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  1. Hi Kayla!! You can reach out to me through the email exchange to discuss more.
  2. La Femme Mystere

    Have not experienced giggling. Now...he talks more and we laugh a lot together, but not really giggling. Just a general good time, I am happy to be with you, feel. There has been no making out under the influence of LFM...yet...ha!
  3. I sure hope we get one this time! I wore it last night and while it wasn't my favorite in the beginning, it has grown on me A LOT. And I need a full bottle now.
  4. Thanks, ladies! I was thinking that or the TH. But I do want to be sure EVERYONE doesn't hang forever. And that it doesn't clash with the OW. I don't want to over do it. Thanks!!
  5. I’m just starting to love this as my sample ran out. What are the odds we might get a 2018 redrew?
  6. Ok....so lo and behold after FOREVER....I am getting TG to the house. It will be with a group of people, so not sure if any alone time will ensue afterwards... BUT... I want to use my wax melts. Now... I have them with Heart & Soul, Treasured Hearts, Open Windows and Sexpionage. Since this is a friendly gathering, I’m nixing the sexpionage. But of the others, what do you suggest I use? I’ll most likely wear Perfect Match regardless because he responds to that VERY well.
  7. Soleil d'Or w/ Aja

    Well this might have to be the next one I try based on that review!
  8. So I put this on a couple of hours ago and so far, I love it. The honeysuckle is definitely prominent, but not loud or sharp. The other notes do not stand out individually to me at all, they just kinda sit in the background all together doing their thing. LFM always makes me want to get things done, so I am glad to have this on today. My skin has been eating everything lately, so I can't speak about longevity, but I sure hope it holds on for the long haul.
  9. Tried this again this morning and had the same things happen. Super strong on me right off, but settled into a beautiful, just enough, scent. NOW...I have to figure out which scented cops go best with it. Any suggestions as new people sniff it would be appreciated.
  10. So I pulled this right out and sniffed away and put just a dab on to test. It seemed very strong at first, and I was worried I would get a headache, but I didn't. It did take it awhile to settle down and not be so loud on my skin, but now it is just soft and lovely. The cherry blossom was very strong in the beginning, but now that it has dried down, it is just a nice blend where I can't truly pick any notes out. I really look forward to trying this out on the TG. I am so excited about this. I had been waiting for a truly feminine scent for Perfect Match and this is definitely it!!
  11. Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!! I got the tracking text that it should be here today !!!!
  12. Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    I got mine today, too!! I am SOO Excited for all of them, but DYING to try Zakura!!
  13. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    I probably would have done the same except I was waiting to see what the notes were for Zakura so I could decide whether or not to get a FB. I crave all things Perfect Match!!
  14. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Eeeekkkk!!! An email is coming SOON! WOO!!