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  1. So I have been experimenting with this mix off and on for the past couple of months. Enough time for testing and to share data informed results. A little background. I was looking for a blend that would give me that confidence/ bubbly cheerleader/queen bee kind of vibe. A feeling of looking cute, feeling cute with a little sass thrown in and enough confidence that would give you an extra wiggle in your walk. I wanted those in my phero-cloud to respond in kind. Results: feelings of inner confidence and assurance, feeling very upbeat with an undercurrent of sass, very playful flirtatious vibe. Gives you confidence while speaking at work. Also gives you a sense of not having to rush anywhere or for anybody. Effects on others: Alpha BF seemed deferential, a little unsure of himself too. Good for getting sexy time started though. With women, they seem very respectful and almost like YOU ARE the head cheerleader/queen bee but not in a jealous way. I would love for someone else to try it and report back to this thread.
  2. I want to add Red Lace to the list of winners with us. I wore this around him yesterday and he was super accommodating, super sweet, super chivalrous and very thoughtful. Sometimes he can be a little self-involved but this puts a check on that behavior. This and CB. However this blend seemed the more fun of the two. The CB seems the more sensual of the two. I used to think that LFM was the best to seek compliance from him but EST is better. It’s almost as if I can say anything while wearing EST and he’s going to think I’m innocent/think the best of me. I noticed that this was more pronounced with the Red Lace.
  3. Yes! I feel like this would be perfect for me because I love both pheros and I love anything with a pinky smell. Can't wait to try it.
  4. I have. I have a full bottle of Leather but it doesn't give me the same confident feeling. It's nice but not the same.
  5. Ok. Thank you! 😁 I just placed an order and ask for a trial vial. If they don't have it, I will surely follow up with you .
  6. Is this still available at least as a trial? I would like to try it as I LOVE pinky scents and like the phero blend.
  7. So I still loooove this but I have to be careful because this can really turn on my BITCH SWITCH LOL... I feel totally confident! Like I can take on anything but I notice that I am not as loving and emphatetic as I am used to being. I have to really temper when I will wear this. 🤣
  8. So ladies, I have since tried Gotcha again because it has worked so well on men in the past. On my BF it works I would say 75% of the time. Great for deepening our bond. Recently I've been either wearning no pheros (which actually works great. He loves me!) or CB. I figured that I needed to tone down the sometimes competitiveness between us and ramp up the sweetness and empathy. CB has been THE BEST at making him see things my way if I'm vulnerable with me. He treats me so tender and does not want to hurt my feelings. I think this EST is really making him get in touch with his sweet/caring side when he is with me.
  9. Hi friends! I am Wondering which pheromone you used to take your relationship to the next level, specifically from a committed relationship to engaged or engaged to being married? After wearing LFM/LFN, and Cougar for the majority of our relationship and a little Cuddle Bunny with OW in the beginning, I’m finding that Gotcha is really sealing our bond. It’s making things so sweet with us. I tried Gotcha early on and my guy had a bad reaction to it but now it’s perfect. I want to know what’s next to really take us further, like getting engaged?
  10. I have been around her many times. Trying to establish a bond outside her dad. Now I don’t have Heart to Heart/Empathy potion but it sounds great!!
  11. I do have Treasured Hearts. I have most of the Pheromone blends. Would you recommend this over Open Windows?
  12. Hi friends! I am wondering what to wear to lunch with my boyfriend’s daughter who is very possessive of him and has since been trying to drive a wedge between he and I. I want us to be friends but I also want her to respect me. She seems to be very bratty and she’s an adult. Im thinking either LFM w/DHEAS or Open Windows (but still want the respect factor there). Will Leather w/ DHEAS be too aggressive?
  13. This blend is just THE BEST!! For reactions and selfies. Is this still available? I don’t see it for sale on the website.
  14. Did you all notice how I reported the LFM/DHEAS combo results above? No one was surprised??? Feedback? Is this normal? Another question. Do you notice that your blends with pheros work less when you’re on your period?
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