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  1. You were right. There was no changing him. I moved on.
  2. Hey lovelies! I'm going on a date with someone whom I used to see years ago. This guy is a really sweetie. Always carried a serious torch for me. He is definitely more Beta than Alpha. I want him to be a bit more protective around me, to see a little more testosterone like behavior, just a tad... I do like his sweetness. I want him to continue to think of me as "a queen". Should I go with Cuddle Bunny to bring out the protector? LFM?
  3. This sounds interesting.
  4. I like the suggestion of Cougar. I was wearing that when I ran into him ??
  5. FlowerPower

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    The artwork is GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to read the notes of the scents..
  6. I am going to hang out with an ex-boyfriend who I haven't hung around in years. Not sure what effect I want to have. I think I am leaning towards "look at all of this fabulousness that you LOST!". He already saw me recently and I was looking really sexy and feeling very pretty. I have most of the blends (except for SSFW, BANG and BI) What do you think?
  7. FlowerPower

    Ail's Open Windows

    I have to update my Open Windows experience. Although it can't be my go-to for work because I work with women are constantly trying to be Alpha, covered by fake smiles (LFM and LFN tames them) Open Windows makes me feel sooooo good. I feel happy, smart, together, confident, attractive and people seem to perceive me this way as well. I also felt like "I deserve" while wearing this. Always a hit - Open Windows
  8. StacyK, yesss! That's a great way to describe it. It gives me an extra "bounce" and combined with the cops gives me an extra wiggle LOL Now I love anything with a touch on enone because it puts me in that "bad b$#!h" mode when and if needed, but it's definitely a more aggressive type of confidence and energy.
  9. So the last two times I wore my Snugaliscous (beautiful scent by the way), I have felt more outgoing? More confident and definitely more sexy. More flirty (mixed in with a little slutty ??). But very pleased with myself. I'm used to feeling confident with the nones but this is a different type of confidence. It's more social. If that makes sense?
  10. See...I know what Mara is trying to make me do...she's trying to make me spend ALL my money....HONEY when I tell you I'm in love with this scent...Baaaaby...by my forum name you can tell I love flowers...and Honeysuckle..oh Honeysuckle and I used to have a love thang when I was in my twenties. Yes ma'am, this one right here will do ?. I will wear this out and report back, but even before I know how the phero works, this scent is Fan-FREAKIN-tastic.
  11. OooooWeeee, this scent is DIVINE, it's sweet and soft and classic and elegant. Starts off all sugary goodness and blossoms to a scent perfect for an elegant lady. This scent is BEAUTIFUL..Bravo Can't wait to wear it out. Probably will go full bottle with this one.
  12. FlowerPower

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Excited about seeing the notes in the Laloo....will you just look at that fur baby too?? Oooh super cute!! I'm a Popularity Potion fan so excited to see this. I'm hoping the notes a soft, and sugary and yummy ?
  13. FlowerPower

    La Femme Mystere

    Hi Halo, Thanks for your response. Yes, I usually feel the effects when its in a blend. I tried to put just a few drops of the oil into another non-pheroed LP blend that I like. Not sure if that dosage was too much. I will try maybe with 1 drop by my chest and see if I notice anything. I have done sweet spot testing before and usually know how to work with UNs as this is not my first UN. I have 7 other UNs (4 from LPMP). Well, it's worth a shot. We'll see how it goes. If this doesn't work I will contact customer service. Thank you!
  14. FlowerPower

    La Femme Mystere

    I received​ the Pherotine dropper bottle of this and was super excited as I had waited a long time. I'm sorry to say that I'm disappointed with my results. I usually always feel self effects with LFM and I practically feel nothing with this UN formulation.My bottle also has no pheromone smell which im very familiar with what most unscented phero formulas smell like. I'm not sure if I just have a bad bottle. Please help @mara or @luna
  15. FlowerPower

    Chakra Oils: Heart

    I received this as a sample and not only does it smell divine (I m a rose lover), but the most remarkable thing happened. I felt a stirring feeling in my chest, started coughing a little, but instantly felt calm and good about my love life. I also felt a sense of openness to suitors that I didn't take as seriously before and a sense of just being open to whatever may happen and calm about it. That was last weekend. Since then, my dating life has taken on a new freshness, a new openness and has become more active. I really like this. I may also try some of the other chakra oils.