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  1. greenappletart


    I usually like to wear something more than once before I review, but I thought I'd try something different and review on the day I've been trying it out. This one has stayed really consistent throughout the day, it didn't morph much at all. It got a little warmer on the long, long drydown, but that's about it. On me this is all sweet nuttiness. It's like a less sweet pecan pie. It's sweet, but not tooth achingly so. I don't really get the berries at all. They may be adding just a hint of freshness in the background, but I can't distinguish them as individual notes. This is very much a fall scent. I keep thinking how nice it would be paired with a coffee scent. I think it could work on a guy if he didn't mind sweeter scents. I know I'd like a man who smelled like this. I was a bit worried because sometimes the milk/butter/cream notes can go very bad on my skin, but they worked really well in this and weren't a problem at all. It's quite a nice scent. ETA: I just realized what it reminds me of. You know those nuts that are covered in sugar and a little spice? Well, if you've ever seen one of those stands where they make them fresh, with the nuts being coated as you watch, that's what this smells like on me. It makes me want one of those paper cones filled with yummy goodness.
  2. greenappletart

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Just requested an invoice with a sample set (among other things.) I'm really looking forward to trying Rain Flower, Gravenstein, and Z-day.
  3. greenappletart


    I really like this one and was so happy to get a bottle during the sale. I was craving currant scents this summer, so it was perfect. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I didn't get any incense at all. At first, this was very red and fruity. Tart, but with a hint of juicy sweetness underneath. The musk was like a wild animal, growling in the background, just kind of making its presence and power known, without coming out of the shadows; slinking around but giving the scent more body and muscle. Within an hour, most of the fruit had disappeared and it became mostly musk and much closer wearing. After several hours, only the musk remained and only up close, but in a way that made it even more seductive if you were fortunate to get close enough to smell it. Sometimes musk can go sharp on me, but this one stayed really nice throughout.
  4. greenappletart

    Dari's Rocket Powder

    This one is creamy and fruity. Sweet cream is the strongest scent, but it's followed by hints of tropical fruit that just poke their noses out a bit; like you ordered a sweet, creamy, slightly coconut dessert, and someone else at the table ordered a fruit one. The fruit is there, but it's a little further away and not as strong. Just a brightness in the background. The coconut comes out more as it continues to dry down. The creaminess makes this one surprisingly heavy, so despite the tropical fruit notes, it's not really a summer scent. All in all, it is a very lpmp scent, if that makes sense.
  5. greenappletart

    Black Velvet Pumpkin

    In the bottle this is pumpkin spice latte. On my skin, however, the resins are really strong in a dusty/dusky sort of way. I amp patch and it is at the forefront, here. Combined with the smoke note, this is very reminiscent of burning incense. It reminds me a lot of being in high school, sitting next to a stick of burning incense and watching the smoke curl upwards. The bitterness of the coffee keeps it from going full blown incense, though. About 15 minutes in the patch is still predominant, but it starts getting sweeter from the maple. The long, long dry down is mostly maple patch, albeit slightly muted. This one is very unisex on me.
  6. greenappletart

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Lol, all this talk of it not being a beet is kind of making me want a scent with a beet note. That plant heavy sweetness and fresh earth smell. I'd be curious how Mara would interpret that.
  7. greenappletart

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    All of these are great, but I especially love the art for Espiritual (great pun, btw), Rain Flower, Ebil-ish, Elume, and Moondust Cocoa. And, since I love apple, I am really excited to find out the notes for Gravenstein. ETA: And, while it's not in all of them, I like the recurring moon theme.
  8. That hit sounds like it would be great to add to the Leather review thread, if you want to report it somewhere without waiting for a journal. I'm cracking up at the image of him walking backwards. ?
  9. I think Megawatt would be a great substitute. It helps me to calmly focus on the task at hand and tune out distractions. It puts me in the zone. Dominance also helps me focus, but more in a being decisive, cutting through the b.s. kind of way.
  10. greenappletart

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    So fantastic!
  11. Also, a good thing about the scents w/ phero is that you can get the trial sizes ($6.50 each), so it is easier to experiment with a bunch of different pheros before spending money on a full bottle.
  12. Personally, I find Aja particularly "sticky", meaning it sticks around a long time. On me, the scent gets stronger and stronger the longer I'm wearing it, until I wash it off. Even then, I can often smell it the next day. I've noticed a correlation between the strength of the Aja scent and its effects. Thankfully, the same isn't true for cops, lol. ETA: by strength of the Aja scent, I don't mean how much I've put on, but how much it has bloomed.
  13. greenappletart

    Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package

    My sale package arrived and I ripped into it. You know what's a bad idea? Sniffing a bunch of perfumes with all kinds of different pheros in them, one right after the other. My head was swimming. Still, it was worth it. ?
  14. greenappletart

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    Got the trial set, the cherry tobac, and the pineapple. Seriously thought about the florale, but held off for now. Though once I get the trials, I may end up putting in a second order this month!
  15. Phew! I finally got my invoice request for the sale sent in. Trying to figure out what I was buying, what I was getting as a freebie, what I wanted but couldn't afford, and how much it all added up to so I knew what level I was on was quite a task. I had six pieces of papers and several computer files open just to figure out the different possibilities and keep track. I don't know how Mara and co. do it.