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  1. I love this stuff. I first found LPMP a couple of years ago because I wanted a little edge in the love game. Well, it's true, you can't create what's not there. But.....wow! I bought two bottles of this stuff on the description alone. My first subject was a no go so I put it away. Just recently I pulled it back out. There's a situation where I needed a little help....for him He flirts....and flirts....and flirts the only thing he does is flirts. He doesn't act this way with others in any situatution (I know, I've been watching)... So, enter Honeyed Love w/Gotcha. I had an opportunity on Sunday to ....expose him to this scent. I have been reading the posts and journals. I wanted it to be effective and not "ghost", which would not help me at all. SO, I might have lollipopped and then ran the roller all the way up to my breastbone. My grandmother, who has the nose of a bloodhound, said nothing. We went to lunch where we would meet him and some other people for Mother's Day (I know, not totally appropriate, but quite frankly I've been getting frustrated with the lack of....well, anything). It was hot in the restaurant and I started fanning myself, TOTALLY forgetting I was wearing the perfume. I will say, everyone was pleasant and attentive. Finally, I got the opportunity to hug him and envelop him in all my smellyness...lol. I know he stood still for a second with a DIHL, then seemed to shake it off. However, he was giving the stink eye to any of the other guys (one of whom was single) who would talk to me. At the end of the dinner we all went our separate ways and I thought "meh". BUT.....fast forward to today . This time, I put a whole lot less. A swipe on my breast bone and a half inch on one wrist and then smooshed. After work, I met some friends for dinner and drinks and guess who was there. I had barely walked in the door when he hugged me. He was antsy and all over the place tonight from one end of the group to the other. Every time he passed me he had to touch me or speak to me or ask me if my meal was good. He literally could not sit still and one more than one occasion had to interject himself into my conversation. So, I managed to leave without saying goodbye . I will be trying this again next week at a dinner we both have to attend. All in all, I believe I am encouraged by his behavior. I'll update this next week. I will say I tried LP Red and LP Original on him with no obvious effect. I also tried Cougar (because he's younger) with some flirtatious behavior, but nothing out of the ordinary. It's only been with this that I have gotten something measurable. I also had tried Rocket Fuel (because this has been going on a while) and nada. I'm not sure what the trigger in this is for him. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the welcome! I found LPMP by accident and now there is no going back, I understand all the money flying away my now does it on a regular basis.
  3. I am new to LPMP, but I have to say that this stuff is amazing. LP Red (sample) was the first one I tried with potential BF and it made him all jerkish. He's not normally like that. Very self-confident, quiet type. We were in a room working on some things. He sat close, then moved away, sat close...you get the picture. Then he had to get up and open the door. I couldn't figure out what was going on until I remembered I had the perfume on. I commend all of you who create these scents, and thank everyone from whose experience I've learned to make my choices. I made one order already and working on my next one.
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