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  1. Sounds rough! Ugh men and their mood swings... Which they SWEAR they don't have! Lol. I'm wondering if h&s might work better when I'm in the ovulating phase bc I've been in a rotten mood these past few days and its not helping me at all.
  2. We received our trials tonight and OMGGGGGG they all smell delicious but kingmaker with charisma is making me DROOL!! The bf liked how pashazade smells quote a bit
  3. Well yesterday, the BF and I had a cleaning day, and tensions got a little high. We had a tiff and I got so pissy, I told him that I couldn't speak to him at the moment. He works a lot and got mad that I was "ruining" his day off. I had a nice, long shower, he played some video games, I was still pissy, and decided to put on some flutterby w/H&S and sat on the couch next to him. The ENTIRE fight disappeared without a word within like ten minutes. No apologies were given, no talking about it, just GONE. Suddenly he is talking to me about his video game and then offering to turn it off so he could go snuggle in bed with me (I was falling asleep on the couch.) Yeah, I need to live in this stuff.
  4. D: I have totally done this already. So for science here is the deets but I'll just stick to my regular unphero'ed perfumes from now on. I have only worn levitation and balm bomb to work. No noticeable differences in the babies, but for reference, we don't get to hold them very much. Lots of babies in isolettes. I did snuggle one the other day with balm bomb on 5-6 hours after application, she acted completely normal. Haha, ok, way less variables for testing now!
  5. Nope! That turd is HISTORY! Lol! I think I'm going to try levitation again at work tonight and be more on the look-out for responses. I just think I'm having a hard time because even without pheros I am friendly and generally have a nice time, even at work. Maybe I need to pay a little more attention to the few people who are total crabs to me?? I really don't want to use PM or gotcha at work. I have a coworker who seems to have a crush on me already and I don't want to encourage that. I work with sick/preemie babies so I really wish my sample of balm bomb was here! I think I'd wear it all day, every day! Out of curiosity--can these pheros affect the preemies? I would hate for my phero use to get the babies all worked up...?? I will report back on how my progress!
  6. I think one of my problems is that I'm scared to use sexual pheros outside the house since I'm already usually construed by men as sexual... when I did my initial research on my first order I had a specific goal in mind to get the jerk I was seeing to take me seriously. Since then, I kicked his behind to the curb and met my current BF and things are just going along so nicely that I haven't been paying much mind to the pheros. So I guess I'll have to re-investigate the pheros... *off to do some homework* So, any advice as to how can I figure out if my bf is responding to the pheros or responding to my actions?
  7. So, for a while I've been enjoying the delicious fragrances I've purchased (BF calls treasure of silver my signature scent hehe) and been somewhat skeptical of whether or not the pheromones work. I have noticed some self-effects from a few phero blends but I always have a hard time saying that it's not a placebo type of thing. Also, I'd like to preface the post by explaining that not only am I crazy about my BF, but he is absolutely crazy crazy crazy about me. It's ideal in nearly every way. He calls me his "special one" or "the one," we're discussing getting married and having kids et c. Even his parents love me. So I definitely don't have much in the way of specific things I need for my pheromones to do between us or between his parents and myself. The only notable thing I might really benefit from is something that would make us both more easygoing in terms of not getting upset during an argument. But I guess I can eventually figure that out. Ha! Also, people who get to know me describe me as friendly and warm, I'm naturally flirty and have a naturally strong sex appeal. (It's not all its cracked up to be, ugh!!) I also have been told several times that I intimidate other women, but I'm pretty good at being friendly enough to break down the walls caused by the perception of me as an aloof ice queen. ANYWAYS! Back to the point of my post. I have been wearing flutterby w/ H&S quite a bit for the past few days, and it totally makes me feel super lovey-dovey with the BF. I'd actually say it's the first one that has legitimately made me feel so different that I can't write it off as a self fulfilling type of thing, a la "I wanted to feel lovey so I put this on and felt that way"... (I'm such a skeptic about everything.) So, I guess this is starting to convince me and I'm excited! I put it on while going through my trials and samples, trying to decide if I really liked the fragrance... and I do! So soft and powdery/sweet. I