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  1. Tinkerbelle

    Elume w/ Perfect Match

    I never tried the Alumette, but I think this is very close to the Indiscretion scent. It's a little more masculine than I expected, though. I just got it today, so I will give it some time to settle and see if it plays any differently later. I like it, but I think I'd like it better as a home scent...like putting some drops in the oil warmer. It would be the perfect fall scent for the home.
  2. Tinkerbelle

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    The labels are fabulous! DYING to hear the notes in Elume because I am obsessed with PM. Probably going to have to give Ebil-ish a whirl, too! (AT the very LEAST)
  3. Tinkerbelle

    Forum Upgrade!

    This has also frustrated me in the past so glad it's gone....but as an aside, I always just opened the search results in a new window and didn't lose the page. That may help you if you're flitting around anyway.
  4. Tinkerbelle

    OCCO: Sandal Musk

    I got two bottles of this even though it wasn't my fave because I do love Sandalwood. I am glad you brought up the Sensual Harmony because I wore them together last night and it was AWESOME! The cops do stand out for awhile on this, but once they 're gone, they're gone completely. I wonder if that is why it wasn't my fave at first. Because I don't smell the cops at all in some of the other OCCOs.
  5. Thanks! I wonder what an extra spritz on top of Perfect Match would accomplish...
  6. Thanks, guys! I have tried the PM&BAM before. It kind of amplifies the PM for me, but doesn't increase the touchiness. I will try to PM & LFN together. I have done PM & LFM together, and it was a good combo...but maybe the added 'none and cops will help? Not sure. I still think there is something to the THDOCs in LFN & Gotcha that make it more prominent when I wear those together, BUT I want MORE of that disinhibition. I am greedy. I just don't have a way to add it by itself and see what happens without doing an entire MS blend. ? That may or may not pan out.
  7. Ok, so I am running through ideas in my head for a MS blend. What do I want to achieve? The bonding of Perfect Match with the touchy feely effect that comes along with LFN. I KIND of get it with Gotcha and LFN...but I want it to be more pronounced. I was thinking the TH-DOCs in the Gotcha and LFN might be a part of that. Soooo..... I was considering getting Perfect Match mixed with a little Beta-THDOC then wearing with my OCCOs. What do you think that would do? @Snoopyace I know that you have done the mixing of blends, and I think you mentioned allo-THDOC in one of your threads. What are your thoughts on my idea? I can't get the THDOC solo here to try it first like I would normally do with mixing UNs. I did find it elsewhere, but not sure I want to try it since I have never bought pheros anywhere but here.
  8. I love this SO MUCH MORE than I thought I would! I really only got it for the LFM as a freebie in the sale, but oh my...I may have to purchase another bottle!! SOOOOO good! I cannot pick out a single note on its own...it is just a beautifully blended fragrance that makes me happy. PERFECT for LFM!
  9. Tinkerbelle

    La Femme Noire

    WOO!! ?
  10. For those of you who have the straight b-nol...do you use it alone? Or do you add it to other blends? What results have you seen? Everywhere I read says the magic number to evoke the truth serum effect is 20 mcg, and the website descrip says the spray is 25 mcg per spray. Have any of you ever used it to try to get the truth serum effect, but ODd or ghosted with that much? Super curious about this molecule and what it would be like to use it alone (I have a pherotine trial which I'd probably turn into a spray)... or what it would be like to add it to Perfect Match, particularly. I'm open to hearing all experiences with b-nol in this concentration. Thanks!!
  11. Tinkerbelle

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    I already ordered two back ups for midnight lavender and I swear I’m gonna have to order another one because I’m going to cry desperately when it’s gone.
  12. Tinkerbelle

    Ail's Heart & Soul

    I have been doing a lot of reading and re-reading of the forums as I tried to determine what I wanted for my sale purchases, and I think I am pulling this back out. It has been awhile and since my relationship with the boy has progressed, I want to see what happens to him NOW when I wear this. hehehe...
  13. So I ordered two more bottles with my final sale order....and hope I can snag another before it disappears for good. I could wear this EVERY DAY. Besides Ambrosia, it is my favorite OCCO ever...and if I knew I could have it in unlimited supply, my heart might give itself over to it as number one! It is just the perfect "me" scent. The cops are just icing on the cake. I might cry for real when I run out. I use Balm Bomb when I really need to sleep and am having a hard time, but I also found this to be VERY calming for me before bedtime. And I had VERY good dreams while wearing it.
  14. Tinkerbelle

    OCCO: Pineapple

    Yes, I've tried it a few times now. :/ . Right out of the box, then gave it a few days, then waited about another week and a half. Even tried it at different ties of day to see if I was burning it off by some chance. Always ends the same.
  15. Tinkerbelle

    OCCO: Pineapple

    This does not last on me. If anything is left, it turns to coconut vanilla and the pineapple falls away which makes me sad because I love it initially