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  1. Just ordered Mara's Rocket Fuel 3 in spray, UN Perfect Match spray and New 2016. I used point credits for the first time! I feel so fortunate to be part of such a generous brand and community!
  2. IndieAna

    Just Desserts

    Just Desserts begins very almond forward. During drydown this fragrance becomes buttery creamy and sweet, the almond is still noticeable, but becomes part of the blend, rather than a strong note. As I wear this gourmand perfume, I am smelling warm donuts dipped in sugar..nom nom nom.
  3. Gargle Goyle begins herbal on me, not overpowering but refreshing. During wear, this fragrance develops a creamy and warmer aura. I love how comforting this is, definitely a bedtime scent for me.
  4. On me, Golblin Tamer smells like cooking spiced apples over a fire. So warm ,delicious and comforting. It's very close to my skin, but lasts for hours.
  5. Wow, how awesome! Don't forget us little people, Mara! Lol
  6. Bloodroot starts off with a burst of syrupy black currant. Upon drydown I get more of a resinous scent that has a wonderful zesty quality. I find this fragrance quite intoxicating. It is such a smooth, dark blend that I am really loving.
  7. I wasn't expecting to like Winner only because I'm not a fan of green scents. This fragrance has a clean quality, but is not piercing in any way. It's a lovely blend of vanilla and musk with enough of the herbal, grassy notes to make it unisex.It is a scent that stays quite close to the skin, so not at all overpowering.. I find with my still limited experience of SWS that it seems to give me a quiet confidence. I would certainly consider a full bottle
  8. Upon application of Desperation and Djinn I get a herbal resinous scent. During drydown the rose becomes more apparent, making the fragrance more of a heady spicy rose. Over time, it takes on a powdery nature that gives a smoothness to this perfume. An incense rose, feminine, yet dark and rich
  9. IndieAna

    Distant Calliope

    Distant Calliope is very cocoa forward on application. During drydown it takes on a more incensy vibe thanks to the sandalwood and myrrh. I also get a slight powder from the honey, which makes the fragrance velvety smooth. This perfume is intoxicating without being too heavy. A lovely rich scent that I think would be amazing in the cooler months. Not stopping me from enjoying it now, though
  10. On me, Carny begins with boozy vanilla and coffee. During drydown, the resins become more noticeable, giving this fragrance a heady soapiness, but it is smooth, not sharp in anyway. Wisps of tobacco and smoke become noticeable after some wear time. It's morning and this carny has showered, but has had coffee and a couple of hits of tobacco. You can also smell a hint of his boozy night before. I really like this one, I don't find it too masculine for me to wear. Must see how it wears on hubby.
  11. Oh Ellie's Elephant Snacks is delicious! Nutty caramel popcorn coated in creamy chocolate. It's warm so the chocolate is starting to melt, just how I like it! I love how long this indulgent fragrance lasts. Even as the notes slowly make way for the amber base, it's still smells so good. ETA The moment hubby entered the house, he asked if someone had been cooking popcorn
  12. Flying Potion is like a fluffy marshmallow cloud of happiness. It's creamy with a touch of brightness thanks to the ylang. I do find this fragrance to stay rather close to the skin.
  13. Tyvey and BC your PEs sound fantastic! I just love the label on Blue Moon.
  14. Medium is resinous, heady and a little bit fruity. Just a little is needed. I quickly found out that a slathering clears my sinus then takes me into headache territory. I need to test this thick, dark fragrance some more, with a light hand of course!
  15. Yet another successful event. Everything looked wonderful!
  16. IndieAna


    Vardo wet is blackberry, sage and grass. Sweet, juicy and herbal. Not really a fan of this stage, which given the notes, wasn't a huge surprise to me. The surprise, however, was drydown. The fragrance becomes such an airy skin scent with wafts of a slightly earthy, yet rich and sweet blackberry to remind me that I am wearing a perfume and that unfortunately, I don't smell this good on my own, lol. I wasn't expecting to like this scent, but I really do!
  17. IndieAna

    Top Five

    My current top 5 Honeyed LP Guavas in the Mist LP Ceremony Sugared Magnolia Soul Food I could go on...lol
  18. IndieAna


    Pink scents don't generally excite me, but mix in some smoke and sandalwood and apparently I suddenly enjoy a pink scent! Sticky is a berry with an incense vibe. I don't get caramel corn, but still find it yummy.
  19. That is so cute, Tink. How great that you have such a fun ritual with your kitties around opening LPMP packages, which is super exciting in itself!
  20. IndieAna


    Sweet on me is very apple forward. I detect a hint of caramel if I sniff my wrists. During wear the bright, juiciness of the apple softens, leaving me with more of a baked apple blended with subtle smoked wood. A perfect Autumn fragrance.
  21. I love the way you're working your PE, WK!
  22. On me, this version is close to the original, but brighter and with more tang. This fragrance is all sparkle and fun. Love!
  23. Congrats WK, Silk and Leather certainly ticks both sophisticated and sexy! What a gorgeous blend of creamy ylang and rich leather. swirling together without the leather totally taking over. This fragrance needs to be wined and dined!
  24. On me, Melissa's Plumage is a blend of syrupy plum and spicy carnation. It is so rich, dark and intoxicating. A heady mix that makes me think of a burlesque dancer, a little bit flirty, a little bit fun but a lot sexy.
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