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  1. Witty Kitty

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    USPS tracking said my package arrived less than an hour ago...just checked and there's nothing in the mailbox.
  2. Witty Kitty


    LOL just saw that I've become Merlin's Wand Polisher!
  3. Witty Kitty

    Sugared Pineapple

    I just got my hands on this and I've layered it with Sugared Coconut too I don't know why I didn't try this one earlier. It's just lovely sweet pineapple (but not cloyingly so) and is a great pick-me-up type of scent.
  4. Witty Kitty

    Fairy Cake: Lemon

    Mm, I really like this. The lemon and the cake kept dancing around each other during drydown and taking turns being more prominent. Ultimately, once dry, the lemon stands out a bit more on me than the cake--the opposite would have been my preference (I love love love the cake and have been looking for a particularly cake-y FC), but I enjoy this all the same.
  5. Witty Kitty

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Ooh, lovely! Esp love the label for OCCO Ambrosia
  6. I like the pear at the start, which fades away until I'm left with a nice leather-y honeyed amber. Kind of like I've removed a leather jacket, leaving my warm skin scent behind on it. It's a sexy, compelling scent that hides the cops perfectly.
  7. Witty Kitty

    Sugared Pink Musk

    Eastwood, I think this would be a great choice for a girl; it's just sweet and cute to me.
  8. Witty Kitty

    Fairy Cake: Honey

    This thankfully didn't go plastic on me. It's more honey-forward than I'd prefer but a lovely floral honey nonetheless; I prefer it about 30-45 mins after application when the soft cake comes out a bit more. It's sexy in a sweet way. Look forward to layering this with many things.
  9. Witty Kitty

    Fairy Cake: Oatmeal

    I wish this stuck around a little more but...that's the nature of Sugareds sometimes. This is a yummy and homey scent (and count me as one of the people who smells a hint of cinnamon). Lots of good layering possibilities.
  10. Witty Kitty

    Sugared Vanilla

    I didn't expect this to be quite so perfume-y; the vanilla everyone describes above is there but like a secondary layer. It's nice though and has good staying power. I will definitely use it to layer with a lot of other scents, just not the ones I expected to be layering this with. I wore this overnight and this morning the remaining scent is now what I had been expecting from this: a pure clean vanilla.
  11. Witty Kitty

    Fairy Cake: Honey

    Urrrrg I keep going back and forth on whether to order this but honey goes plastic on me sometimes...
  12. Witty Kitty

    Forum Upgrade!

    Ah, yes, I just got that notification because *you* quoted *me* But yes I also miss getting them when people post in threads I follow.
  13. Witty Kitty

    Forum Upgrade!

    I would like to return to having the former little red flag notifications pop up on my screen for the threads I follow (as opposed to the email notifications, which I turned off); I can't figure out how to set that up. The settings seem to only allow for you to choose to turn on the emails.
  14. Witty Kitty

    New 2016

    Ok I took a break from this for a few months and wearing it tonight, I’m addicted to it. The milk accord is so comforting without becoming foodie; when I want something subtle and skin-like, this is perfect. I want to sniff myself all night long.
  15. Witty Kitty

    La Femme Mystere

    Wow Eastwood, that's a funny reaction. I wonder if it is indeed because others can feel a bit vulnerable when we wear LFM (because we seem "queenly"), so maybe your man's vulnerability manifests itself through giggling. Haha.