wish it wasn't discontinued because it smells sooooo good! But I really really love the self effects. My BF is also very lovey and sweet when I wear it, but he says he doesn't feel any differently. BUT he's also not the most eloquent when talking about his feelings! Haha. I'm not sure if his reaction is just a reaction to me being snuggly and sweet or if the pheros are working on him, as well. How can I figure out? What should I do to test the efficacy of my pheros? The ones I own now are gotcha!, levitation, PM, heart & soul (I SO wish I had more!), pouncing potion, and unfortunately I used up my trial size of balm bomb (I ordered more). I also have a scent with lace in it but I can't deal with the scent, I tried mixing it with something else but ugh! It smells way too strong for me to wear. I've tried gotcha! once or twice but haven't really gotten a response that I can notice. I definitely don't feel any differently myself when wearing it. What should I look for when wearing it around the BF? He is already very touchy-feely and we're very close. I love wearing blush w/PM. It makes me feel more sexual! The scent is spicy and delicious. So! TL;DR: After a long while of skepticism, heart & soul has made me start to realize that pheros really do work and now I want to keep testing and see what else they can do! I own several but have no idea how to start empirically testing them out!!
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    Hello all, thanks for the warm welcomes!
  9. I know it's hard for you to imagine ever loving someone else, but the heart has an amazing capacity to love agai and it sounds like he has managed to love you after his heartbreak. It's always hard to hear about the person you're in love with having had feelings for another before you, but if he is enthusiastically with you, then you'll just have to find a way to cope with what you've learned. Just think about it this way--she couldn't give him back 100% of what he gave her--something that you can and are doing. Be confident in yourself and your compatibility. He chose you. Unless your intuition is telling you that he is not over her, then just try not to dwell on it too much and try to be in-the-moment with him. If you can't cope with it, talk to him about it and he should reassure you that you have nothing to worry about! As someone a little older than you (aka more emotional scars and experience with heartache), but who is also very sensitive (you both sound sensitive based on your descriptions), he will never forget his time with his ex. But he will think about it less often as time goes along and his wounds heal. As someone else above mentioned, past experiences form you into who you are today. It's unfair to want him to forget about her. But also realize that he is learning about you every day. I'm sure you're not a shadow of her or a replacement for her in his mind. Good luck and don't let it eat you up! Oh, and, welcome! I'm new to these forums too! Haha! Just felt moved by your post and wanted to (hopefully) help!
  10. Thank you ladies (and gent!) for the suggestions! Once the order I placed arrives, I'm planning on making another order to get a few of the ones that he likes, and also if I like any of the trials I got, I'll get myself a few. I think I might be picky! D:
  11. So I actually let him decide between a few... he is in a high-pressure sales environment and gunning for a management position so he was agreeable to the idea of pheros... I ended up choosing love potion:homme, totem:wolf and kingmaker with charisma, he ended up choosing touchdown with MVP and I added a few into the cart for nights in/out (including pashazade!) I will let you know how they turn out!! Thanks again! If only I could have instant gratification here D:
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    Thanks, ladies and gents! Just placed a nice order of multiple trials for the guy and myself! Including pashazade... ;D Very excited!!
  13. My BF currently wears armani code and I want to find something in that arena! Does anyone know what scent categories I should look for or can recommend something to get a trial of? I am definitely going to get a few trial sizes and had Totem:wolf and love potion:homme in my basket. But I'm not sure what scents I like in his current cologne to make sure that I pick something I don't hate! I know I love a clean scent. But beyond that, I'm clueless! Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Hi everyone! I've been ordering LPMP fragrances/pheros for a couple of years and have a few favorites: spider silk, treasure in silver, crayon:blush! I wear one of them almost every day! Usually treasure in silver I'm totally devoted to LPMP fragances! I am trying to find a scent for my guy! And also wanting to take advantage of the lovely annual sale. I will post in the men's section for help with the scent for my BF, but regardless, hello!
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