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  1. Yes, that was probably me. It wasn't on the sale list, but with limited numbers available I wanted to make sure I reserved a bottle. I posted my entire list of things w/ limited numbers because I panicked as soon as the sale opened, lol. I was afraid of missing out. I was so much more organized last year when we could see the list before it opened. I think they were posted to the website not too long before the sale started because I only noticed it when I was checking what I wanted. Those PEs sort of slipped in unnoticed. There were a couple of things that were either rebrews or scents where a few bottles must have been found, because I hadn't seen them in that section for a while. Plus a couple of new ones. I had my list planned when suddenly there were all these new choices. I was in a tizzy of last minute revisions. At first I thought it was a rebrew of something older. The pinup labels were before my time, but I've seen them floating around. I was confused why I couldn't find any reviews, but it looked so good I was willing to take a chance. Now I understand why and everything makes a lot more sense. I'm glad you were able to help her. Even beyond the perfume, it's good she has people around who care and are there to offer support.
  2. Carta d'Amor is really gorgeous. It starts off fruity and so pretty. I love dewberry. Love it and am so happy to have a scent with it. As the clover emerges it adds a touch of dryness to complement the fresher, brighter notes. Then the whole thing settles down into a quiet, pretty scent that is just a touch perfumey, but not in a bad way. I wish it lasted a little longer, but even then it leaves a nice, close scent at the application points. It's just so pretty. My sale order includes two bottles, because I want to be sure I have a back-up. I wish I had a better description, but all I keep coming back to is pretty. So to sum up: pretty. (It's pretty.) As for the phero, Alpha-nol on its own can give me a headache, but here it is tempered by the DHEAS, making it not a problem. In combination, these pheros made me happy, confident, and patient.
  3. This is very aquatic, though contrary to the name, on me it smells more like standing water. Not stagnant, just lacking the crispness of free flowing, brisk moving water. More like a pond. I can detect a lot of greenness, which I think is contributing to that impression. Possibly from the mosses, though I'm not sure. My brain is reading whatever those notes are as green and slightly forest-y. (It keeps shouting, "Pine!" even though this in no way smells like pine. Like those little kids who call all unfamiliar animals "doggies" even when it's, like, a horse. My brain's logic seems to be, "I don't know what it is, but it's green, so it's pine!") Back on topic, it starts out really masculine. However, in about 20 minutes that begins to fade and it becomes more truly unisex. After an hour, the oakmoss takes control and it turns powdery.
  4. ETA: Versatile! That's the word I'm looking for. It's versatile. Of course editing is turned off right now. Hope this merges.
  5. 1220 B.C. is initially very herbal and grassy green with waves of spice underneath. There's also a warm heat bubbling underneath which I think is the sandalwood combining with something else, but I'm not sure what. This is a very intriguing scent and I can't seem to pinpoint the details. Despite the undercurrent of spice, it still smells very fresh. The spice itself isn't a heavy incense or dry spice, it's more of a cooking spice. Honey occasionally pokes through. This is one of those that I never reviewed on here, but have my initial notes for, and comparing it then to how it wears now, it has become a lot more feminine, mostly due to the floral notes intensifying. The flower is stronger, but I still wouldn't think of it as heavily floral. It remains light and airy until the base notes kick in, making it more rounded. It's a balanced scent that's, for lack of a better word, "inoffensive." There's no part of this that's going to blast someone away. It's the kind of scent that is appropriate for a lot of occasions.
