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  1. I am a first time poster. First time buying from Love Potion. AND, yesterday was the first time I wore my blend. I bought Perfect Match because my relationship of many many years has been very hard lately...frustrating, annoying, and the bond seems to be fading. I was hoping that this blend would not only make us be more connected and empathetic to each other, and make me feel a little sexier and hopefully feel wanted again. I went from a girl 8 years ago who had crazy confidence and guys flocking at my feet to someone who feels bad about herself. I have been working very hard on myself for the past year and I thought Perfect Match might help me and maybe the relationship. Yesterday we had to spend most of the day together and it was actually very pleasant, borderline fun. As soon as the package came, I put the blend on right away, about a half an hour later, he was home. There was no fighting, or disagreeing. The communication seemed better and easier and he was very helpful to me when we got home, doing things around the house. I cannot complain about any of this. I am now looking for another blend through Love Potion. I think this stuff could really help improve my life. I am open to any suggestions. I am new to this sight so just learning how to navigate my way around, but plan on reading other people's reviews to help with my decision. Thanks Love Potion! So glad I found this sight!!!
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