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  1. Time Travel: Somewhere in Time

    Somewhere in Time is so delicious. It begins very almond forward, but quickly evolves into a creamy caramel with just a hint of spice. The fragrance is so decadent and sweet, but not so much that it gives me a headache. Gourmand fragrances like this one often disappear quickly, but even after hours of wear I still get wafts of scrumptious delight.
  2. Hi from melisse in california!

    Welcome Melisse!
  3. North Pole 2017

    I love this combination of woods and gingerbread. A man-smell spicy gingerbread that I have liked wearing, but can't wait to slather on hubby!
  4. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Oh my, those labels are so beautiful. They make me want to adopt a puppy!
  5. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Oh wow, congrats JLisa!
  6. Hi, everyone!

    Welcome to the forum SugarKitten
  7. Huge congrats on your new job, CK. I can understand your hesitation after working for yourself for so long, but I'm sure you'll be just fine.
  8. Liebchen is sweet and creamy with just a hint of comforting lavender to make this such a smooth blend. I can just imagine a whipped buttercream frosting with a swirl of pale purple. After wear, I notice the lavender and amber more, but it is so close to the skin by this stage that it is not at all too much. This is definitely a snuggle scent for me.
  9. Boo Berry

    When I first apply Boo Berry I get sweet pastry and all spice. Then I notice creamy pumpkin. It's not until drydown that the berries emerge just adding a sweet tartness to the mix. It's mostly berries left on my skin after wear, but by then I find that it's all but faded and I have to sniff my wrists to catch the scent. It is yummy while it lasts
  10. Thank you and Hello!

    Huge welcome to the forum
  11. Butterscream Lemon

    Upon first application, Butterscream Lemon smells like a delicious lemon pudding. After wear the denseness begins to subside, making way for butter frosting with a hint of tart lemon. Yummm!
  12. New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    Ooh, how exciting! Love the labels they are awesome!
  13. Pherotine Questions for YOU...

    Personally I don't care what phero, I just want to finally try Buttercream Peach! Lol
  14. White Velvet Pumpkin

    Upon first application, White Velvet Pumpkin is creamy, spicy pumpkin pie. Quite quickly the pumpkin seems to retreat to the background and I am left with a gorgeous velvety, yet crisp autumnal perfume-y scent with the hint of pumpkin pie spices. I like this one and feel that I should save it for Autumn, a better fit, rather than this hot weather.
  15. Panther is certainly a richer and a more full-bodied version. It has a more sensual, sleek edge. Upon application it is very currant forward, then shortly is rounded out with the rich cocoa. I do like the perfume-y nature of this fragrance. My only issue is that all too soon it becomes very close to the skin. I think I might need this one in a spray