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  1. The scented version (because of the fragrance?) or for the phero effect on others or yourself?
  2. @Potion Master I’m so glad it worked out. Have fun packing up those boxes!
  3. LOVE the artwork, such talent @ElizabethOSP! And the kitties. ... River's whiskers! Reminds me of a handlebar mustache .
  4. You guys rock! Unfortunately I placed an order over the weekend, so it’s too late for me 😕. I will ponder shopping more.....................
  5. I’m in dire need of sugar scrubs, and more body butter. Just throwing it out there!
  6. that's so good to read. it seems like very few stores observe this day, other than having sales
  7. @Eastwood22, I’m letting the garland latte rest. So far it’s not as perfect as I’d hoped it would be.
  8. PS, no one need feel obligated to buy these. I’ll work on depleting the inventory, in the interest of ‘helping’ LPMP stay in the black. It may take me a bit, but I’ll whittle the stock count of this as best as I’m able to. So, you guys just know that it’s good (very very good!) and Eve will enjoy it for you.
  9. 💗💚💛💜 💖💕 I snagged the last bottle (at least I think it was) of the 2015 brew, and something about that one clashed with my skin chemistry. The opening of this year’s is almost identical to how I remember the other, but, develops into a perfect balance of foodie and classic perfume notes. That drop of orange is there as well as the chocolate musk and vanilla. I’m not getting a whole lot of coffee. It’s that perfect balance of a gourmand fragrance. All the stuff I love, but yet doesn’t smell like I spilled a chocolaty confection on my clothing. So happy I tried it. Almost didn’t ...
  10. I just got an email notification via the new site that my order is out for delivery!!!!!!!!! no more “needing” to obsessively check the tracking from the cataluna has sent you a package email 😎. It just keeps getting better! AND a google map popped up when I clicked on the link showing me where the delivery truck currently is. .... editing again to say the dot on the map isn’t moving, so, maybe can’t track its progress after all. But, I still know it’s coming today 😊
  11. It works great! And after I placed my order, a google map popped up showing where it will ship to. Very cool I didn’t see a spot to create an account, but that could be because I used PayPal
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