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    Totem: Chick

    When first applied I get grains and hay, fresh chicken coop, minus the poop. On me, in a short period of time, the fragrance changes. It becomes sweet and creamy like when you slurp the last of the milk that remains after having a bowl of sugary cereal. Did I mention that it's sweet? At this stage the scent doesn't have a lot of throw, but I continue to get gentle wafts for hours.
  2. IndieAna

    Totem: Bear

    At first I get a nutty, earthy scent. What happens when you have a bear and no honey? Well, a cranky bear of course! But, keep digging and wham, I've hit the mother load! As the fragrance warms on my skin, I detect honey, lots of glorious warm, dripping honey. It's sweet and rich, but the blend doesn't give me a toothache. It's truly decadent. After wear, the honey notes become close to the skin, becoming smoky and slightly spicy, allowing those base notes to do their magic.
  3. This will also be my first Pheromas, also. I resisted the urge to order some Halloween goodies, giving me the chance to save up some $$$
  4. IndieAna

    Totem: Deer

    Awww, thanks so much, Bella.
  5. IndieAna

    Totem: Deer

    When I first applied "Deer" I was greeted with a green, almost herbal fragrance. Fresh and alert like I imagine a deer about to take flight. But, wait she begins to relax and realise that she is indeed safe and doesn't need to run. This is when the warmth of musk grounds this perfume. Like an enveloping hug, it's soft and comforting. The spice of the florals remain, but become more subtle. The more I wear this one, the more I appreciate it. Would be perfect for Autumn.
  6. IndieAna

    Totem: Monkey

    On me, wet, Totem Monkey is juicy pineapple and ripe, sweet banana. As much as I love tropical scents, its first stage is a little cloyingly sweet. Before I get to that headache stage, which I can do with very sweet perfumes, the dry down delivers a much more favourable scent for me. It becomes soft and creamy, with that banana note holding on. It takes me back to the days of eating a banana paddle-pop when I was younger, catching those last drips of melting ice cream. Oh-so-yummy!
  7. Oh to the Em to the Gee, my samples arrived! Thank you so so much, LP MP crew! it was much quicker than I had expected from my experience with international post. Now what to try first!
  8. IndieAna


    Oh thank goodness, I was wondering where I was going wrong in my search, hahahaha
  9. IndieAna


    Thank you, Rose.
  10. Welcome! It sounds like you've come to the right place. I'm waiting for my first order and cannot wait!
  11. IndieAna


    Oh my, I am a little overwhelmed with your generous offer. You are too kind, thank you Tyvey. I am such a noob, I can't seem to find your email address. That's ok, because although I really appreciate your offer, I'm content getting to know everyone, besides, I do indeed feel welcome
  12. IndieAna


    Thank you! I've got plenty of samples coming my way, it was hard not to order a sample of everything, lol
  13. IndieAna


    Hello there, I'm new, too! Welcome
  14. Well, I found LP MP at the right time. The labels have me intrigued. Looking forward to finding out what the notes are. I think I'm getting 'weenies fever! From the enthusiasm, it's sounds like something you never get immune to, lol
  15. IndieAna


    Oh, I'm sure the wait will be worth it! Until then, I have so much to read in this forum, so I'm sure I'll keep busy! Awesome! Us Aussies usually have to seek products offshore. Much more choice, plus our prices are so inflated when it comes to purchasing makeup, perfume, etc. Thank you! I'm sure I'll be shouting the praises of LP from the roof top, lol Thank you so much, that makes a lot of sense. Smelling delish is definitely my aim OMG, that emoticon is the cutest!
  16. Oh dear, from all the excitement about the 'weenies, I'll probably be making another purchase before my 1st order arrives!
  17. IndieAna


    Thank you all for the warm welcome. IndieAna is actually my blog name..IndieAna- In Search of the Holy Grail. So you guessed right with Indiana Jones, Cheeseburger79. Spelled that way because I love my indie beauty products. I'm actually from Australia. You can imagine just how crazy I'm going to go waiting for the perfumes. International post is so sloooow!
  18. IndieAna


    Thank you cutie.pie
  19. IndieAna


    Hi there! I just placed my first order, after a lot of reading and reading and some more reading. I begun with the sampler for women and many other samples of blends. I didn't go for any straight up pheros or cops, as I am in the overwhelmed corner. I'll just wave to you from my little corner, lol. You all seem lovely and very helpful. Looking forward to getting to "know" you all xx
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