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  1. Simple for layering is great! Coffee on its own etc. I’d LOVE any type of rebrew for Wild Cherry, non pheroed would be the most versatile. As much as I love chocolate, I continue to have difficulties wearing many fragrances that are chocolate. I’d never say I didn’t want to try another. I know for me it might not work out, though. Wild Cherry was an exception, could not ask for a more perfect scent! Even though the chocolate in it was present, it was not the star.
  2. Coffee? I thought the coffee was nixed. Had to read back more carefully. So yes to coffee. But, an even higher YES to a version of the red wine chocolate coffee combo like in the sugar scrub. I have used 99% up (and I got two tubs of it!). I know the coffee was mainly the actual coffee granules in the scrub than a scent note, but that stuff was FABULOUS! .... or just coffee. You know me and my adoration of food and beverage aromas PM. ...speaking of coffee, off to brew coffee, feed the fur kids, shoot the dog (insulin haha) and all that stuff. @Potion Master I was up late unraveling the Cherie Currie mystery and now I’m behind because I slept in!!! Will comment in that thread after all this morning insanity gets done with.
  3. Wild Cherry OCCO would be incredible. I could only hope for it! I realized just now many of the notes I listed are also in Wild Cherry description.
  4. Oh! How long has this been being discussed! I have to get off my phone and to a proper keyboard ASAP!!! But, Incase I don’t. Lemon buttercream yes. True Cherry blended with cedar, vetiver and maybe vanilla or tonka? Last year the sandalwood musk was incredible. Dreamsicle also appeals to me. Cupcake dreamsicle how’s that?
  5. Eve

    Special Delivery 2019

    @Eastwood22 it was mostly amber on me, The current was there (to my nose and skin chemistry) more than a pure cherry. I didn't dislike it, but was not a replacement for Wild Cherry. I ended up gifting it, so not sure how it would have aged with time.
  6. @Potion Master, I mentioned this up thread somewhere, and also to John in an email, but just in case, thought I’d repost about not finding the NoCo anywhere on new site. Not alphabetically nor in permanent collection or with search function. Additionally, pull down selection menu for sugared layerables Pink musk through Vanilla Bean is not there. These are the only snags I’ve come across.
  7. I've been wearing this a lot lately. It is good for the whole LFM aura, but also for something quick to spritz on when I don't know what fragrance I'm in the mood for. Now, yesterday I had on an old ratty Steelers jersey, biker shorts and sneakers, and it did feel it lacked congruence. Not enough to change, but it bothered me a tiny bit.
  8. What an accomplishment! I love the wish list I like that scent descriptions are prominent. I did not find the NoCo in permanent fragrance section. I did a search for NoCo and nothing came up. Is it m? I didn't spend long, so it probably is me.
  9. I agree with the others that this definitely has a vintage vibe—I keep thinking Estee Lauder Youth Dew, although it has been many decades since I’ve sniffed that, and don’t think I particularly liked it. It’s not that it smells like this particular fragrance, just an example to say that it has an elegant classic aura.
  10. Only after it has been on a few hours. It does not open with it. IMO get a trial vial to see. It is exquisite.
  11. I had an enforced wait period which allowed my order have time to get over its travel shock (because I was out of town when my goodies arrived) I was so excited to try this, and I'm definitely not disappointed. It is extremely well blended, and just gets lovelier and lovelier the longer it is on my skin. It does not read overly floral to me, it is more of a perfect woody musk. The sandalwood, amyris and musk are just perfect with the iris root. It is incredible. As is typical for my skin, the smoke stays subtle.
  12. Eve

    Velours Frais

    Me too! I am a carnation lover and have found very few scents over the years that have a true carnation note. I'd never classify myself as a floral fragrance lover, but this... ((((THIS!!!!))) is so delicious. Happily I also get the spices and the tobacco, and the white amber stays in the background -all good things for me.
  13. Mine was delivered yesterday but I’m not HOME!!!! Away for a few more days. I so wanted it to arrive before we left. I made sure someone brought the mail into the house, so at least it isn’t baking in the mailbox.
  14. @halo0073 I watch Bosch too, and have most/all of M Connelly’s books in the Bosch series; I didn’t get a chance to play the French Connection game here until the answers were already out there. But, even though I strongly suspected that Marie Reynard was not indeed visiting from Paris, part of me really hoped she was, and she planned to stay and help Mara.
  15. I got it! But I'm old. haha loved that movie. Just now online though, don't know if I can add much to guessing at the moment, but maybe later tonight. @Kayla I got the Bonflower (sp) in the spray too! Can't wait . I think this is something I definitely need in my life
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