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  1. And also what is your fav mood elevating blend - so you are always happy at work and laugh like a dork???? I need that one too. Levitation is good but not that super good.
  2. And also the same question for DHEAS in spray (how often to apply?) and Levitation in oil-based
  3. Are you sure spray for 6 hours? I was thinking its for oil-based for 6 hours and its office climate- not really hot.....
  4. Thank you baby! Will try every 4 hours now ....will report if there is better reaction.
  5. Thank you very much !!! The other question is how soon to reapply ??? Every 2 hours or 3 or more if its spray? I do it every 2 hours but i think its too often. But I love the self effects of it so I dont give it up trying.....
  6. Thank you baby! The other day I sprayed 4 times and there was nothing.....I guess too much. Blatant Inv is real tricky))))
  7. Guys help!!!! Whoever used Bl in spray...how many sprays you applied to get hits? And where?
  8. yes hahahah he is sitting in the shell..... exactly. Honey , what is PM and OW? and yes approachable and not ugly....I will get soon the whole collection of LP cos of this dumbass!
  9. So Hearts you think Cougar would help me? It looks like that guy likes me but no further steps.....I still want to play with Cuddle Bunny first
  10. Yeah Hearts !!!! Thats exactly what I got - bunch of attention from guys you dont care about and still no date with target guy.
  11. Thank you Bella 15!!! I want to know the results of those stubborn girls who still wear it at work and there results with CB.....
  12. Hello again Girls!!!! I want to order Cuddle Bunny but before I want to ask you about effect of it. Which one would you prefer for work setting Like a Magnet or Cuddle Bunny or Blutant invitation???? LM and BL give me a lot of hits and guys still do everything to please me( though some negative responses too)
  13. Wow its you? well as I know in oil-base LAM-the pheroes hit a guy within 2 steps ( you need to stand next to him at least 2 steps or closer-right? I wonder ,in spray base -what is the maximum distance between me and him....you know .....should be so he would be hit with pheroes? I guess it can be more than 2 steps right??? And another question -how often you think to reapply, if I reapplied oil-based LAM every 6 hours...but we know already that sprayed LAM diffusing faster , so to apply again it would be like every 2 or 4 hours ???? Sweety I want it from your personal experience ......not like"everybody is different"