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  1. Would this apply to all phero mixes?
  2. Looks like I created a monster lol! It's such a great scent and I worry about wearing it with the pheromones everyday. I am in love with the very tail end of the dry down... that clean honey scent! It's heavenly!
  3. Do you know if it can be custom made like in the mad scientist section?
  4. Quick question, I there a non pheroed version of Sneaky Clean?
  5. madamacabre

    New with questions (possible trigger)

    Welcome to the forum! Glad you're in a better place. Those are great suggestions. Alot of a pheromone's success has to do with "selfies" which is the effects the pheromones gives the wearer. Everyone is different so i recommend getting sample vials of scented phero mixes to see what gives you that hip swing. Also stick around and read everything! There is so much information here! I've been lurking since January and I am still endlessly entertained and educated on a daily basis. Good Luck! ♡
  6. madamacabre


    Interesting hits Ivysaur! Sounds like you have an all around winner.
  7. madamacabre

    Mystic Mountain w/Hedione

    I have this problem to! Lol
  8. madamacabre

    LFM vs LFN

    I had originally registered with Heather. I just emailed her again.
  9. madamacabre

    LFM vs LFN

    Aye aye captain! *salutes* I'm on it.
  10. madamacabre

    LFM vs LFN

    I think your right StacyK. LFM seems like the best choice for all around daily use. I can always layer to make it sexier if the occasion calls for it. It has seemed to be my most obvious selfie hits which I love so why mess with a seemingly sure thing. If I need sexy that's what OCCO'S are for.
  11. I hear you StacyK and honestly I've been really just trying to use him as a guinea pig to see how this stuff is working for me. Along the lines of, is this liquid sex in a bottle making me irresistible to men? If I got some nookie as a result I wasn't going to be too upset about it. Obviously he has made up his mind b/c I have made up mine. I'm okay with it I was just bewildered as to why he wasn't ravaging me lol. I'm not worried about the state of our relationship rather whether or not the pheros are working! Lol I know evil. Now that I know what's really going on I will be backing off of the cops and keeping it more happy bonding like you said. If we are meant to be we will be. If not there are plenty of men in the sea. I'm in no hurry.
  12. I actually asked him the other night as to why he hasn't been more frisky as of late. He said he has made a conscious effort to not be, to keep things simple between us. Back story: I decided earlier this year to not be romantically involved with anyone for a year so that I can work on myself. Not necessarily abstaining from all sextual interactions but no distracting relationships. Him and i have been best friends for 4 years and romantic on and off throughout that time, so casual sex wouldn't be a big thing between us. But I appreciate him respecting my boundaries and goals. So yeah maybe they ARE working! But he isn't letting himself get worked up. Lol