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  1. No probs. Y'all are so great, I'm happy to help any way I can.
  2. I'm on a computer. PC not Mac, and it's running Windows 10. It says my version of Chrome is Version -------- I'll work on getting that to you. It'll be just a bit. ETA: OK, sent it. (Or at least tried to.)
  3. Wow, the new new site looks so great! And the features are fantastic. And I find the font a lot easier to read than on the previous new site. It was really pretty, just a little hard to parse. I love, love, LOVE the sorting feature, especially with so many options!!! Often, I'll want to look for a specific fragrance and this makes it so much easier. I can do it by name, or focus on older or newer ones. Just great. And the sorting by type of fragrance will be really beneficial to newcomers and those who aren't quite as obsessive about trying new releases as some of us 🤭. (My inner goth is loving the 'goth scents' option.) Two questions. 1. Is there a way to see how many bottles of each is left? That's something I really appreciate, and it helps me make decisions about what I need to get now, now, now or what I can let slide until I have more money. 2. On the FAQ page, am I supposed to be seeing the little boxes that say LSep? I'm looking at it on Chrome, if that makes a difference. Also, I love the about page. Both reading the history and the descriptions of everyone. ETA: Oh, you just answered question one while I was writing.
  4. Subir is invigorating and clean smelling. It's really fresh. I especially love how it starts out. I was afraid it was going to be too heavy, but it's really well balanced between the strong notes and the lighter, more airy green ones. It's so well blended that it's hard for me to pick out the notes. I definitely get fresh sweetness from the cucumber. The mint isn't noticeable as such, but it's doing that thing it can do in low doses where it adds crispness. Subir is so good I can't stop sniffing it. You know when a scent makes your eyes roll back into your head because it smells so good? That's this. Unisex, but definitely feminine enough for a woman. I find cucumber tends to make things really flexible, reading freshly masculine on men and feminine on women, but maybe that's just me. On the long, long dry down it gets a bit more traditional perfumey, but a perfume or cologne I would wear, as opposed to something that smells commercial.
  5. Thank you. I'm glad it wasn't the post office. That would have been much harder to deal with. I was extra stressed, not only on the potential lost money, but also because my order had GotBM and I don't know if there's any more of that left.
  6. Success! I went to the apt office wearing Money Potion w/ Swimming with Sharks + a little extra UN SWS and carrying a printed out copy of the package tracking. Suddenly, they were able to find my LPMP package and another package that "wasn't there" yesterday even though tracking had said it had been delivered. 🙄 SWS is one I tend to overlook a lot and I had forgotten how useful it can be. I"ll have to bust it out more often.
  7. Arrgh! Tracking shows my package was delivered on Monday, but when I stopped by the apt front office they said they don't have it. 😠 Now I'm going to have to go back, have a little talk with them, probably call the post office, and try to figure out which of them screwed up, and, more importantly, WHERE IS MY PERFUME!?!? I am very much not good at conflict and am dreading this. Wish me luck. Any advice is welcome.
  8. Masculine Christmas spice. This has a bit of a bite to it; something sharp and tangy. North Pole is ginger forward with something deeper underneath that must be the mahogany or oak. There's a crispness that makes the woods smell fresh. Like a walk in the snowy woods with freezing rain biting into your cheeks. The weight of the snow has caused some of the branches to crack, wafting their scent into the air. While you're sweating due to the work, you're still cold and want nothing more than to get somewhere warm so you can unbundle and thaw your hands in front of a crackling fire. With this scent, you're not there quite yet, but you will be, and that thought helps to keep the cold at bay. The long, long dry down is the promise of the warmth as it seeps into your skin. (Sidenote: just as I've realized I describe everything with sandalwood as smooth, I describe everything with ginger as warm. It's how my brain invariably reads it.)
  9. Just sent an invoice. Cannot wait to try Midnight Rider and Pearfection!
  10. Another Blud! Woo-hoo! And I can't wait to find out the notes for Pearfection.
  11. This one is light, but with a base of spiciness underneath. I can detect the fruit (mostly pineapple), but it serves more to lighten it up than to announce it's presence as fruit. There's definitely sweetness, but it's not a heavy, cloying type.I'm not sure what kind, but like a brown sugar or a light syrup, like a light maple syrup. It's more mid-weight. In fact, I'd describe the perfume as a whole as mid-weight. Not as bright as a lot of summer fragrances, but not as heavy as most pumpkins. It's also not quite as spicy as most other pumpkins, but the spice is still prominent. Within an hour most of the fruitiness is gone, and what remains is a slightly creamy pumpkin spiciness.
  12. This one is smooth. (I always say that. Sandalwood always makes me go, "Smooth!") At first, I was afraid this would go too resiny, but it stayed nice. Elume is quiet, but deep. It's complex and very much a grown up fragrance. This perfume has the wisdom of experience. While it's unisex, I'd say it leans sightly more to the feminine. I get the impression of an old dusty room, but one that's somehow clean at the same time. The smoke doesn't show up until a few hours in and then hangs around mostly in the background. The vanilla is non-foody and not too sweet either. I can pick up the musk, and I think that's partly what contributes to the adult feel of the perfume. Even the amber, which often goes sharp on me, is staying in line. This is a very sensual scent. A scent that knows things. It has quite a lot of presence, yet wears close to the skin, even in the beginning.
  13. greenappletart

    Lala Gulaba

    "When two perfumes love each other very much..." Basically, on me, this is like a rose attar and LP: Red had a baby. Wet, I get a few seconds of a dryish rose and then LP: Red. Or, rather, similar to LP: Red, but perhaps with a little less depth and less throw. Definitely minus the patch. It's also a little lighter with a hint of the rose providing a sheer, almost powdery dustiness on top. The long, long drydown is a dusky, musky rose with a light LP: Red background. I think it might be the cinnamon that is giving me such strong LP: Red vibes, but I'm not sure. But it really is like they had a baby. Not so much combining them, but taking aspects of each and weaving them together to form a new whole. It's an intriguing, sensuous scent.
  14. I love the beginning of this. Love it. Ripe, juicy peachy goodness. Usually sandalwood reads as smoothness to me, but here it's actually kind of woody. It's not very strong, though, just running underneath. There's also something that I don't recognize, which must be the tiare. It's like there's this vine of another scent that begins to creep in and grow. Something green, plantlike, and a little floral. Unfortunately, this eventually turns a little too unripe and sharp. Not the way amber turns sharp on me, but in a more perfumey way. I'm not sure how to explain it. I'm sad because that initial hit is so good.
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