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  1. Wonderful thanks for your timely replies. I used to lurk around here 2015ish and am glad to see this is still alive and well. Since I have your attention can you tell me if you still do the sample phero bottles once a year and if so when? Again thanks everyone. 😁
  2. Hey I was curious if there was an update to this question? Has there been tests done for longer then 3 years? I have some from 2015 and I'm curious if they are even still good. They smell like pheromones so I'm assuming they are, perhaps a bit weaker in potency? 🤔
  3. Looks like I created a monster lol! It's such a great scent and I worry about wearing it with the pheromones everyday. I am in love with the very tail end of the dry down... that clean honey scent! It's heavenly!
  4. Do you know if it can be custom made like in the mad scientist section?
  5. Quick question, I there a non pheroed version of Sneaky Clean?
  6. Welcome to the forum! Glad you're in a better place. Those are great suggestions. Alot of a pheromone's success has to do with "selfies" which is the effects the pheromones gives the wearer. Everyone is different so i recommend getting sample vials of scented phero mixes to see what gives you that hip swing. Also stick around and read everything! There is so much information here! I've been lurking since January and I am still endlessly entertained and educated on a daily basis. Good Luck! ♡
  7. Interesting hits Ivysaur! Sounds like you have an all around winner.
  8. I have this problem to! Lol
  9. I had originally registered with Heather. I just emailed her again.
  10. I think your right StacyK. LFM seems like the best choice for all around daily use. I can always layer to make it sexier if the occasion calls for it. It has seemed to be my most obvious selfie hits which I love so why mess with a seemingly sure thing. If I need sexy that's what OCCO'S are for.
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