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  1. Thanks for the response. I'll wear some more masculine scents, but others are just too manly for me. Think I might get a trial of this and see how it goes.
  2. Is this one really masculine, or does it have the potential to be more unisex?
  3. I have a running wish list! It is on my computer. At home. Where I am not. 😭 Trying to remember what I want/don't have yet.
  4. Lol, literally my first note to myself said, "More perfumey than usual, but not in a bad way." So, more perfumey than usual, but not in a bad way. This is definitely not a daytime scent. It's rich, dark and sensual. If this was unphero'd, my first instinct would have been to pair it with Sexpionage or BI, but I understand why Leather was chosen. I'm not sure if it's the phero or the scent (probably both), but this has a sense of power. The woman who wears this is very collected. Never harried. I'mreminded of when a character in a movie is the head of an illegal organization. It shows them sitting in low light, tucked away in a corner booth, surrounded by heavies, with only an occasional nervous petitioner approaching. You know that power resides there and major deals are being done. This is the female version of that. Tantalizing, but also dangerous. I kept wanting to inhale deeply. There is a touch of powderiness, but it is in the background. More of an after effect. The sense of what lingers. It creates more of a smoky impression. Not so much baby powder. It's not a loud scent, but it is not in any way a timid scent. You have to own it. Hah, in both senses! I definitely plan to buy a bottle.
  5. This one reacts so oddly with my chemistry and ends up being all over the place. I have no idea what to think. It starts off with a nice, fun, fruity sweetness. The milk/cream/butter combo often (not always, but often) does this weird thing with my skin chemistry where it ends up smelling like cigarettes. It started doing that, but not to the full extent it sometimes does. The sweetness was still going on, though. So up close, it was very sort of cigarette-ish. At a middle distance, though, it read as sweetly smoky. But, then, every time I moved, I got fruit! What you doing, body chemistry, what you doing? I am very confused and may have to get a bottle just because I find it so very inexplicable.
  6. Huh. In my reaction notes, I kept describing this as floral. Interesting that he and I read it that way, but you don't. I wonder why that is. I found this very oceany, but also floral (in a very plant like way.) On me, it was more feminine than straight up unisex. It's like sitting on a restaurant patio somewhere in the tropics. The restaurant is near the ocean. Not directly on it, but close enough to catch the breeze. You're right at the edge of the patio, next to planters full of tropical flowers, so every time the breeze blows, it rustles the plants, mingling in their scent with that of the ocean. That's what I get, at least. A fresh, aquatic tropical floral that becomes more floral as it wears. I found it very soothing, and I think the pheromones helped take the emotional edge off the headache I had, too.
  7. This starts off very orange on me, but with a layer of duskiness to it. (Auto correct changed that so many times. No, I do not mean dusk kindness or dust lines. 😛 ) The citrus fades quickly from my wrists, but lasts longer in the crook of my elbows. What's left after the citrus is gone us a quiet, very unisex light scent with an underpinning of freshness.
  8. Haru is a pretty floral. Subtle and delicate. It almost becomes powdery, but never quite reaches there. I would say Haru is sheer, but not clear, though I'm not sure that will make sense to anyone other than me. As it dries down, it becomes a touch (really, just a touch) sweeter and the tea becomes more noticeable. Haru is light and feminine, yet still serious. At first, I wasn't sure Lace was really a match, but after a while, I could see how they vibed. In this mixture, Lace didn't give me that heady, giddiness that it usually does in the first hour, but also didn't give me that come down, either. It was the first time I could really understand how other people find Lace more wearable. Chemistry, man. It's wild. An hour or two in, it really stars to bloom and becomes even prettier. Cherry blossom, hibiscus, and tea can all wear kind of dry one me, but in this blend, that dryness isn't there. After even longer, it does get a bit soapy, but a pretty soap, like a fancy bath wash.
  9. After reading the description of Sweet Joyce, I was wary because I thought it was going to be CAAAAAAAAAKE. I ended up getting it as part of a threebie package. I was pleased to discover that while it was cake, it wasn't CAAAAAAAAAKE. I think I was mostly afraid of it being far too sweet in a cloying, sickening, tooth achingly way. I needn't have feared, though. It's a controlled sweetness that isn't overpowering. Wet, it is all cake (but not CAAAAAAAAAKE.) As it dries down, the spices develop. It's very reminiscent of a coffee cake. To me, it's a bit like Warm and Toasty, but a cake version.
  10. This is a really pretty floral with a background of green and some sweetness. It reminds me of being at a hotel in Hawaii and walking along the pathways surrounded by tropical flowers.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of the regular LP#9; it just doesn't work that well on me. So I was surprised by how much I liked this variant. I find it to be not quite as harsh as the regular one. The tea and spices take the edge off and give it more complexity. I would say this is leaning on the masculine side of unisex, but not too far over. Easily wearable for a woman.
  12. Just read the notes and I. Am so. Excited. For literally every one of these! The whole collection sounds amazing. It's like this collection was designed to appeal directly to me. There wasn't a single one I was even "meh" on when reading about. Cannot wait to smell them all! And, as others have said, the artwork is stunning.
  13. For me, LFM tends to make men more helpful and solicitous and make them want to do things for me. LFN tends to make women more deferential and treat me like the queen bee.
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