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  1. Yes. Its directed me to the etsy site but the code doesn't work.
  2. The PE is not on the new site and I can't use the code on etsy. :(
  3. Hello...Remember me? lool Word on the Hogworts street is that you made something very special and I'm getting my hands on it very soon. I want to mix the phero with an lotion due it being winter in here. Does the above formula still works? Thanks so much 😊
  4. I used Red. I used Pink. Why am I attracting old guys with missing teeth when deep down they know they don't have a chance with me? Stop playing yourself. I'm going to stock up on Cougar.
  5. Mouse

    Cherry Blossom Musk

    I got a sample of this. It didn't have a good throw after an hour of dry down BUT when I spray my Amouage Memoir on top, its smells lovely and sophisticated.
  6. Does this smell powdery on anyone? I can't tell if it is the rose or musk but it's dark and powdery to me. It's nice but I wouldn't wear this out again.
  7. I can't express how I feel about this scent. I can't say I like it and I can't say I don't like it. It smells strange to me.
  8. Mouse

    Summer Crush

    I got a trial vial of this. Now I need a full size bottle. I swear when I open it, "We Got The Beat" from the Go-Go's started playing.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that Mara. I actually thought you decided to peace out due to the influx of orders I hoped you get it resolved soon. GoDaddy is terrible, I bought with them so I can set up my blog and now I'm getting spam!
  10. Mara is the best. She was so patient with me and my orders. I pretty much maxed out my budget for oils for the rest of the summer
  11. Mouse

    Hello LP fans

    Hello! Welcome!
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