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  1. I love this aquatic floral. Light and refreshing, I can't wait to wear this one in Summer, and this is coming from someone who does not typically like aquatic fragrances.
  2. Upon application of Glace au Cafe and hello coffee! Upon drydown is when the scolding strong coffee becomes a creamy latte. I enjoy that hint of peppermint, it just adds something special to this coffee scent
  3. Halcyon Daze on me is so very bright and juicy. it begins sticky, sweet and tropical. During drydown, the white floral blooms without taking away from the fruit. I don't detect much of the rose, it just seems to add to the gorgeous headiness of this fragrance.
  4. Shimmering Sands is creamy florals grounded by the clove and sandalwood, whilst not being overpowering. I'm not sure what evening nightshade smells like, but this perfume is intoxicating and as said in the description, very seductive. I love it and so glad that it lasts and lasts. I applied at 8.30 this morning and can still smell the lovely fragrance now and it's well into the evening, almost 9pm
  5. This scent is so deep, rich and comforting. It is on the masculine side, but I love it. Sweet and syrupy, tempered with the sandalwood and tobacco. By the end of the day, I still have the lingering tobacco that's such a sexy note. I am about to slather some more on so it lasts well into the evening.
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you took the plunge and joined the LPMP community
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    Welcome to the forum, Kayla
  8. I added this spray to my order, can't wait to get it!
  9. Thanks for sharing, Stacy. I must get Teddy BB in spray!
  10. What a great opportunity for those that can attend!
  11. When wet, Blue Rose on me is very juicy, tangy fruit forward. Upon drydown the rose begins to bloom. I love that the blueberry prevents the rose from becoming too heady. My favourite stage of this perfume is after wear when the notes are softer and gently waft wisps of blueberry and rose.
  12. Petals of Silk is very blackberry forward on me. It's as if tuberose petals are dripping with syrupy blackberries. The sage is not pungent, just seems to add a touch of earthiness to this fragrance. During wear the scent becomes softer, with the blackberry being less outspoken. This is such a pretty perfume
  13. This is so creamy and coconut-y. It kind of reminds me of a Bounty if it was covered in white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It is so dreamy and yum, except now Sunshine of Your Life has me craving something naughty and sweet to eat.
  14. I am loving this concoction of peachy cotton candy goodness. It's fruity and sweet tangy peach on a cloud of spun sugar. This is so fun, girly and yummy! I love it!
  15. Wow, Tiresias is such a smooth blend of rich notes that linger close to the skin for hours. I am really enjoying this fragrance on these cool Winter days, it corresponds with my desire to snuggle up in bed.
  16. Cacoa Amor on me is velvety and smooth. The cocoa and honey is so delicious, the orchid adds a perfumey floral aspect. I find this fragrance to be sensual and slinky as well as gourmand. I could bathe in this!
  17. IndieAna

    Buds of May

    The tart apple combined with creamy white floral makes for a beautiful Spring fruity floral. The apple becomes very subtle on my after wear and becomes more like a version of sugared lilies. I like it!
  18. I adore the labels. Looking forward to reading the notes.
  19. On me, Cherry Blossom Musk is a clean skin scent, delicate and slightly soapy. I really like when it becomes soft and powdery during wear. Very pretty.
  20. IndieAna

    Spring Thyme

    I was expecting a herbal fragrance, which is not one of my perfume loves, but I get tangy fruit. It's so fresh and bright like spring. I only get a hint of thyme, which seems to ground the perfume, giving a slightly earthy feel. This is such a fun and cheerful scent.
  21. Odalisque on me is smooth, creamy sweetness, reminding me of chewy toffee. So mouthwatering and deliciously sexy. I love it!
  22. This perfume is the perfect blend of tangy fruit and fresh floral. Snugalicious is feminine, sweet, warm and certainly cuddly.
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