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  1. Oh, LP Blue...how do I love thee, let me count the ways! I was able (and blessed) to score a bottle of this in the recent auction. SQUEE!!! It's my FAVORITE LPMP. Eeeevvveeerrr. The weather here in VA was in the low 50's today and nOT humid (praise God) and the air even smelled a little bit like Fall, which, for me anyway, is SO WELCOME after a hot, humid, sticky, tucky summer. It was the perfect crisp, clear, chilly morning to crack open the seal on "My Precious" LP Blue. Ahhh.Everytime I smell this, I involuntarily exclaim, "This is ME!!!" It feels like a wearable sassy, fresh, upbeat, sexy, sultry, happy mood to me. I completely get the classic original LP base of vanilla, patchouli, and sweet apricot heightened with yummy leather, sweet pipe tobacco, a waft of something resin-y that is a prominent part of LP Black (another LP that I love, but not as much as Blue), sugary, happy sweetness and "sass"! It literally shoots my mood into the stratosphere and puts a great big smile on my face. It's absolutely positively my "ONE". It makes me think of the cutest little denim jacket, or a well-worn and well-loved brown bomber or motorcycle jacket with a crisp white feminine shirt underneath with just enough lace. The perfect snug-fitting favorite blue jeans, some cute mid-heeled boots, a happy-go-lucky attitude, some Victoria's Secret model-like long, shiny, luxurious hair to flip in the chilly autumn breeze, a bright blue sunny sky, a glass of the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon in-hand at a gorgeous little winery, my boyfriend's arm wrapped around me lovingly and protectively, and the perfect smile. PERFECT. LOVE. HOW did I live without this, and when this ever-so-cherished brand-new bottle of BLISS is gone, I will mourn as if I have lost a dear, dear friend. This will be rationed and planned and used with the utmost thought and joy. THANK YOU MARA, for parting with this precious little lovely! It's made my whole season! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
  2. πŸ˜‚ Strawberry Kitten...lipstick and ass...LOL!!! I am learning the "let it sit" lesson, too. That never made sense to me, it still really doesn't, but I know it's true nontheless. I will contnet myself with my precious...I aquired a bottle of LP BLUE in the auction and it makes me SWOON. LOVE LOVE LOVE. WIll re-try Panther for sure.
  3. WOW! Got a free (SUPER FULL) bottle of this with my sale order and just trying it for the first time today...albeit affected by bottle shock from the travel from the West to the East coast...so... Anywho, WOW. The initial note both from the bottle and on my skin smells like COPS COPS COPS. I am not even thinking that there ARE cops in Cougar, but dang! P.U...STINKY! I am wondering if I amp currant, because that seems to be all I can detect for the first 30 minutes or so, then a soft wispy waft of powdery cocoa, a little bright grapefruit and...a wonky note. The wonky note (currant?) dominates powerfully. I love the original Cougar, but my sniffy of it was not enough to discern properly how I respond to the actual phero...or to notice how it affects others when I wear it. I just started running again in the early mornings, and am starting to feel the powerful energy boost of exercise and fresh air lifting my mood and my "get-up=and-go" lately, but I wonder if this is increasing that effect? I feel very "up" and "on" today. And I have not even had coffee, lol. As I work in a company of ALL women and have my own office, I don't often "waste" pheros here unless it's Balm Bomb. lol, so I still need to experiment. I will let my bottle rest for a few weeks and will try again, but at the moment I can't say if this one is for me. The initial wonky note is overpowering and although it tempers a bit with time, it still makes me sense that "cops that have not yet dried down" kind of feel and smell to it. First impression is that I like the original Cougar better. Anyone else get the PU factor? Maybe my skin doesn't like currant...?
  4. THIS NEEDS TO COME BACK!!!!!! I have just a little bit left of my UN bottle and HE is coming over again tonight (yes, I am cooking again) and I want to replicate the results from my last GOTCHA escapade with him. GOTCHA will be a standing re-order staple and ALWAYS keep in stock LP item until I'm 100 or Mara stops selling it...whichever comes first.
  5. Hahaha Halo. He's a Gemini, but I DO know that he was born early...I will find out HOW early. I wonder if that makes a difference? Hmm...I believe he was SUPPOSED to be born a Cancer, which would theoretically be a better match for me, a Scorpio. Although I was supposedly born LATE, which would have made me a Libra. I'm only a Scorp by 1 day. Hmmm.
  6. BAAA! Lol...NO, but I am a Scorpio and have ALWAYS wanted to date a Taurus man because that is supposed to be my BEST match. HE is a Gemini...which is supposed to be a disaster for a Scorpio woman. Trying to overlook that and go with the flow.
