all day and also smells powdery, sweet, elegant. Definitely more floral than spider silk. But elegant and mysterious floral. It definitely resonates with all the moonlit references here
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    I received this as a sample from lovestruck, I believe, TY! I am trying it tonight while I'm studying to give myself a little break here and there. I'll try to write a fancy/lovely/enlightened review but I'm still new to picking out smells in the perfumes. I'm always impressed by how eloquent some reviews are. I'm glad I read this thread first as I wouldn't have shaken it! It turned into a smoky opaque white. Very cool. I applied to my wrists, AC area (bend of arms) and cleavage area. On first smell, the smoke was very strong and slightly plasticky. That went away within a few minutes and it dried to a lovely campfire smoke scent. As I was studying, I'd get sweet wafts coming up from my application points. When I smelled closer it smelled like a sweet campfire. The marshmallow was very subtle an hour after application, but the smoke scent is becoming more subtle. A few hours later it really became equal parts smoke and marshmallow for me. Very nice
  9. This was the original scent that got me hooked to LP. I received it as a sample in a phero-centric first order. When I smelled it I was in love and had to order another. Soft, elegant, powdery and just absolutely gorgeous. All of my coworkers tell me that I always smell so good. One even bought a bottle for herself after smelling it on me. It also lasts through a 12 hour shift. I just love how subtle but elegant it is. It is noticeable but subtle.
  10. I just can't see the casual normal use of pheros getting so into the your coworkers system that it crosses the fairly selective placenta's barriers. I'd love to do research but I know it's probably an ethical issues.
  11. [quote name="StacyK" post="417793" timestamp="14 I tried Dark Desires w/Charisma. I put a couple of dabs on my wrist and inhaled fairly deeply. It made me sleepy. Literally, I passed out. I should try this right now!! Lol
  12. Haha!! I have then organized in a jewelry dish in the bathroom so this morning he exclaimed, "you have a dish full of these!" so I offered him his own dish.
  13. So, does that mean the smell is subdued? I think he likes a cologne that stands out.
  14. I just got a sample of Mark's girl nip. The smell was ok but the phero blend... Oh gawd!! And cheeseburger, yeah! Bf is starting to say "you have a problem" already haha
  15. Thanks, quietguy. It has the added bonus that we know we like it, so I think I'll just get the full bottle of that.
  16. belle-ville


    Welcome! You'll love it here on the forums as well, everyone is so kind!
  17. It turns out I am the picky one, not him! Ha! We're almost all decided on the next order. Waiting on a few tips from quietguy
  18. Tee-hee, yes I guess I was willing to wait! Thanks
  19. Hi everyone! I am trying to decide between the two above, the BF and I have a trial of touchdown and we like it. But top dog also sounds pretty nice and there were very few reviews of how it worked on skin other than not-floral. Through a little experimenting tonight, we determined that the BF likes stronger scents but is not picky. I guess it would boil down to which one is the best carrier for MVP OR which one has a stronger, longer lasting scent? Thanks! ETA: MEH, I initially thought there was no review for top dog, so after posting here in the phero fragrance review section (so as to make a pseudo-review for top dog) I scrolled and found it. Please move to general men's forum if that's where this thread belongs... so sorry!!
  20. This scent is the MOST DELICIOUS men's fragrance... EVER. I am not talented at picking out scents quite yet, but this is AMAZING. This smell puts me in a better mood and I'm not sure if its the charisma or if it is just the AMAZING smell. OMGGGG The BF wears it to work alot and when I ask him if anyone acted any different he said "it's confusing". Go figure, too much hard thinking for him, I guess. Ha!
  21. Well I ended up getting strep throat! I am as sick as a dog, and absolutely miserable for it. I'm sure that's why I was so irritable and h&s couldn't help me!! But menstrual cycle stuff couldn't have been helping either. I'm steering clear of anything scented or phero'd while I'm sick, just in case
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