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  1. Because this scent becomes plasticky on me (thanks to the vanilla), I've taken to layering it with Betrothal Potion...love the scent of both!
  2. The site looks great!! (Love the wishlist feature too)
  3. It's been a while since I've used this; it's so pretty. I took it out today because my (sometimes) difficult cousin is staying with me for a few days and this afternoon she threw one of her tantrums, so I had pull out the old "bitch tamer," as some of you call it She had been in the guest room sulking and when she left it to shower, I squirted this a few times the room and also a few times in the hallway just outside. Then I went back into my room. I heard her emerge a bit later and return to the guest room and shut the door. About an hour later we were both in the kitchen and she was still not talking, but I could tell she was...quiet in a "neutral" sort of way versus giving off the angry vibes. (Assuming she had noticed the scent in the room after her shower, she never brought it up, so presumably she thought I'd just "freshened" the place up for her .) I've never tried to use LPs on anything other than my person, but I didn't know what else to do when she wanted to be left alone and I couldn't wear it around her to try to get the phero out to her the usual way. I like to think Treasured Hearts helped, because usually when she gets like that, it lasts for a few hours before she comes back down to neutral.
  4. Yeah, I've also been thinking of how to approximate Bang with what I already have (when I run out of SS4W and can't try to experiment with wearing Cuddle Bunny with it). Bang is a special heavy hitter for me that I wear with caution I always wear Cougar with some cops; I might try wearing more cops or maybe Cuddle Bunny UN with it in order to give it that sexy, Bang-like punch.
  5. I don't think I've hit my sweet spot with this yet; I don't seem to get reactions that are particularly noticeable compared to other sexy/attractive socials. I'm particularly interested to hear people's comparisons of this with SS4W since the latter will no longer be offered and it seems, as far as I can tell, that PP is the most similar terms of giving one a "respected celebrity/VIP"-type glamour in addition to the social boost.
  6. The new site looks great! (But I'm only just discovering that SS4W and Bang are being discontinued--noooooooooo those work so well for me! )
  7. LexiJo, that's fantastic! I've never used OW or Levitation for an interview (only for situations with co-workers I already know), and would be a little nervous about whether the DHEAS in Levitation would make me too giggly, but maybe in smaller amounts it would add just the right boost.
  8. I put this on recently after not having touched it for quite a long time. It smelled sweeter than I remembered, not in a bad way, but after I put it on and it dried down, that beautiful smooth sandalwood that I was waiting for came out. Overall it's smoother than before (as to be expected with age), and still so elegant, and I loved catching whiffs of it on myself.
  9. A nice experience at a bar last night with Cuddle Bunny (attentive men who were both patrons and wait staff) reminded me that that one works very nicely for favors.
  10. SugarKitten, my PE Snuggle is a simplified non-phero cross between Unisexy and Bosom Bows; I don't know if there were any bottles left after the sale, but maybe it will pop up in the trades.
  11. When the weather is warm and I'm wearing no or short sleeves, I sometimes dab cops-heavy blends into the crook of my elbow. It works for when I'm in a rush so I don't have to wait for drydown before leaving home; I can just let it air-dry as I head out to wherever I'm going. Plus I (and others) can get a nice whiff of the fragrance whenever I move my arms.
  12. This is wonderful, Mara! So pleased to be a part of this community.
  13. OK, I'm back in this thread to say that I would be thrilled if this became a permanent OCCO someday. In addition to working with floral scents (obviously) as well as fruity/floral and watery/aquatic ones, this pairs wonderfully with tea-based perfumes that don't naturally lend themselves to the usual OCCOs. I've worn this with LP White, Sparkle & Shine, and with green tea-scented body lotion.
  14. This is a nice sweet scent. It's indeed very similar to Fairy Cake: Lemon, particularly once dried down; I have a bit on each wrist. Overall Orange is a bit softer than Lemon, and the cake in Lemon is a bit more prominent and stays around longer. Eventually they both smell like frosting with those little flower-shaped sugar sprinkles.
  15. Yes, it seems the "status" aspect of LFN does give off the vibe of "you aren't a threat to me because I'm above you" feeling, which sounds like it worked perfectly for this situation! I'll have to remember this thread if I find myself in something similar...
  16. This was a Sugared it never occurred to me to try; I'm glad I got a sniffee; I really like this. Effortlessly, undercover sophisticated. I enjoy breathing it in once it's on my skin, as I do many clean types of scents. I'd like to smell this on a man as well.
  17. I like soapy scents, but unfortunately Embla 2 just doesn't work with my skin; it comes across like dishwashing liquid. I wonder if the first version would have worked better on me with the additional ingredients to sweeten and soften it.
  18. Sweet yummy pineapple Smoothed out nicely by the coconut and vanilla. I wish there was a virgin version of this.
  19. Bad Girl is sexy, so I understand why you'd rather not wear it in professional situations. But would you be comfortable wearing it under your clothing only, and perhaps further down on your body, so the scent isn't close to your nose? At least until a possible Leather UN order arrives, if you anticipate seeing her again before that. I like Beccah's suggestion of LFM as an alternative, which you already have. It does encourage respect from both sexes.
  20. Thank you, Mara, for making this one!! This would be the perfect OCCO for pairing with so many floral scents, as well as floral/fruity or floral/soapy ones. And it's just so pretty on its own too; fresh and lovely green stems.
  21. This is sweet and sunny; I really enjoy the melons plus the tang of the kumquat. There's a hint of sensuality in there too that I wasn't expecting. Love!
  22. Orchid is hit-or-miss for me, but this works. Once the little tangerine zest fades, the warm orchid left behind is quite seductive on its own (cops aside). I like this quite a bit. I wore this overnight and in the morning is a slightly soapy floral scent.
  23. The lavender pricks me in the nose at first before softening. I'm not sure if the amber attars and Indian musk left behind are "me," although they're certainly sexy. I'll put this aside for a while and try again later.
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