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  1. Noted. I will wait for the parcel. Thanks.
  2. Hmm... I have waited for one month but have not received anything yet. My items were sent out on 6 Apr 2016.
  3. How many sprays are recommended for someone in the late 30s?
  4. Hmm, my Charisma is not here yet. Can't wait to test it out.
  5. Hmm...should i get the fragrance/phero or pure phero? Is the sample vial good enough for testing?
  6. Does the oil version of this projects well?
  7. Is Charisma good for attraction from opposite sex? Charisma mixed with Excalibur, do you guys think this will be a good combo?
  8. Do you guys get more results from fragrance/pheromone combo or from the unscented one? 33% vs 100%.
  9. Which one should i get? I am still pondering whether to get fragrance+mones or unscented mones. By the way, how long does the fragrance last on skin?
  10. Should get the unscent or fragrance charisma? Heard that the scent version works better or the unscent works just as well?
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