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  1. I don't envy you at all, Mara, what a headache! Good luck!
  2. On me, Cuddle Musk is a smooth powdery skin musk scent. I love that it is clean without being soapy. It's such a cuddly scent that I need to slather on hubby.
  3. I also get the strong almond when first applying Undercover Lover. The almond soon makes way for bright, sweet berries in a creamy base. It's so delicious and sexy!
  4. Welcome to the forum, oceanjewel
  5. I quite enjoy this fragrance. It's slightly herbal with rich earthy sandalwood and the floral element of jasmine without being too floral, it just seems to add a zesty kick. It is such a smooth blend, becoming powdery throughout wear, which I really like.
  6. Peace and Calm is one of the samples I had been putting off trying because I am not a fan of green scents. I actually found this fragrance quite pleasant to wear. It is green and herbal, but it's on the softer side and has a lovely zesty quality. It is a clean scent, but does not become soapy on me. It lasts on me for hours, leaving traces of creamy earthiness.
  7. Sparkle and Shine is the perfect name for this perfume. It's bright, tangy and juicy. I find the tea gives that touch of elegance to be sparkly, yet approachable. It has great longevity, but is light. I really wish I had tested out this fragrance more in the warm weather, it's Summer in a bottle!
  8. How wonderful that this had such a positive impact on your relationship, Rain Dancer
  9. On me, Open Arms begins tart, yet rich and dark. Upon drydown, it becomes soapy, not sharp or too loud, but a nice luxe soap. I actually really like this fragrance after wear when it becomes mostly traces of sandalwood and vanilla on my skin. It's so clean and warm.
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    Hello LP fans

    Welcome to the forum and the world of LPMP
  11. I find Pesky Pixie to be a tart and zesty fruity floral. During wear, it seems to develop into a dusty floral, whilst retaining that fruitiness. It's classy with a little bit of fun
  12. Connect on me begins as a green, woodsy scent. Quite masculine. But after drydown it seems to develop a warmth that is very comforting and would be so sexy on a guy. In this phase I don't find it too manly to wear, I went out and about wearing the fragrance today without feeling that the perfume was too masculine. I'll continue using the sample for sure!
  13. Winter in the Tropics on me is like a cool breeze filling the air with tropical floral notes. It's cool and has an almost ozonic feel, yet has great longevity and throw. For me it is very perfume-y and romantic. I love this fragrance!
  14. I love the bright bouquet of florals mixed with tart fruit and rich honey thanks to the addition of aja. To me, apart from the aja it is pretty much the same as my virgin version. This brew of Vampire Bait is gorgeous
  15. Those labels look fabulous. What a great turnout for the party, I'm sure a great time was had by all
  16. The marshmallow and lavender combination in Friends and Lovers reminds me of Aurora. This perfume however is darker with that touch of chewy anise and earthy sandalwood. It is sweet and warm, very comforting. I just wish the scent lasted longer on me.
  17. This is like a fruit salad when you want all the fruit. Bright and fresh. After wear, the honey and musk give the fruit a richer syrup-y quality. It is such a nice fragrance with a friendly happy vibe thanks to the Open Windows
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    Welcome to the forum, Mouse
  19. Welcome to the forum, samalam
  20. Bad Girl is leather dripping with honey. The tobacco and pepper add a spicy depth to this dark perfume. Even with such rich, dark notes this fragrance is such a smooth blend. Silage and throw are fantastic, it lasts on me for hours, making me feel bad ass and motivated. Full bottle worthy for sure!
  21. Themyscira is a rich, dark blend on me. It is slightly zesty whilst being creamy and velvety smooth. I find this to be a comforting perfume.
  22. Pallas begins with a blast of juicy, tangy fruit with rose. I love how well the scent blends together, the rose isn't too strong, it just adds a floral element to the fruitiness. I actually don't detect the pepper. During wear, the fragrance mellows with the fruity floral becoming creamy with trails of patchouli. Oh, I love this elegant, feminine perfume.
  23. Dragon's Blood is a full bodied, rich incense-y fragrance. The sugars temper this scent beautifully. The sillage is fantastic, lasting on me for hours. Over wear, the perfume takes on a powdery quality. It will be fun to pair Sugared Dragon's Blood with other Sugared varieties. I love this!
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