  6. So the past several weeks, I have been super emotional. Just weepy and all kinds of vulnerable. Crying at the drop of a hat. It's better when I'm away from home, but it's like as soon as I get home the waterworks turn on. For context, my apartment is kind of small and I don't have a ton of seating. My desk chair is more comfortable than my love seat plus has easy access to my computer and tv, so I tend to sit there a lot. My desk has a ton of clutter on it, including a bottle of empathy potion I picked up a while back in a trade. I have it sitting out because I've been meaning to try it, but just haven't found the right day yet. So as I was shuffling things around on my desk last night I accidentally knocked the bottle of empathy potion over for the umpteenth time this week. As I was picking it up, I noticed the cap was leaking a bit. I'VE BEEN UNINTENTIONALLY PHEROBOMBING MYSELF WITH EMPATHY POTION FOR WEEKS NOW! No wonder I've been an emotional mess! 😂 Anyway, I put it in a plastic bag and set in in my perfume quarantine area and within a few hours was feeling much better. Today I'm right as rain. If I didn't already know pheros worked, that accidental little experiment would have proved it to me. I can't believe that happened. I feel so very, very, incredibly, very dumb. 🙈
  7. Mangelwurzel starts out spicy, led by cinnamon (which isn't in the notes, but that's what I'm getting. Maybe it's with the pumpkin? Idk) The dragon's blood is right up there with it. The earth and some of the other notes give a bit of an outdoors impression. There's a quality of dry wood. It's very much like kindling just as it's taking spark. That might be the influence of the gunpowder. I detect the tiniest hint of something sulphurous, slightly like a match. I have a very strong sense memory of the toy cap gun I had as a child and the way the caps smelled. It's not a strong part of the fragrance, but it's there, contributing to the overall vibe. Approximately 20 minutes in I start to get a slightly sweet pumpkin just kind of hanging out in a cloud in the background. Eventually the patch joins in, and it becomes a base of patch with an overlay of the other resins.
  8. greenappletart


    Wet this is coconut forward with sweetness from the vanilla. It's a dry, sort of dark but fresh coconut. Not the sweetened kind. That initial scent stays as an underpinning throughout its wear, but as it dries down the orange blossom comes out more. My skin reacts to orange blossom differently than most people's and turns it kind of masculine. So it's a lot more unisex on me that I think it would be on most people. It's sort of airy and earthy and fresh yet somehow a bit dry all at once. It reminds me a bit of Coco Chrissy's. The low floral one. It's something about the type of coconut and the vanilla. Lariel is much more complex, though, and a bit sweeter. Despite that complexity, it layers really well. I especially like it with Dylan. It's also good for putting under something that's too bright. Helps give depth and grounding without competing too much or clashing. At first, I wasn't sure of this one, but I now have 2 bottles. That's a result both of it growing on me and the reactions it provokes. Lariel isn't pheroed, but it acts like it is. I get so many hits with this one. So many. On its own and when it's layered with something. It's magic. (Really, y'all. So many.)
  9. Dianthus is a slightly masculine, sweet, sandalwood floral with an almost smoky quality. It's okay on me, but I would really like it on a guy. Carnation always reads masculine to me. The spiciness really starts to come in at the hour mark. I recently retried this again for the first time in a couple of years, and carnation is still the most prominent note, but it feels like it has mellowed a little. As if it has been rounded off a bit, like the edges filed down. I get a sort of chai aspect, as well, but without the milkiness. That is probably the combination of the tea and cardamom, with the carnation's inherent spiciness thrown in, too. To me, this is a floral, but a masculine one.
  10. Just sent in my super finalized I-really-mean-it-this-time invoice request, and checking these against the first page, I noticed that my request for 1 small Sugared Cherries was accidentally counted under Sugared Cedar.
  11. It turns out Alpha-nol on its own gives me a headache, which is a massive bummer because otherwise I would have gone full bottle on this. Goldfish is aquatic and bright. It is just a tiny bit on the masculine side, but still easily wearable for a woman. I was drinking earl grey tea when I put this on and something about the way the orange(tangerine) combines with the other notes made it very similar. I know bergamot is also a citrus, but it goes beyond that. There is something about the layering/complexity of it, combined with the liquid aspect. It's crisp, but anchored. I think SirenSong really nailed it when she called it a "brighter, cleaner version of Kissed By The Sun ."
  12. Chant du Lac starts out so unexpected and delicious. I get a very sweet, ripe melon with the rose just peeking out. There's an underlying freshness. It reminds me of a melon agua fresca. It's sweet, but the wateriness keeps it from being cloyingly sticky. After about 30 minutes, the floral starts coming out more and it goes back and forth between floral and melon. Later on in the extended wear the lily predominates. Very glad I got a full bottle. It's quite refreshing and the interplay of melon and floral is really intriguing. A good spring or summer fragrance.
  13. I promise these will the last things I add: (all small bottles, one each) Sugared Fig Sugared Bamboo Sugared Cherries Sugared Peaches Sugared Bananas Sugared Pink Musk Sugared Red Musk FC: Fairy Floss
  14. Since my invoice will be changing anyway, I'd like to release my hold on 2B Jennifer's Big Cat Mojo and replace it with a 2B Morning Star. I would also like to add a small Sugared Pears.
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