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  1. We have a fantastic selection of enchanting journals! Let us know if you see something you love.
  2. NoCo's are live on the new site! Find them here!! ↓↓↓ https://lovepotionperfume.com/product/noco-collection-choose-your-scent/
  3. Thanks for pointing this out! The Sugared Layerables have been fixed and have drop-downs again! Please let us know if you find any other little issues with the new site. 💻💬😃
  4. Pherotine has come at last!! I'm so excited for these! Especially Island Rain & Goddess of the Blue Moon~!
  5. Yep! The shampoo bars are good for head to toe and also excellent for shaving. Which is awesome because they're also to die for. Better scents than the typical soap/shampoo.
  6. Just updated 7 Minutes to Midnight if you'd like to compare! Seems like Pumpkin and Musk are the notes these two have in common.
  7. All of the soap scents came out glorious, but Muse of Main St. and Spider Silk are my faves!! Seriously, Mara spoils us with these awesome B&B creations. *sigh*
  8. Mara, So sorry to hear about your sinus infection! Glad you're feeling better now. The scents came out great by the way!!! I literally can't pick a favorite. Ellie's Elephant Snacks is sooo delectable, Sweet is perfect, and LP Carnival is divine! My fiance really loves the scents too, and I've worn a couple of the ones he likes. Vardo and Winner are fragrances we can both agree on. LOVE THEM!!!!!
  9. I share your fear of heights. I was riding a Ferris Wheel once without the safety bar locked, and it was a really old ride too. So scary! Never again!
  10. They all sound FANTASTIC, but which one will be my fave?!! I get so many compliments when I'm wearing LP perfumes! ♥ ❤️ ♥
  11. These are alluring and delectable carnival scents, not scary. All mystery, Fall fun, and sweets!! They're going to be awesome, and the Carnival will be too!
  12. Thanks for the shout-out! These were so much fun to make. I'm SUPER excited for the collection! There are so many great scents, I may have to try them all!!!
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