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  1. Have fun, Tinkerbelle. Looking forward to hearing how you went!
  2. IndieAna

    I'm back

    Welcome back, Sunny. Good luck with your date!
  3. Once I had the chance, I quickly ordered the Women's + Unisex sampler, then I slowly read the notes of each fragrance. I'm glad I had ordered first, because I'm no sure I could have resisted some full sized bottles!
  4. Must. Resist. Buying. Full. Bottles. Of. Everything!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ooh, Mega Watt is another phero I am yet to try. Must say I am a bit wary because of my anxiety. I have to be very careful with caffeine intake, so it may be a no-go for me.
  6. The labels are gorgeous! I am so excited!!! I am yet to try Leather and True Confessions, squee!
  7. Huge welcome to the forum, Honeyrose!
  8. Thank you, Mara for putting me out of my misery, lol.
  9. A huge welcome to the forum!
  10. I am very excited! On my phero trial wishlist are LFN, BI, CB, TH, Leather, MLH
  11. Garland and Lace v 6 is so yummy. Creamy, gourmand spice, plus I occasionally get subtle wafts of gingerbread. It's a fun fragrance, but I find it also cuddly and warm. Love!
  12. Ooh, I so wish this version was still available, it sounds amazing!
  13. When first applied Zombie Repellent is a clean floral on me, but not soapy. Upon drydown the fragrance becomes sweeter and a touch fruity which mingles beautifully. All too quickly, it becomes a skin musk scent which is still nice but light enough for me to be tempted to reapply but then remember that it is a phero perfume. If it lasted longer I would be all over a full bottle. So lovely while it lasts, tho.
  14. Bright, juicy tart lemon with just the right amount of sweetness. Sugared lemons is the perfect scent to wear on this warm humid day. Lovely and simple, delivering the perfect amount of fresh citrusy goodness.
  15. On me, Universal Antidote is warm buttery caramel with tangy fig. This caramel, rich fruit combo is a winner for me.
  16. Howl on me starts off as boozy chocolate raspberries. Rich and decadent. After some wear, the chocolate berry seems to fade into the background, rounding out to a more syrupy vanilla amber scent.
  17. This perfume is rich gourmand spiced pumpkin with a slight apricot tang. Interestingly during wear it is all of that sweet, pumpkin goodness, yet not heavy, it seems to float on a cloud of marshmallow. Yum!
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