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    Perfume! Hippie stuff, DOGS, organic living, alternative and natural medicine, aromatherapy, wine, music, writing, festivals, hiking, working out. I'm mostly vegetarian, but vegan wanna-be. Sometimes though, you just need a burger! Dipping my toes into the PHERO world and am really excited.

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  1. Does this by chance bear any resemblance to my beloved but gone LP BLUE? Just now ordered a BUNCH of samples and went full bottle on a virgin version of this un-sniffed because the reviews were so good and because I LOVE all the notes in this! MMMMMM!
  2. LexiJo

    Medium 2019

    HI, anyone else care to weigh in on this one? I LOVE Dragon's Blood, and am super curious about this. There is still some older "Carnival" Medium left too...which one do I want? How do they differ? I currently have entirely too many samples and full bottles in my order that I'm placing either today or tomorrow, but don't we all? I'm worth it! Which one do YOU ladies prefer?
  3. LexiJo

    Love Potion: Blue

    Thank You Luna! I will definitely try both of these!
  4. LexiJo

    Love Potion: Blue

    I still miss this terribly❤️, long for it wistfully💓, lust after it dejectedly 💔, and my life is absolutely not complete without it. 😞 This one was my ONE. What is the closest thing to this is still available?
  5. Hi honeycake, good luck! I love the summery mango tea scent too and will definitely wear this again in the warmer weather.
  6. Absolutely, lol. My grandma was awesome. I love that expression too. It makes me giggle. ☺️ I know. ? My sisters and I say it all the time in honor of her. She was born in Germany and her English was a little iffy at times, mostly in the use of those little American colloquialisms, but that particular one always cracked everyone up when she used it. I’m keeping the tradition. ?
  7. No running amok? Caution to the wind? Like a bat out of hell? Or as my grandmother used to say, “Ass over tea kettle”? ? These here LPMP pheros mean business and I did learn that I might need to be a bit more judicious in their use going forward. So glad this little experiment turned out so well though. Wow!
  8. Thank you Eastwood! Newbie to the pheros, and now that I have seen a glimpse of their astounding power, I think I have garnered more respect for them and will make sure I don't go being all willy-nilly with them. This time was a great outcome though! Whew!
  9. Yes, Witty Kitty, it was a gamble for sure! I am just getting started with pheros and luckily for me, this was a good outcome, lol!
  10. WHAM! This was the first REALLY undeniably strong, noticeable phero "hit" I have had. And it was a HOME RUN! I have this in a free sample vial and wore it for the very first time last week for a job interview for a position in a small all-female company. I had read up on Levitation and thought it sounded good, and while I didn't know what to expect as far as the interview, I did not have any SWS or OW or anything else phero-wise that seemed appropriate, so I took a chance and went with this. It was a hot autumn day here in the South where I live, and the Rainbow Mango scent seemed to fit better than some of my other deeper, heavier LPMP go-to's. I used it very sparingly, a small swipe in cleavage and another small drop split between my throat and behind my ears. Can I just say, HOLY PHERO HIT, BATMAN! The scent itself felt perfect for the day and was not overpowering in the least. Very light. I felt fresh, clean, confident, and happy wearing it. But the BIG star was the Levitation, no doubt. I literally forgot about the phero because I was more focused on not overpowering anyone with the scent, and I was nervous going into the interview because I REALLY wanted this position! I met the woman who was going to interview me and we "clicked" immediately. Now, this is a small and very successful company consisting entirely of women, and because they are new and growing rapidly out of their very meager office space, there wasn't any stuffy "corporate" feel and a more friendly laid-back vibe that I picked up on right away, but the interview was the BEST and most FUN and pleasant interview I have ever been on in my life! We covered the resume, position, experience, and business part of things easily, chattily, in a friendly, flowy manner and with amazing mutual "like" going on from the start. As the interview progressed, I found it easy to open up and be very authentic and apparently, so did my interviewer. We chatted and laughed easily and happily like we were old friends. We found we had many similar interests and passions (that don't usually come up in interviews like alternative health and which workout videos we both loved) and the longer the interview went on, the more the mutual love-fest blossomed. We both spoke equally - neither one of us dominated the conversation, and it was easy to maintain eye contact and it felt like the mutual listening and responding skills were enhanced for both of us. There was also a sense of mutual respect and admiration and a sense that we were connecting and bonding on all cylinders. When we finally stood up at the end of the interview, there was a pause where I literally felt she was going to reach out and HUG me! I barely noticed the flight of stairs and the walk outside to my car, and when I got in my car I was like, OMG! Did that really just happen?! THAT WAS AWESOME! I was literally open-mouthed reflecting on how well everything seemed to have gone, it was like no other interview I have ever been on before. After offering up a little prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving combined with a little "please, if this is the right job for me, please help this happen!" I went home and sent my "thank you for the opportunity to interview" email and sat down on my bed, just kind of still in "WOW" mode when I noticed the vial of Rainbow Mango. That's when it hit me...it was the phero that really helped me SHINE in that situation. I had an offer letter for the job (with an increased starting salary than was originally quoted) in less than 3 hours. ? I will be adding a FB of either this exact blend or UN Levitation or another fragrance with Levitation to my next order for sure!
