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    Island Rain w/ Open Windows

    I am totally hooked with this perfume. I got it with other samples and I was ignoring it like for months and accidently tried it just because I was in a hurry to work and grabbed it just to get any smell. And WOW WOW WOW It just fantastically nice smell especially for hot climate. But at first 10 mins it was a bit stinky and than later turn into beautiful auqutic chiffon. I was smelling myself entire day and got comments and compliments.Really awesome. Ordering it right now
  2. swissblondie

    BLUD w/Sexpionage

    The scent is nice and strange and I didn't get any comments from people around me. When there is no comments ,for me it means it's good but next time I'd rather order Comprising position .
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    Love Potion: Red

    Guys it's crazy! Because all Mara scents are freaking awesome. Even the scents you would never wear would go good on me. Like Vampire Bait for example. I hate floral scents....Guess what ?it's in my freaking collection! HOW ABOUT YOUR SiGNATURE SCENT????? Too many great scents to choose from Hahaha
  4. swissblondie

    Love Potion: Black

    Oh yeah! It's very Tammy sweet dark smell,very sexy and beautiful. Surprisingly it wakes me up in the morning. I just put little smuge and it gives me energy. Love it. Deffinatelly on my list
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    Earn posting credits for Amazon reviews

    I did another 5 reviews LP Black LP Pink Like a magnet Pink Cougar Vampire beit
  6. Like a magnet with spicy brown sugar is perfectly suitable for Autumn and Winter seasons. The blend itself is fantastic ! Together with this smell it makes it more cozy sexy and delicious. I truly recommend.
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    This is true magic blend. It's gave me relaxation feeling within seconds. Sort of feeling of being part of Universe, calmness, serenity. I would recommend it for people with mild panic attacks along with their medical treatment. Moreover it gives me very good sleep and nice dreams. And I tried it with copulins too. I don't think they compatable
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    Earn posting credits for Amazon reviews

    I did 5 reviews on Amazon Blatant invitation Un Like a magnet honey vanilla B2.2 Compromising position Cuddle Bunny Un for now.... My nickname is HappyLady
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    Guys anyone tried b2 with copulins? Do they go together?
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    Thank you sweetie
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    Damn I mean "make oder
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    So it means I leave comments and then only in 2 weeks I make older and in the older (in notes) I mention what free vials I want ? Correct? Thank you
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    I am very new to this freebies program but I left my reviews and I just purchased from you for 25$ so am I eligible? And should l mention what vial trials I want here? Thank you
  14. swissblondie

    Like A Magnet--WOW

    "Like a magnet" is a bingo for me cos it's universal . I use it for social and private purposes with many hits. I get it with honey vanilla scent and seems like everyone around likes the scent. Though I am going to try brown sugar soon....?
  15. Compromising position is a win win blend. It's a garantee giving me hit every time I wear it. The scent hides cops pretty good. At first right after you spray it-the smell is a bit weird to me but nothing like cheesy(or whatever I associate with cops). Then later, it turns into light vanilla scent with some spicies. I wear it everywhere and for me nothing wrong with that.
  16. Hello sexy girls! I am new here and really want to know your favorite phero blends (scented or unscented ). Personally mine is Like a Magnet , I really got awesome reaction from opposite sex. I got "Bang" and tried it and it looks weaker and not that effective. I want to try different phero blends and of course I read reviews on different ones and they are all very contradictory. I am looking for a blend with fast male reaction. I believe arousal=attention to me. So guys lets make A LIST of super effective blends .....we don't need slow effects ,right? we need ATTENTION RIGHT HERE -RIGHT NOW hahahahah otherwise no fun. Thank you Looking forward for your feedbacks
  17. And also what is your fav mood elevating blend - so you are always happy at work and laugh like a dork???? I need that one too. Levitation is good but not that super good.
  18. And also the same question for DHEAS in spray (how often to apply?) and Levitation in oil-based
  19. Are you sure spray for 6 hours? I was thinking its for oil-based for 6 hours and its office climate- not really hot.....
  20. Thank you baby! Will try every 4 hours now ....will report if there is better reaction.
  21. Thank you very much !!! The other question is how soon to reapply ??? Every 2 hours or 3 or more if its spray? I do it every 2 hours but i think its too often. But I love the self effects of it so I dont give it up trying.....
  22. Thank you baby! The other day I sprayed 4 times and there was nothing.....I guess too much. Blatant Inv is real tricky))))
  23. Guys help!!!! Whoever used Bl in spray...how many sprays you applied to get hits? And where?
  24. Honey , what is PM and OW? and yes approachable and not ugly....