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  1. Cycle Kitten

    Could wearing pheromones backfire?

    I can't wear phero girl around the hubby, he thinks I smell like cat pee, though I wear plenty of honey and amber scents. I had to give up on this one. Timing is also a thing, I love Aja but every so often it goes vinigar on me and I sadly need to cover it, also a cat pee response when it does that. He is a weirdo though ? Always smelling something no one else can detect.
  2. Cycle Kitten

    Aja - Nature's Copulins

    I think I receive more hits from ladies with Aja. Really long hugs that require pulling away, from ladies I don't know very well or have just met. My mom and I both seem to get reactions from women with cougar as well. love the Aja selfies, always provides a nice dose of " I feel beautiful", I also find it calming. A mix of feeling one with the universe and the sassy step of Poison Ivy when she declares " Hell, I am Mother Nature". Its definitely one of my most used LP products, love mixing it with LFM, leather, H&S, honestly with just about anything, it works well with every LP fragrance I've ever tried. Aja + LFM is my go to mix for performing or social situations when I need to overcome my natural introvert personality. Sometimes topped with a spritz of DHEAS, it seems to make me more approachable rather than admired from a distance. Sometimes I prefer distance though.
  3. I can only imagine the perplexed look on my face when PTO was being discussed. My head was "PTO, PTO, ....PTO, oh shit! That's paid time off! Whoa!"I had always considered being a FA, having that gypsy blood in my veins, but have never known anyone to discuss the pros and cons of the profession.
  4. I didnt find a thread for the virgin bottle of this. I just wanted to say that for me it seems the fragrance alone works as thoughleather is there. Perhaps it just some mind bender thing because Im associating the two together, and have the leaded version as well. The fragrance may just trigger that because I tried the phero version first. Or its simply another testament to how awesome Mara is with the perfect blend pheroed or not. I accidentally spilled LFM and didnt want to waste it but paired it with virgin bad girl to save the intention for my night. It worked great, like I had the benefits of both blends. My plan was MLH, but I had just enough fawning ( from ladies and gents ) to make me feel awesome and included, just enough authority to keep a bunch of drunk fellas in line at a cat house. Im looking forward to wearing this combo again.
  5. Thanks for the votes of confidence ladies. From nearly naked ( the costumes kept getting smaller each year ) to scrubs. At least there will be less decision making in the am. Ive been looking to get off the wire for awhile, being the only woman in the world, as far as we knew, doing it, it was hard to walk away. I wanted to make sure there was a replacement. Im not one to leave someone hanging like that. Ill need to remember It doesnt have to be permanent. No matter how shitty a day was I didnt quit,worked with broken bones, torn ligaments, and on crutches. Ive had rock stars call me a pussy when on crutches actually, right after riding a wheelie on the line in front of the stage. Climbed down, grabbed my crutches and was on my way to the bar for a shot. Dudes,... Its certainly a big change but I feel working in a real world situation is good. My perspective is probably way off because of the freedom Ive had. That kind of profession cant last forever, Im certainly no spring chicken, and life in the express lane does run the risk of a fast checkout. I do have some very mixed emotions about all of it. Part of me is thinking that the video I just finished is going to serve more as a short documentary than a promo reel. Thanks dolls!
  6. Update, second interview last week, third woman, sticking to $ potion. I wasn't sure how I felt about the interview but I thought I did pretty well, again it started with a comment about my colorful resume. I had a few witty moments and said a few things that seemed I should have been proud about. FFW I was offered the job but also offered my choice of positions though the second offer did not have an opening. They felt like I would be happier in the other position so I have a choice. Now I don't know what to do, I was already scared they might actually hire me. I know that sounds strange but I've been self employed since 2001 and entering the workplace again is a bit frightening.
  7. Yep, I can wear leather, the hubby loves the new Bad Girl, but I could chew his face off wearing DOM, for no reason.
  8. Listen to Luna, check.Thanks ladies, I think I see a habit of purchasing virgin versions forming. I don't always want to wear pheros anyway but love a lot of those fragrances. When I started my collection I liked to keep my fragrance and pheros separate but I'm noticing a lot more phero fragrances I my stash. I try not to over apply fragrance in general, I know how overwhelming it can be to share a room with someone who's fragrance doesn't agree with you. I know I can get away with one blend in the morning and some BB before bed. I think I OD once, sensual harmony with LFM, I tried to reapply in the afternoon because my skin seemed to eat it and the vial spilled all over me. I felt horrid all day and couldn't wait to shower.
  9. I hope this hasn't been covered, I wasn't able to find it through searching. Phero fragrances, understanding that the phero is 1/3 the strength of the UN, how many hours would be recommended before refreshing your fragrance? Some fragrances get eaten up on my skin but I also don't want to ghost or OD. Suggestions?
  10. Hope this is helpful: I have purchased several fragrances in an alcohol base from Pacifica, glass bottle, steel ball, honestly the damn things are so hard to get fragrance out of you might lose some skin. This is a common complaint with their product. A common disclaimer when I purchase sample size steel roller bottles is that they will likely leak if the fragrance is in a base of fractionated coconut oil. Personally I've experienced a small percentage of steel rollers leaking with an alcohol based fragrance. I don't know about plastic rollers. You could purchase bottles with plastic orifice reducers to control application better. And, if you are interested I have a lot of leftover 1/4 oz glass bottles ( tall and thin ) with pretty frosted caps, that have a small opening. I used them for custom fragrances in my boutique. ( closed in 2010 ) I can post a pic if you would like, but you may have a few of those if you want to cover shipping.
  11. Cycle Kitten

    La Femme Mystere

    I also don't notice much of a smell with LFM, it's by far my best selphie producer and I wear it solo often. At the chiro, DR, car salesmen, anytime I want customer service to be at a premium, and when I just want to feel like I rule the world. Rouge is the only fragrance I have with LFM and I'm hoarding it and living in fear of its last drop.
  12. I remember this being in LFM and BB, it's not relevant anymore but I made it a point not to wear it around the manic ex, no help needed with that situation.I love LFM, BB and BI, the hubby reacts well to them, he loves tattooed lady and BB (scented), these are my most worn 3. UN LFM with damn near anything. BB with BBM, can make me cranky if I'm not getting the attention I want, but generally I wear the BB because I want to smell it as I try to drift off to sleep. Sometimes the hubby gets other ideas and I really just want to sleep, lol. I'm going to keep trying this one, but hostility isn't my general demeanor, at least it's not a big risk, being that the hubby has been my BFF for 25 years. It's easy to let go of situations and we don't really know how to fight. That last bit being said, I would love to see a bit more animal if ya know what I mean? I'm not giving up on sexpionage yet.
  13. I am also not noticing much of a difference between the two versions, if there is one it's subtle and doesn't last long, on my skin. But OMG, so in love with this fragrance, Wishing I had ordered more, virgin, but also have way more bottles of fragrance than I can possibly use in a reasonable time.
  14. I loved the sample of this and ordered a FB, the hubby really liked the fragrance as well but I fear sexpionage trips my bitch switch. CP, was one of my first phero fragrances, I love it, ordered spare bottles of it and a couple virgin bottles,sadly the hubby isn't as big of a fan so I rarely wear it, mostly when alone. ( which makes no sense ) I was rather excited that he loved juicy Lucy because I love the idea of this phero and a lighter scent for summer. Does sexpionage trip anyone else's switch? Obviously I'm going to try it again, and probably again, and again, just to be certain. Perhaps I should have considered a virgin bottle of this.
  15. LFM H&S BB BBM, to spice things up with all 3 Edit, Aja, crap,I don't think I can live without that either