  11. Day-um! ?? Just bought a full bottle (oil). I remember loving my sample, but after your post today I re-read the entire thread and couldn’t hold back. Happy Birthday to me, lol! I’m so glad you had a great, um, effect with it! Woo hoo! When the “relations” with the SO are back on track after a bit of a slump, that feels sooo darn good, right? ? I am feeling a bit dense though...markings? Don’t know what that means! ?? I’m a little (okay, a lot) out of practice myself due to a really rough divorce I’m still grieving, and haven’t had any you-know-what for over two years now ?, so excuse my density! Lol. Looking forward to getting my bottle! Thanks for your post!
  12. Livinlavidacabo...excellent!!!! ??? I LOOOOVE Sneaky Clean too. Did you get the original version with the standard pheros or add a different pheromone? I am going to grab a bottle of Sneaky Clean today (it’s my birthday tomorrow. ?) and want to know exactly which version has that effect. ? Thanks! And let us know how it goes at work!!
  13. Hi ladies, I have some verrrrrry interesting things to report and will post under each fragrance/phero review! Massive blatant hit on day 1 trial of Gotcha at work from a total stranger. Pheros WORK! Less obvious hits from B (my target guy), but still some definite things to consider, retry, and maybe change? I'm already addicted to LPMP. Welcome to the club, right? ?
  14. OMG. I love Phero Girl and I love "boysmell" like leather and tobacco notes, but I simply must try this just because of the excerpt above! So intrigued! ? Slinks off to find said Savannah Finch mystery to uncover the rest of the lascivious details! ❤️
  15. Hello ladies, I'm 52 and in three weeks, a man I knew slightly back in high school and I will be meeting up for the first time in many (35!) years for our first "date(s)" and then are attending our high school reunion in NJ together, as a couple. A mutual friend of ours, going on what she says has been a very strong feeling about the two of us as a couple for a long time, has been trying to fix us up for more than 10 years, and finally, life and timing have provided a great opportunity he and I to connect. We hit it off incredibly well and have been talking on the phone every day since mid-June. He is in Tx and I am in VA, so we have not met physically yet, though we have both exchanged recent photos. There is a strong connection, friendship, attraction, trust, and emotional closeness that has developed between us over the past months, and we are both feeling pretty certain that there will be a strong physical attraction and chemistry when we actually meet in person. We really like each other a lot, are looking for and are ready to be in a relationship, and the very subtle but building sexual chemistry and anticipation between us is feeling utterly delicious! He has been very respectful of my recently divorced status and very much a gentleman while still managing to convey his attraction and interest in me, as well as his desire to hopefully create a romantic relationship together. He's been great about letting me lead things in a more "naughty" direction, but it's been kind of low-key. If I say something slightly suggestive on the phone, I can tell he is very receptive to it and will immediately meet me there in it and enjoy it with me. He has let me be the one to "lead" this though. I'm thinking that we will probably have our (mutually highly anticipated) first kiss right there in the airport, and if that strong attraction and chemistry that I think we both are almost sure of IS there...I can see things getting a lot more, ahem, physical, between us over the long weekend. So. What to wear perfume and phero/cops-wise?! I am picking him up at the airport on a Thursday, and we will be spending Thursday night alone together, Friday and Friday night with family (his and mine) and friends, and Saturday night is out 35-year reunion bash. Sunday we drive back to my place in VA, and Monday I take him back to the airport to fly home to TX. We've talked about a long-distance relationship, but both of us would be willing to relocate if things get serious. I tend to love Egyptian Musk, Vanilla, Neroli, Patchouli, Honey, Bergamot, Amber, Sandalwood and "hippe"-type scents, I have a HUGE perfume collection, but of course, I need just the right LPMP brews for this highly anticipated upcoming weekend! So my goals are to help him relax (he had admitted to our mutual friend that set us up early on that he was thrilled that I was potentially interested in him-he had felt for a long time that I was "out of his league", and I can tell he can still feel a little nervous with me at times.I want to assure him that I AM interested in him...in every way...and let him know in no uncertain terms that I am attracted to him. I want to promote a sense of bonding, connection, safety, closeness, trust, and I want to send the signal that yes, I am definitely sexually attracted to him and to urge him to let go of his reserve and make a move!!! Ii want to drive him a little crazy with desire. I have already ordered a bottle of Une (it's on the way-haven't ever smelled it before), I already love LP Red and have a new bottle of that on order along with a bottle of unscented Gotcha! He is 53. We both look probably 10-12 years younger than our ages and are pretty "young" and fun/active people, but we ARE in our 50s! Do I need Cops? What would all of you seasoned perfume and phero experts out there recommend? I want to send a definite romantic, bonding couple-promoting signal but also strongly attract and encourage him sexually. I want to inspire confidence and a strong masculinity devoid of nervouseness and shyness in him. But I don't want to be too blatant or slutty...just enough, lol! I'm thinking I need different things for different days/nights too, but don't know where to start. Hope this paints a picture of what I am trying to achieve, and I knew this was the place to come to for advice! I LOVE reading about all your stories and "hits" and hope to have a few of my own soon! Thank you all SO much in advance! SO EXCITED!!!! LexiJo