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  1. I crafted a scent I'm calling, simply, Aphrodisia, and every ingredient is for love, lust and bliss - wedded or otherwise. Honey, tangerine, rose, ginger, vanilla, sandalwood, almond and because it's PHEROTINE, a dose of copulins to get you in the mood! When I smell it in the tin honey, almond and vanilla hit my nose and go straight to my brain. Then the tangerine peeks through. After I have had it on a bit the rose starts coming forward with a little bit of spice from the ginger and the musky dusky of the sandlewood. I truely cannot smell the copulins in this. GREAT cover for the cops! Love love love it... I may have to get this in a FB!!
  2. VeganVulcan

    Poudre de Bourdons w/Aja

    This is so yummy on me. Love the light honey dust! And AJA!!! This reminds me of a honey lemon drop. I just want to lick it off my arm!!!
  3. VeganVulcan

    A Lick of Cream

    Wowowow sounds delish. Any chance it will be a re brew?
  4. Wow looks like it was fun! Wishing I could take a Star Trek Transporter over there for your parties!!!! Ooo yummy sounding scents!!!! I'm waiting on a check.I've been playing with all the ones I got for Pherotine. I have a list I need full bottles. Are there anymore of the Big Cat Mojo left?
  5. VeganVulcan

    News Regarding PEs

    How do you order a PE?
  6. VeganVulcan

    Skelly Head Flambe

    I got this recently in a Threebies group on Etsy. Mmmmmm nice. I love the woody spiciness of it. Reminds me of sitting in front of a crackly fire on a cold winter's night. I love the spice and wood combo. Its from 2009 so I don't know what it smelled like when it was first brewed. Its not an overpowering scent but a very nice warming scent. This one gets an A in my book.
  7. VeganVulcan

    Honeyed Love Potion w/ Gotcha! 2015

    This one in the bottle screams honey to me and when I first put it on it smells so gooey honey on me. After a bit it morphs to a sexy honey and by the end of the day is gone dirty sexy honey on me. Its a nice scent but I still love LP Black the best so far. Definately going to try all of them.
  8. I have had more hits with this one! It was at the end of the day and i was waiting for the elevator. There was a guy at a distance from me when all of a sudden I look up at him and he looks at me and takes a giant step in my direction. He proceeds to introduce himself and shake my hand. We spoke for 10 min. Even I wore it the next day and he said hi and remembered my name! Wow. Going to have to get a full bottle! I love the scent it's sooo yummy!!!
  9. VeganVulcan

    Treasured hearts + cops

    I like TH. Will have to try it with cops.
  10. VeganVulcan

    What Phero for a First Date?

    I will think about the others next time i see him. I wore LFM with a smidge of Aphrodesia for a tee tiny bit of cops. We had a great date.
  11. VeganVulcan

    What Phero for a First Date?

    Ok ladies and gents I need your advice. I'm going on a date with someone I've never met before. It's not blind cuz i saw his pics on POF. What phero should I wear? I have most of them now thanks to pherotine! Except Heart and Soul, Dominance, Leather and the Sexiologies I don't have those. I will probably wear my LP Black but need a good first date phero to make a good impression. We are both in our 50's. I haven't been on a date in almost a year! Sat is the day. I do have Drive By Fruiting trial with OW so that's another possibility instead of LP Black. What would y'all wear?
  12. VeganVulcan

    Sugared Oud

    Oh that sound like it would be smellicious!!! Yum. I've layered it with some Arabian OUD to lighten the scent a bit. There are so many OUDs. One I had a sample of gave off a stinky smell but morphed. With Sugared OUD it made it smell much better. I love OUDs ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  13. VeganVulcan

    What Phero for a First Date?

    Maybe LFM.....
  14. VeganVulcan

    What Phero for a First Date?

    Great! I might just wear Drive By Fruiting since it has OW. Definitely not going to wear cops. Not wanting that vibe out there. I thought of Cougar too. Anyway I will see. Thanks!
  15. VeganVulcan

    UN Audacious

    This is a fun one for me. I like how it makes me feel mischievous. Since it's the UN I can add it to any scent I like. Definitely get looks with this one.
  16. I do notice that I can OD easier with the sprays. I sprayed 3 of Levitation and got a headache. I sprayed 2 of Popularity Potion and hours later thinking it wore off I used an oil with MLH and got a headache. I use MLH in oil without any headache. I love it. Makes me smile. I notice I do better with oils than the sprays. I also have Pop Potion in an oil and never got a headache. I think I have gotten more hits with the oils so far.
  17. VeganVulcan

    Popularity Potion

    I noticed when I wore this to work more people said hi to me. I even caught some men checking me out which doesn't happen very often. It makes me feel more confident and I feel pretty while wearing it.
  18. VeganVulcan

    Unscented Lumina

    I wore this and all day I got compliments from coworkers and even perfect strangers. This gave me a glow. Makes you luminous. I love the feeling I get when wearing it. I usually change the scent I wear it with just to see if it makes a difference.
  19. I tried this over a cream and also put more on! Wowowow! It's awesome! This time I didn't absorb it all! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  20. I love this scent! I love all the fruit! I have a sample and I sprayed 2 sprays on. My son told me how good I smelled. People were more friendly to me. I think this one needs to be in the permanent collection. Love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??
  21. Ok this might sound a little weird but I'm going to a meditation retreat this weekend and since I'm single and don't go anywhere to meet someone I'm hoping maybe some single guys will be there. I'm thinking Levitation. I use Palo Santo essential oil on my ajna chakra when I meditate so I thought I'd mix some Levitation with it. Any other pheros that might be good without being too distracting- I'm leaving the copulins at home. I'm going to bring Medium with me too.
  22. I've only worn this one once and my skin just ate it up. The honey jumped forward for me then vanilla, buttercream oh my! I just wanted to stick the tiny bottle up my nose and just sniff. It mellowed on my and then I couldn't smell it much after a couple of hours. I wore it to work to test out Bang. Had a couple of guys look my way. I am thinking maybe I didn't put enough on. I am not sure if the little plastic piece puts enough or too much on the body. I will try it again on top of unscented body lotion. It's a yummy scent. The foodie scents are really growing on me now. This is a very yumilicious scent!
  23. Oh yes didn't think about that! I have it too.
  24. VeganVulcan


    I know this is a male pheromone that gives off the Alpha vibe. I'm a single mom of a 10yo son who has been challenging me. I'm wondering if I got this and wore it around him would he not give me a hard time? Maybe he would perceive me as Alpha. What do y'all think? He doesn't pull the same crap with his dad as he does with me and was thinking maybe it's the pheromones.
  25. VeganVulcan


    Cool Stacy I will check it out!