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  1. Eve

    Moondust Cocoa

    @Kayla, @Eastwood22 and @luna65 Thanks! So it seems at least one bottle will need to be re-homed with me I am such a chocolate lover but am unlucky in that love when it comes to fragrance.
  2. Eve

    Moondust Cocoa

    See, this makes me want to try it! Chocolate goes too sweet on me very often. (...off to put in in my shopping cart!). Does anyone have have an opinion about the amber in it? Is in just in the background?
  3. Eve

    EBIL-ish! 2018

    This starts out smelling surprisingly reminiscent of vintage Tabu. Not the same as, but in the same vein. Sadly, each time I try this, it ends up with a soapy vibe after I’ve had it in for a while maybe it’s one of the musks used? I dunno, but I’m so disappointed. It has great staying power. Anyone who likes spicy vanilla musk type fragrances should definitely consider it. It is gorgeous, and I regret it is not going to work for me 😕
  4. Thanks! I'll research more after I give it a whirl 😉
  5. Mine is here too! No self control for me though, as for having them rest first. I'm supposed to know better by now right? *hangs head for a split second* Super quick first impressions posted over on the new release thread.
  6. My order came! ... and I'm doing all the things I'm not "supposed" to do with a new order. It is not resting. They are not being tried one at a time either. So far, I am getting a touch of a grape accord in the Elume, which is unexpected. It could be travel shock, it could be me! The smoke is subtly working its way through (can't go wrong with smoke IMO!) I like it, will review after it has had a chance to settle into its new home. Soul Food I love! (so far) And will continue to love as long as the patchouli does not create the havoc it sometimes does with my skin chemistry. I'm getting a good bit of yummy cinnamon. Both the Elume and Soul Food are clean smelling scents on me, without a soapy accord. Elume is snugly too. Ebil-ish! is slathered on both wrists. I am having a difficult time categorizing what I'm smelling. I like it, in fact there is nothing about it I don't like. I need to give it time to recover from its journey before I decide to buy every bottle I can lay my hands on, or be content with the FB I have. NO regrets on going full bottle, before sniffing first. Thank you @Potion Master, you continue to amaze me with your utterly magical talent!
  7. You’re tempting me to try this. This is another fragrance (trial size) that has gone in, and back out of my cart countless times. Does anyone have suggestions for an added phero so I could soften the “dominance” part of the equation if it turns out I love it?
  8. Eve

    Wine and Dead Roses 2015

    @Crash I enjoyed reading your review. Great imagery 😊
  9. @Vicki Lee, thanks for the heads up. I will go onto LPMP and see what they show. Adding to my first world crisis - I just realized it’s Columbus Day. No mail! (Just stupid I might add). So, I’ve gotta tack another day onto my wait. BTW, I see you like the Honeyed LP with gotcha, too. It is my fav of all the LP variants. The only one that doesn’t end up with patchouli as the only remaining scent note on my skin after a few hours have passed. It doesn’t last super long, but it is lovely.
  10. Arghh! first the tracking said "label created" and had it still in Vancouver,...then the tracking said "number not found" (two days worth of angst over this little tidbit) Now, I see it made it to the Washington DC distribution center yesterday, so maybe, just perhaps, it traveled on to my local post office, and is out for delivery, just not updated yet. I NEED to know if I love Ebil-ish! before they're all gone out of inventory. It is a real need y'all, and that's all I've got to say about that (for now!)
  11. I got mine too!!! (happy dance)
  12. Eve

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Welcome 😊
  13. @Eastwood22 http://money.cnn.com/2017/11/13/smallbusiness/snail-cream-beauty-products/index.html ...If that’s what it takes to combat aging count me out! Im happy being a snail mucous free old broad!
  14. ... do you don’t put that anti-aging snail slime on your face ? Hahaha. (I don’t either, the very thought creeps me out).
  15. Aw man! I was psyched for the mica! (It's okay, I can move on .... slowly)