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    New with questions (possible trigger)

    Thank you so much for all the advice! I have tried the sneaky clean and felt it smelled...well, like a toilet bowl freshener? I know it smells different on other people but, to me, it smelled like that toilet bowl freshener with an old urine smell. I don't think being hyperaware of smelling like a toilet is helpful. Are there scents that combine those pheromones without smelling strongly of that "off" scent?
  2. So, I won't go into much detail but I'm a divorced mother in her late 30's. I was in a horrible marriage since my teens and he was a constant cheater, emotional abuser and, towards the end, physical abuse. I am fearful of finding someone but, on the other hand, I miss "relationships". I am afraid of putting myself out there for a relationship and have turned down a few offers because I wasn't ready. To say there's nothing...I mean nothing. Haven't even kissed anyone in almost 3 years - again, by choice. But I'm tired of being lonely and I'm ready for the possibility of a relationship. I am in school full time so my options there are limited (most are very young and I'm not looking for some kid to corrupt) but I'd like to have the chance to attract someone (since I tend to be a bit shy and withdrawn...obviously something I'm working on after years of being treated like crap). If you've read this far, I thank you! Is there a good combination that will put the "I'm open to this option" without me having to make an attempt? I'm just not someone who can do that yet. I can be pretty wild inside a relationship but I tend to have the quiet, demure exterior that very few see and my trust level is very low - I'm wary of everything. I was hoping time away from relationships would help me work through it but I'm almost getting worse. I just need to find a good partner...and, truthfully, I'm open to either side at this point. Have I confused you enough? Any ideas or is this a lost cause?