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  1. I’m hoping for someting similar to Allumette w/Perfect Match 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  2. Gimme Money is my love. It’s my everything will be all right potion. I’m on my last bottle and don’t know how I’ll be without it To me it’s more than a money potion. It helped me in all kinds of situations! I wish and hope and pray that Mara makes it again! Ambre Amour is also great! And creativity potion.
  3. Totally new ones. For some reason the 2015. collection did not work for me... But I did love Gimme Money, Glamour Puss, Smitten Kitten, Focus potion... ♥️
  4. Is there a chance for new spell potions any time soon? Like the ones in 2013...
  5. Thank you for the reply. I did not know that, never ordered PE before. Hopefully there’ll be a similar one soon.
  6. Hopefully there’ll be one soon. Thank you for the reply Luna!
  7. Is there one that is now available?
  8. I there a chance for an Allumette rebrew?
  9. Thank you for the links I do know that both have/are Amber... However, Mara gives her spell potions that *special something*...
  10. Silly question... But would this have the same similar magickal properties like Ambre Amour? (AA works like a love attracting spell potion for me, I’m wondering if this would do the same?)
  11. Hi! Would this be similar to Ambre Amour?
  12. I would give my soul to see all of these being rebrewed... The only spell potions that have ever worked for me (not even the newest ones from 2015. and the Lucky Mojo's have worked for me like these have).
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