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    Time Travel: Year One

    In the bottle, I get that sort of pine scent, but it dies down almost instantly as soon as it hits my skin. To the point where I reapplied because I was afraid I hadn't shaken the sample enough. Luckily, I was home so it didn't matter that I was practically drowning in the stuff. But once again, as soon as it hit my skin it totally mellowed out and became far less masculine. On me, it is subdued and just a hint on the masculine side of unisex, but extremely wearable for a woman. Even though it doesn't have sandalwood, it gives me much of the same sensory impression sandalwood does. It has that same sort of dry woodiness that feels almost papery and dusty, while still seeming warm. It carries the same textural impression as fancy paper that is trying to mimic vellum. It reminds me of being in a wooden cabin that still has a faintly lingering scent of the wood it was constructed with. It's not a strong scent, but there in the background with the other ingredients lending a feminizing edge just enough to soften it. It ends up being extremely unisex. The honey rounds it out, leaving a trace I could still smell ~10 hours later. If I had to sum this scent up in one word, it would be smooth.
  2. greenappletart

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    Having read the notes, so many of them look great, but I am especially eager to try Frisky Business and Super Happy Funtime. ETA: I'm guessing it's Human to make it more unisex, but Sharp Dressed Human is making me laugh because (combined with the Swimming with Sharks) it sounds like it's trying really hard to convince you it is a person and not secretly a shark dressed as one. "Just a normal human here, nothing to see. Certainly not a shark in a business suit, that would be crazy, hahaha." Reminds me of those old SNL skits with a shark pretending to be a candygram.
  3. I am loving the descriptions behind all these scents! It's so fascinating to know the thought processes that go into them. And if we're talking time travel shows, I have to give a mention to Legends of Tomorrow on the CW. It is...not good, but it's finally hit it's stride to become cheesy fun and has lots of ladies who get to kick butt on a weekly basis. And I am still mad about the ending of Quantum Leap.
  4. *blushes* Thanks. I had to open two side by side windows to do it, one with the label and one with a how-to guide. I'm sure I looked like Ralphie in A Christmas Story furiously decoding his Ovaltine message. ETA: Oh, wow, the bonus points! That's a great gift, but now I feel like I got two gifts: the bonus points AND a chance to play around and have fun!
  5. I think I've got it! It's the name. Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie* Distant Planets. The Magickal uses two Ks because there isn't a C in Gallifreyan, just the sound it corresponds with. (* I'm still struggling to figure out the P, F, and M in this one in regards to the lines, but the other letters I can decipher. This is my first attempt trying to decode Gallifreyan, though, so I'm amazed I got that much.)
  6. I never would have seen it unless y'all brought up Doctor Who first, so all credit to you and Beccah. Oh, good catch with the capitalized Who. Now that I look even closer, most of the labels have some sort of time related image on them, such as clocks, hourglasses, sundials, etc. The 1969 one even reminds me of the opening credits with the spiral, only instead of clocks, it's a zodiac, which is another form of marking time, just on a larger scale. Playing detective is fun!
  7. Hmm, it does look an awful lot like Gallifreyan on the Distant Planets label, now that you mention it.
  8. greenappletart


    Hello and welcome back.
  9. greenappletart

    Lei's Peach of an Evening

    Thanks! I appreciate the words of wisdom from someone with your knowledge and experience in these matters. I'll wear them together next time instead of shying away.
  10. greenappletart

    Lei's Peach of an Evening

    Quick question: Do you think this would cover Bang? Every time I think of wearing this out, I opt for something that provides more coverage instead since it always seems to coincide with when I want to wear Bang! Maybe if I layered it with SS4W and one of the OCCOs instead.
  11. greenappletart

    White Velvet Pumpkin

    I was surprised by how spicy this is. As soon as it hits my skin it is all spicy sweetness. The sweetness has depth to it, reminiscent of maple or brown sugar. After a while, the pumpkin starts to peek through, but stays as just a whisper, never becoming a prominent note. There's a weird thing my skin does with some milk/butter/cream notes (most noticeably in BBM) that ends up turning them into an almost cigarette smell for an hour or two (I have no idea why. It makes no sense.), and if I hold my wrist right up to my nose I can smell that, but it's very mild with this blend. Even a little distance is enough for the other notes to cover it. Just my wonky skin chemistry that I doubt would happen with anyone else. The long dry down is a very nice creamy sweetness that absolutely screams LPMP to me (I mean that in the best way possible.) The oak moss helps steer it away from the gourmand, and while I can tell it's there, it's very much in the background and isn't loud at all. To me, this scent has the cozy richness of a fall or winter scent, while still remaining light enough for daytime.
  12. From the new releases I got a sampler, itty set, and full bottle of Blud. All the resins give me pause, but I was afraid I'd fall in love with it only for it to be sold out. Seeing as it's already gone, I'm glad I took the chance. If I don't love it, I can always put it up on the trade post. I also ordered full bottles of Shimmering Sands and Glace Au Cafe. Quite a haul, all told. I got my shipping notice and am now trying to mentally will the post office to get it here sooner. Patience is not one of my virtues.
  13. I'm glad things went so well and that your combo worked so perfectly.
  14. greenappletart

    Private Editions for OCTOBER 2017

    I would like to reserve an itty set, please.
  15. greenappletart

    Totem: Monkey

    When wet this is very fruit forward. It smells like a tropical vacation or a pina colada but fresher. As it dries it starts to deepen and within a half hour the vanilla and teak become stronger, making it more complex and deep. Around this time the fruit becomes more mellow and less bright. The banana develops an almost caramelized aspect. On the long dry down it turns into a not overly sweet vanilla. This is very much a spring or summer scent for me. I quite like it.