  7. OMG...this stuff is freaking awesome! I'm in a new relationship with a very masculine, rather un-emotive, and reserved guy (we are both in our mid 50's) who I KNOW is really into me, and is cute, funny, real, and definitely has a soft heart...I just want to see it and how he feels about me a little bit more. He's very laid back and "take it slow", and I want to ramp things up a little. We've been dating for about 3 months and exclusive for 2. Enter GOTCHA! SO the other night I had him over for dinner, I was cooking, and wore GOTCHA! with LP Pink (which he had already commented about liking very much once before) and a little swipe or two of BBM. WELL. He is usually not what I would call "chatty", but he could NOT stop talking to me like he had known me forever...about EVERYTHING! He was so cute! AND...he was all over me like white on rice all night long. Coming up behind me nuzzling my neck, grabbing me in big bear hugs from behind, spinning me around randomly to plant these full-on deep, long, slow passionate kisses on me while looking at me adoringly. Reaching down the back of my jeans to grab my butt. !!! He must have told me how beautiful I was about 10 times. I could not even concentrate on the rather complicated recipe I was trying to reduce by 1/3...but who's complaining?! He was all starry-eyed and SO focused on me while we ate dinner, and became more and more enamored with me as the evening progressed. He could NOT keep his hands off of me. LITERALLY. Now, this man is a FABULOUS kisser, TRULY a fabulous kisser, but that night? Mmmmmm, he kissed me like the world was ending and all he wanted to do before he died was kiss me. I almost didn't need anything else. ALMOST. Which was not a problem, either. He practically carried me into the bedroom and undressed me and was ALL about pleasing me (which is the first time THAT has happened to THAT degree!) Sex in your 50's for a guy can be iffy sometimes, with some men...we've all seen the Viagra and Cialis commercials...but let me tell you. IF I had had my eyes closed I would have thought he was decades younger. The poor man never knew what hit him. A few times he randomly after a long passionate kiss murmured, "You. You are BAD. But SO, SO GOOD, Mmmmmmmm". Whaaaat?!?! Who ARE you and WHAT have you done with my stoic and emotionally reserved boyfriend?! I FREAKING LOVE THIS STUFF! I have not worn it in a couple of weeks, but he is coming over again tonight and LP Pink, BBM, and GOTCHA! are at the ready. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Snoopy, I will definitely try less next time. And that was the pure stuff I was using, the UNscented phero. Of course I had a cover scent, but the PM was unscented.
  9. Hi Snoopy, Drew a line from belly button to cleavage, about a 3-4 inch strip on each inner forearm, and a teeny (maybe 1/2 inch?) dab on both sides of my neck. Too much?
  10. On 5/27/2019 at 11:42 AM, StacyK said: otherwise Drakkarο»Ώ Noir would never have been invented. HA! Ain't it the truth. Blech. Thinking of adding a bottle of this un-pheroed to my order, I already have PM because I LOVE the intent of PM and am definitely going for that...BUT...both times I have worn it I was a skittery nerve-y, jittery, on-edge MESS. What gives? Anyone else have that happen with PM? Maybe less next time? I realllly want this phero'd...but I'm scared because of previous reactions. Would it be more subtle in a scent?
  11. LP Blue $30...ohpleaseohpleaseohplease
  12. OMG...is this available again Halo? If so where can I find it? Barely breathing in ridiculous anticipation... LexiJo
  13. I wanted to love this and really thought I would, but from the first moments of application all the way through to the long dry down, for some reason all I get is HONEY. Strong honey, like UNE honey...and a headache. I have the Virgin un-pheroed version. I had to wash it off. It's the strangest thing because I like all the notes, except honey. I am learning that my skin amps honey like FREAKING CRAZY and it turns sickeningly, stale-powdery sweet on me. I love sweet..sugary sweet, fruity-sweet, just not honey sweet I guess. Bummer because I know how schmexy it is to most guys. Oh well. I will however give this another shot in a few weeks, as I've only had it for a week and maybe it will settle a bit for me and not SCREAM HONEY.
  14. This is gorgeous! Long ago I was a devoted customer of a fun, funky, slightly naughty little niche soap/perfume shop on Etsy called The Dirty Housewife. I LOVED it. When she closed her shop I went looking for other original artisan perfume oils and found LPMP and the rest is history. She used to have a perfume oil called "Gypsy" that was one of my very favorites and this reminds me SO much of it! Initially, I love the grapefruit (one of my most favorite notes) and rose here, the creamy vanilla undercurrent is a lovely and very congruent bonus! It's fresh, feminine, sexy, and bright. Feels perfect for Spring, and will be excellent on a warm Summer date night, too. I love and respond well to Lumina so that is a fun little happiness boost. It's one of the ONLY pheros I get selfies from, so I love that as well. When it dries down a lot (about 4 hours later) Pallas is all so well-blended and smooth that It's harder to pick out the individual notes, although I still get the sexy patchouli and musk with the rose and strawberry on top. It's an AWESOME "morpher" on me. I am completely captivated by the deeper more womanly patch and musk with the more girly and playful strawberry playing alongside. For some reason this reminds me so much of Vardo...although it doesn't smell the same at all, Pallas, like Vardo, gives me an image of a very specific place, or a mood, or a specific moment in time or a FEELING really strongly. It's more than a scent, it's a mood. It's an attitude. It's a personality. To me it IS Gypsy-like, the way Vardo is too...the Carnival atmosphere, the Bohemian feel of it. It suits my personality very well and I will most definitely be in the market for some more samples, as I'm devastated that this is already sold out in the 1/3 oz size. 😭πŸ˜ͺ😫 Five out of five stars from me, and two thumbs WAY up! PLEASE MAKE MORE, DEAREST POTION MASTER!!!!
  15. Hi Eastwood, yes! I have it...and LOVE it, lol! I'm a MAJOR citrus vanilla lover. Now, if i can find one with grapefruit and vanilla or tangerine and vanilla!
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