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  1. VeganVulcan

    Poudre de Bourdons w/Aja

    This is so yummy on me. Love the light honey dust! And AJA!!! This reminds me of a honey lemon drop. I just want to lick it off my arm!!!
  2. VeganVulcan

    A Lick of Cream

    Wowowow sounds delish. Any chance it will be a re brew?
  3. Wow looks like it was fun! Wishing I could take a Star Trek Transporter over there for your parties!!!! Ooo yummy sounding scents!!!! I'm waiting on a check.I've been playing with all the ones I got for Pherotine. I have a list I need full bottles. Are there anymore of the Big Cat Mojo left?
  4. VeganVulcan

    News Regarding PEs

    How do you order a PE?
  5. VeganVulcan

    Skelly Head Flambe

    I got this recently in a Threebies group on Etsy. Mmmmmm nice. I love the woody spiciness of it. Reminds me of sitting in front of a crackly fire on a cold winter's night. I love the spice and wood combo. Its from 2009 so I don't know what it smelled like when it was first brewed. Its not an overpowering scent but a very nice warming scent. This one gets an A in my book.
  6. VeganVulcan

    Honeyed Love Potion w/ Gotcha! 2015

    This one in the bottle screams honey to me and when I first put it on it smells so gooey honey on me. After a bit it morphs to a sexy honey and by the end of the day is gone dirty sexy honey on me. Its a nice scent but I still love LP Black the best so far. Definately going to try all of them.
  7. I have had more hits with this one! It was at the end of the day and i was waiting for the elevator. There was a guy at a distance from me when all of a sudden I look up at him and he looks at me and takes a giant step in my direction. He proceeds to introduce himself and shake my hand. We spoke for 10 min. Even I wore it the next day and he said hi and remembered my name! Wow. Going to have to get a full bottle! I love the scent it's sooo yummy!!!
  8. VeganVulcan

    Treasured hearts + cops

    I like TH. Will have to try it with cops.
  9. VeganVulcan

    What Phero for a First Date?

    I will think about the others next time i see him. I wore LFM with a smidge of Aphrodesia for a tee tiny bit of cops. We had a great date.
  10. VeganVulcan

    Sugared Oud

    Oh that sound like it would be smellicious!!! Yum. I've layered it with some Arabian OUD to lighten the scent a bit. There are so many OUDs. One I had a sample of gave off a stinky smell but morphed. With Sugared OUD it made it smell much better. I love OUDs ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. VeganVulcan

    What Phero for a First Date?

    Maybe LFM.....
  12. VeganVulcan

    What Phero for a First Date?

    Great! I might just wear Drive By Fruiting since it has OW. Definitely not going to wear cops. Not wanting that vibe out there. I thought of Cougar too. Anyway I will see. Thanks!
  13. VeganVulcan

    What Phero for a First Date?

    Ok ladies and gents I need your advice. I'm going on a date with someone I've never met before. It's not blind cuz i saw his pics on POF. What phero should I wear? I have most of them now thanks to pherotine! Except Heart and Soul, Dominance, Leather and the Sexiologies I don't have those. I will probably wear my LP Black but need a good first date phero to make a good impression. We are both in our 50's. I haven't been on a date in almost a year! Sat is the day. I do have Drive By Fruiting trial with OW so that's another possibility instead of LP Black. What would y'all wear?
  14. VeganVulcan

    UN Audacious

    This is a fun one for me. I like how it makes me feel mischievous. Since it's the UN I can add it to any scent I like. Definitely get looks with this one.
  15. I do notice that I can OD easier with the sprays. I sprayed 3 of Levitation and got a headache. I sprayed 2 of Popularity Potion and hours later thinking it wore off I used an oil with MLH and got a headache. I use MLH in oil without any headache. I love it. Makes me smile. I notice I do better with oils than the sprays. I also have Pop Potion in an oil and never got a headache. I think I have gotten more hits with the oils so far.